Monday, May 27, 2013

Prayers are Answered!

May 27, 2013

I have truly been humbled today. I have been praying for a transfer that would push my limits and give me spiritual experiences to grow my testimony and that prayer was answered today at our transfer meeting. We all get together in a church and President Souza gives us a motivational speech and sister Souza spoke about the cleanliness of our houses. Then Presidente Souza announced the new district leaders, zone leaders, secretaries and assistants. I received the call last night that I would be leaving my area, going to another. With my bags packed, Elder Harmon and I head off to the transfer meeting. Today I was called to be the first assistant to the Presidente of the Mission Brazil Fortaleza East. When Presidente called my name and I went to the front I felt the spirit very strong, and I know that my prayer was answered. My companion is Elder Sampaio from Brasil. We have been great friends through the mission and we are very excited to help the growth here in the new mission. So my mission Presidente is President Fusco. He is about 50 (your age dad!) and he is from Sao Paulo. Tomorrow we are going with the other two assistants to get training and we will go to get the new missionaries from the airport tomorrow afternoon. (25 missionaries) But I am really feeling humbled and all of your prayers would be lots of help. I am very excited for this new adventure!!!

We were in a meeting with our old bishop yesterday and he called us over with a very big smile on his face. He gave Elder Harmon and I a great big hug. We were thinking what happened?..... He explained that 5 weeks ago we made a goal to get our frequency from 115 to 150 until august. The ward had divided when I arrived with Elder Lopes, and they were wanting growth. He told us that yesterday we had 151 people in the church!!! We passed the goal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was a very exciting announcement. We had to then tell the bad news, that Elder Harmon and I would be leaving the area. We were both transferred, and Elder Harmon is a Zone leader in another area now. There was a member of the bishopric (Fabio) that cried when we told him (the man that gave us the shirts) It is sad to leave such a great area with such great people. We then ran around to say bye to the recent converts which was really really hard. We had a very interesting experience too. We taught a family and the wife Arleide and her son Vinicus were baptized and we did everything for her husband to be baptized and go to church, but nothing ever happened. They called us and while the husband called us he began to cry. He said sorry for never going to church, and while he was crying he promised us that he would go to church this Sunday. I did not expect that, but transfers are inspired.

Yes, I would like to get the macbook instead of the other macs. I really like the organization that the macbook has, it has really good feedback on how long it lasts, and I have been talking to Elder Harmon who has one and he has convinced me. That 13 incher is great!!!!

How was the marathon Dad? Cassie how was the 1/2 marathon? I am very proud of you two finishing the marathon!!! You two inspire me to be better!

I love you all very much!!!!

Elder Heath

Monday, May 20, 2013

We were able to Skype with Branden!!

May 20, 2013

It was incredible to see all of your beautiful faces on Monday. I feel like it was just a dream being able to see the most beautiful family in the world! Thank you so much Grandma Miskho for being present too, that made my day! Also the presence of Cassie Dallin and Kylie! I am very anxious to hear Kylies voice!!!

So I will pass the news about the mission change. This week we had a conference with the whole mission and President Passed the division. Where I am at right now is officially the Brasil East mission! We are going to have transfers here in one week. So if in the transfer I stay here I will be with President Fusco on the East side! 8 stakes will stay with Presidente Souza and 7 with President Fusco. I have passed in areas that are in both missions so I will not be able to visit some areas. Also Juazeiro do norte will be part of Brasil Natal mission!!! So this transfer next Monday will officially decide everything!!!

At the mission conference I meet two new sisters that arrived in the mission. Their names are Sister Miles and Sister Zeller. Sister Miles roomed with Kimber Hayden at BYU and Sister Zeller was Sister Coleman´s companion in the MTC! ha what a small world. I asked Sister Zeller if Kylee was an organized, neat missionary and she hesitated to respond.... or it’s not true or it is because she is learning Portuguese. ha ha

This week we had lots and lots of work!!! I felt really privileged on Sunday, we had a member invite us to his house from the bishopric. We left a message with his family and he said wait on a minute. He went in the back room and grabbed two shirts. He said that he won these shirts two years ago and wanted to give them to special missionaries. He said he had been impressed by our work and gave them to us. I felt very very honored to be by Elder Harmon´s side.

I love you all and I wish you all a great week!!!!!!!!!!!!! Good luck Dad, Cassie, Mom and

Dallin on the run this week!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Whoo hoooo!!!

Elder Heath

May 13, 2013

The Day after Mother's day (May 13, 2013), we were able to Skype with Branden in Brazil. Cassie, Dallin & Kylie were also able to get in on the Skype from Portland which was so much fun. That was such a treat for us. It was the first time we were able to see him since he left. He looks really good, has a heavy accent and tried really hard to speak to us in fluent English. He says that Portuguese is more comfortable to speak than English for him. It was the first time for Branden to see Kylie.

They Skyped us from a internet cafe in Fortaleza, Brazil. They said that everyone in there was wondering why they were speaking English.

We got to meet Branden's companion, Elder Harmon. We also got to hear Elder Heath and Elder Harmon sing a little bit of Bless the Broken Road by Rascal Flatts acapella (at Grandma's request). It was really great. They had sung it at a wedding a few weeks ago. They both have great voices.

They are waiting for the mission to split this next week. The Fortaleza mission will be split in two. It will be interesting to hear where Branden will be serving for his last 3 months.

We each got a few minutes to speak to Branden individually. That was fun.

We are proud of our missionary and his amazing testimony of the Gospel.

Written by Mom Heath

Monday, May 6, 2013

Elder Heath & Elder Harmon sing duet at Wedding!

May 6, 2013


Thank you for one more amazing letter! Eu gostei como a carta começou em espanhol! Eu vou precisar aprender para falar com pai! Eu entendo tudo mas para falar (hablar) é meu desafio.

I learned this week that the word difficult doesn’t exist. But we should use the word challenge to substitute. To run a marathon is not difficult, but it is a challenge!

We had a week of miracles and I would like to share them with you all!!! We planned the wedding and baptisms of two couples this week! On Thursday we woke up at 5:00 to grab the bus for them to get married. The wedding was a success and we came back and that night we had a reception. My Companion Elder Harmon sings very well. So while we were coming back we were asked to sing a song for the wedding. We were brain storming of what song we could sing and we both decided on RASCAL FLATTS! ha Brasil needs to get to know this magical music too! So Elder Harmon on the piano played Bless the Broken Road and we both sang our hearts out! I felt like a rock star! There were more then 200 people and the applause was very nice.

We then had the baptism and We invited President and Sister Souza to come and watch. But, during the interviews one of the couples decided to wait a little more time because they were not sure about the church and were looking for a more powerful answer. I learned a very big lesson with this. When I heard that, my mind automatically wanted to prove to them how the church is true and show them all the changes in their lives, forcing them to be baptized. But it came to my head, ``rely on the Lord`` I held all of that inside and we promised to them that if they would read 3 Nephi 11 and pray they would receive what they were looking for. This was on Saturday night. That happened and we arrived at church Sunday morning and The couple came up to us and said that they received their answers. That night they did exactly what we asked them and while they were sleeping the wife had a dream. She usually has nightmares but Saturday night she had a dream that filled her heart with peace. She woke up and said that someone was calling her name to follow the voice. She said that she felt so good when this voice called her that she knew it was Heavenly Father. We didn’t wait another second and Said, ``Will you follow the Example of Jesus Christ in being baptized on Saturday?`` and they said YES! I am learning to rely a lot more on the Lord and the promises that he has given us and when we do that, we receive the help we need and His will is done!

Just to clarify about skype and the phone call. We can only do one or the other, Sunday on the phone, or Monday on skype. I wrote down the hours and we would love to skype on Monday night 7:00 my time if dad will be home. I would like to talk to everyone, so if dad won’t be home it would be better to call on the phone Sunday about 5:00 my time. Don’t get stressed....... Friday night around 7:00 my time Elder Harmon will call you (521-6781) to set everything up officially. :) You will be able to understand his Wyoming accent really well!!! We are looking for a place with skype still... so Friday night we will call with all the final plans!

I love you all so much and I can’t wait to see you all again! I love you so much!!!

I am loving the letters from the new ward members too! Thanks mom and dad for having so many friends that give me that boost on the mission!

Dallin, I loved the part that you wrote in the letter about ending the mission the way you want to start your life after. I have been thinking a lot about that! Thanks,

Elder Heath


April 29,2013

Clark, Becky, Cassie, Danielle, Trevor,

Thank you once again for the e mail! I love hearing from all of you every week. I am very happy to know that Mom and Dad are going on dates and having a great time together. I was conversing with President Souza this week, and did you know that as mission presidente there is one day every week that is Date night! It is a rule to go on dates and have fun together. I can imagine how it must be good for them to get away from all the problems in the mission and relax, much like mom and dad getting away from the two rascals of the house:) at least it isn’t four rascals ;)

Thank you very much for the prayers for our families. Everything is going very well with them. They all went to the stake conference this week. Presidente and Sister Souza were present and briefly spoke with us. Preidente Souza called all of us missionaries to stand in the congregation and just gave us compliments on our work. There was a new elder that didn’t understand and stood up a little late, but he told everything to work with the missionaries because they are angles sent to do the Lords wiork. I felt very good. But this week, the families will be interviewed on Thursday, then married on Friday, baptized on Saturday and Confirmed on Sunday. It is going to be a very special week, and Presidente and Sister Souza will be present for the baptisms! Elder Harmon and I are very excited to see the progress in the families. We have been giving lots of emphasis on family prayer and scripture reading, and I realize how much patience you had with me and these two things. I am sorry I never understood the importance of these fundamental activities. To hear the prayer of the two little kids, Otavo (7anos) and Elias(5 anos) is the best blessing I have ever heard, especially knowing that their parents taught them. A tear slipped last night when we visited them and Elias wanted to say prayer like they do every night. So we all knealed by the bed and he offered a prayer, reciting every animal that he saw that day, his whole family and our names. It was very special.

Elder Harmon and I are getting along very well and Elder Harmon sings like an angel! We sang brilha mega luz (lead kindly light) acapelo and it was beautiful! At the pulpit my legs were SHAKING!!! But that is why we have the pulpit, to hide those things! ;)

I love your Idea of the cabin just our family for that week that I will be home!!! That was Inspiration!!! I feel the same way about the trip to Brasil. It would be awesome to come back a little later, to hit up the beaches and all the beautiful parts here. Don’t worry about the trip, it will all work out one day :) Who knows Bolivia too!

Thanks so much for helping with BYU. I have been speaking with some missionaries about lap tops here and I am leaning to a Mac book, because of its organization and how it is very easy to use. What are your ideas on a lap top? Maybe craigs list has some used that would be good to use.

About skype... what would be the best times to skype? I will be able to use skype on Monday and we can call on the phone Sunday. If Monday works for everyone to be home that would be great. What time on or Sunday or Monday would be best to plan? I hope the skype works out too... don’t get down!!! I will see you all!!! And I don’t remember my skype password or anything... can you create one for me?


How was mixed doubles? Did you get some awesome net work done! I bet you had a blast going to Boise to play! I remember how much fun it was watching all the matches and being part of such a big tournament! Did your hotel have a pool? ha How are your serves going? Are you getting aces?

I love you all s o o o o o much!!!

Elder Heath