Monday, January 30, 2012

And the transfer change is.....

So transfers just came the other day............... DRUM ROLL.............. I am IN OUR AREA WITH ELDER MATOS! :) ha Presidente Souza said that he was really happy with everything that we did together and that we are succeeding his standards and so he wants us to stay in out area one more trnsfer1 I am pretty excited because we are teaching some really good families and we are also working on a marriage of a family so then the whole family can be baptized! That is something I learned here on the mission. I never knew that we would be helping with marriage haha. Good practice for one day ehhhh? ha So we are staying and we are going to do work here! Today we went to transfers so we could say hi to some buddies and so we could get to know some other missionaries. It was really cool getting to see the missionaries that arrived here on the same day as me and swapping stories with them! It is really cool how we can talk about almost anything and we just spoke in portuguese not needing any english. I also ordered a mission bag today. With the money that Grandma sent me for Christmas! It is a cool little hip bag that almost everyone here has. It sounds kinda lame..... its not a fanny pack......... but it is super cool! I will take a picture and send it your way when I get it :)
Well this week in the wonderful area of sitio sau joao was a little slow. We had to cool it down a bit because Elder Matos wasn't feeling good this week. So for 2 days we went to central and he was getting checked on at the health clinic. So we had to cancel all of our appointments and staying in our house was driving me crazy! Studying is really good and all but I needed to get out. So we are starting to get back to work and staying out of the house! Elder Matos is feeling a ton better and so that is a good thing to hear! :) But this week we have been helping a young man in our ward get ready for his mission. Teaching him and shhowing him the ropes has been really fun! Oh and after several weeks of messing with a rubic cube I MASTERED THE CUBE! haha It is pretty fun and interesting how it works. Definitely a new challenge for anyone that wants a good challenge!
Sorry the letter that I sent was in portuguese. I'm glad that you were all excited to get a letter. I guess this means I need t start sending more letters! I sent one in english the other week that you should be getting soon! ha That is really cool that yuo were able to understand mais o menos of the card dad! We have a guy in our ward that speaks fluent spanish and so I have been talking with him and trying to get to where I can understand. BUt he has a really really thick accent that is difficult. But I'm getting better at it. You sent it to dallin to translate^? could he understand it? ha I need to practice writing more but hopefully he could understand it. :) AND TREVOR! You are learning portuguese on your i pod! Dude that is so awesome! We will totally talk in portuguese on mothers day! That is so awesome! That is a blessing of having an i pod touch! :) good job bro! How are you liking your i pod touch? Do you have the NBA JAMS app yet! haha so good! And your glasses broke bro? that's not good. how did they break? you should send a picture when you get your new glasses!
So I have a question... is that new Texas restaurant open yet? If it is, how is it? When you were talking about searching for a restaurant I started thinking about that place. ha random... but Dad that is awesome that you are training for the spokane marathon again! This is your chance to qualify for BOSTON! you got plenty of time and I will work extra hard here on the mish so ou can receive more blessings! :) We have 2 new elders, Elder Powers for WA, and Eler Baker e de CA, in our house. And it is only us 4! the other 4 got another house. But Elder Powers and I are going to start running in the mornings and getting back into shape! Im super stoked to start running again! So maybe can be worthy to run with you when I get back :) ha
oh and last week we had 8 investigators at church which was awesome! so we are looking at a good next week!
Mom, you are doing great helping the people in our ward! I know that it means a ton to the missionaries in our ward! It is amazing how much of a relief it is to have members that actually visit people and help the missionary work! Keep it up, you are doing great!
CONGRATS MICHELLE AND JOSH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That is awesome that you have another baby girl in the family! You should send some pictures my way if you get the time! I was to see me new cousin! that is so awesome!!
Well my time is ticking down... but thanks a ton for the letter! I love hearing every week how amazing my family is! You all are the best! thanks!
Abraço, (hug)
Elder Heath!
p.s. keep me updated if I need to do anything with the taxes. :) thanks!

also the pictures are of my district, and just other places close to t o our area! The cows in the middle of the street.... we are sharing the gospel with everyone here and everything! (he didn't actually attach the pictures this week... but it's fun to imagine them teaching cows.)

Wednesday, January 25, 2012


Hey Family
After this week I am super exhausted and ready for a good break on p day! haha We worked and we worked and we worked and we received blessings from our work! We had 26 new investigators this week with 26 dates, 2 baptisms, 7 investigators at church and I'm am exhausted! haha This is our second to last week of the transfer and so we kicked it up a gear :) It was really awesome! We got a reference from a member here and on Thursday we went to visit them and see if they wanted to hear our message. They said ya and so we went in to their house. There were 3 people sitting down and we asked if anyone else was there (which was the best question of the night!) so three more people came in, then two more then two more! So we started a lesson with 10 people and right before the opening prayer two more people came in! ha So a lesson with 12 new investigators! It was like a huge party! It was an awesome lesson and took a little longer than usual with so many people having questions... but it was so awesome! A little overwhelming at first teaching so many people but it was awesome! I felt like we were holding a mini church session and that we needed to stand on the chairs to teach haha. It was awesome! After that lesson Elder Matos and I got some pizza to celebrate! (picture with napkin) It was a great day of work!
Something cool happened this week too, we were listening to andrea bocelli in a members house and I started listening to him sing and i was starting to understand what he was singing about in italian and spanish! It was really cool! The way they pronounce words are different but a lot of words are really similar which made me pretty excited! ha
Also I dont know if I told you guys about the language of Portuguese in my area... but noone aaaactually knows how to speak correctly haha People use wrong conjugations and my comp and I have been noticing it more and more haha. And they also dont pronounce the last half of the words... like obrigado (thank you) hereis briga haha i am just trying not to take up on how the people speak Portuguese here haha
and I have a confession for mom..... I LOVE TOMATOES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have no idea what I was thinking at home never eating tomatoes but here I eat them every meal! And the little cherry tomatoes and sooooooooo good! I think of you every time and I tell everyone how proud you will be when you hear that II like tomatoes haha
That is so awreome that you guys received more snow this week! Sounds like the snow didnt do too much good for everyone though. Car wrecks and people not showing up for therapy. That is pretty funny though... people that are injured getting injured by going to therapy haha I never thought of it that way haha This is your opportunity to head to the mountains for a little snowboarding while you have snow! o ya! haha
You like our collection of animals we have? haha it is pretty crazy and we have a lot more that I have not had the chance to take pictures of. Sometime I feel like I'm in a zoo. We have cows and horses always roaming the streets and goats and chickens everywhere. and also we have a shower that is outside and during the night there are usually one or two frogs jumping around while we are taking a shower haha
I will definitely send a picture of my jersey and maybe a picture of my tan... but I am white as paper right now hhaha With time missionaries get a tie tan too just because it is darker than just the shirt haha crazy!
And for memorizing scriptures in seminary I memorized some... not all of them. I wish that I would of. But Im making up for that here. I have learned a lot of awesome scriptures and memorized them. Sometime I just want to site them and not get out the scriptures but then people think We re making up scriptures... so then we should them and its all good. But memorizing scriptures is a definite benefit.
I love you all and I might have a new comp and might be in a new area next e mail so we will see!
Love Elder HEATH!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Life is a Zoo!

Hey Family of Heath!

So we just got back from an awesome P day! Sorry this e mail will be a little later than usual. We decide to head into downtown Fortaleza today and get out of the house! Downtown Fortaleza is Crazy! I don't even know how to describe how many people there were just walking around shopping. And on a Monday too! It was really cool. We went to a huge mall where there were 6 stories of just little shops that have pretty much anything you could imagine! It is so overwhelming all of the people shopping ad everyone is bartering and yelling across the place. It was definitely different than the tri cities mall! haha I didn't have much money with me and so I left it up to my bartering skills to pick something out. I had 15 R with is like 12 bucks and I really wanted a coritheans soccer jersey (they just won the national title a month ago) and so I was going into shops and looking around and I found some sweet jerseys.... that were about 27 R. haha So I had some fun talking with the lady and saying I will pay 15 for this shirt.... she kept saying how she couldn't sell it for less than20 R ... that is what she thought :) After about 5 min I got it for 15! ha it was really fun! I just want to go to stores and barter and see how cheap I can buy things for! But downtown Fortaleza has some really cool places. There was this huge catholic building that was bigger than the one in new york! It had some stain glass that was really cool! I think some people were wondering why we were walking in the catholic building... but it was really cool.

But this week We had interviews with the President and it was really fun! IT is really cool to see how much has changes in my language abilities in 3 months here. We had a conversation perfectly without any misunderstanding or anything! President Souza is a n awesome guy! he definitely has a lot of trust in me too. he said some things that really lifted my spirits, and how i have already been doing a great work here! I also receive a weekly personal e mail from Pres Souza and he said that he ``hopes to keep talking, because he has great things planned for me``. I was like.... like what?.... haha but this week was really good! we had some good hard work and we had 3 people visit church this week, and our previous baptisms are strong in the church!

So really quick Dallin! I just finished listening to one of the Brazilian cds that you made me.... and for the first time heard the Brazilian National anthem! I was like what is this! It was awesome! sure brought back some memories of the first time trying to sing that song! if anyone that is reading this has not listened to it, look it up! And try to sing along! haha

So some Brazilians know what snowboarding is, but usually I just say it is like surfing but you wear more clothes haha. I have been getting pretty tan, but I think I'm at my limit. From now I just get red and not tan. Its a miracle I have not burnt or pealed, just been red a lot. And I think I am maybe losing weight here. I eat a ton of food but I'm not getting bigger. I think its because of the 100 miles we walk everyday up and down mountains... backwards.... with rock in our backpacks.... carrying 20 Books of Mormon. haha I'm staying about the same size which is good. Ripped! I have been losing my English skills a lot. Sorry for people getting letters or reading this and for all of the words spelt wrong... and phrases are wrong. I made a goal not to write English anymore, so all my notes and journal entry's and in Portuguese. Trying to learn faster and ya English is pretty tough sometimes. I have to stop and think a while sometimes about words but that is good! haha

Dad thanks a ton for the update on the 49ers! It is awesome to hear that you are supporting while I'm gone. And that was a pretty epic game that you described! I'm just sad that I missed it. I talk about the 49ers here but no one knows anythings about football.i have been hearing that baseball is getting bit here is Brazil though. kinda interesting.

Trev thanks a ton for the pop up snow globe! That things is so sweet! It is on my desk reminding me or how cold it is there. haha It is cool how real the snow globe is! thanks a ton!

P.S. Mom and Dad there is a letter entering the mail tomorrow for you guys! Hand written already! :)

P.S.S. Tony and Cindy parabans na sua casamento! Me-enviara fotos!!!! (literal translation: congrats on the wedding, send me pictures. We think he meant engagement.)

1 Present in the shower
2 Present walking to an appointment
3 My comp!

I feel like the pictures this week were from the zoo haha. it was pretty crazy! I freaked out with the tarantula because it was dark and that think was huge! The size of a soccer ball! It helps that I love spiders too! The scorpion was found by Elder Hawks and was pretty small but still... Scorpion in the shower! Serious!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Happy New Year!

FELIZ Primero Semana do ano!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh boy! I feel like I need about 2 or 3 hours to be able to respond to all of the things that have been going on, the questions, and everything I wasn't to say! Thanks a ton for the letters and for the e-mails again! I love hearing about all of the crazy things my family is doing haha

SO I have to start with Grandma Miskho! ACCORDIAN SOLO!!!! WHAT??!! haha That is probably one of the coolest things that I have ever heard of! This is something that I definitely want to see! When I get back grandma is going to be skipping around the house playing the accordian! I loved this picture! IT looked like everyone was having a blast!

The Ginger bread houses were awesome too!!!!!! The girls house was awesome! All of the cookies on the roof looked so good! and the ice cream cone trees were awesome too! It is looking really professional! And the intricate design on the house with the frosting Danielle was really cool! Every year these houses are stepping it up! I'm going to need to start thinking now so I can catch up with the gang when I get back. And the MAN HOUSE!!!!! Man you have no idea how real that house is compared to the houses here! There are always little kids everywhere playing soccer, the broken glass on the top of all the fences, the fresh fruit markets on every corner, and the brightly colored houses with red bricks.... you guys nailed it spot on! Maybe I will find a house like that and send you a picture of the exact replica! haha There are a lot of really awesome ideas and whoever made the Brazilian flag was a pro! looks perfect! And also the cake that you mad Trev... SO GOOD!!!! Those roses look so awesome! I have no idea how you do it! WE have an awesomely creative family!

How has passing the sacrament been going little bro? Have you done all of the routes yet? Thanks a ton for the Christmas card! I just got it this week! The letter was so awesome! You are writing and using commas like a pro! I loved hearing from you! Ill write back soon!

Danielle thanks too for the letter that you wrote me! I was a little worried when you said that you didn't miss me at first haha you recovered with that you do now haha Thanks a ton for the picture too! IT is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO GOOD! I cant wait to see the original! If you sell it for $10,000 you should take a picture for me. It is my new Book of Mormon marker! SO awesome!

DAllin thanks a ton for the letter in Portuguese! It is crazy that I could understand every word! I tell everyone here that I have a brother that speaks Portuguese too and we will talk all the time after the mish! The Brazilians also read your letter and said it was perfect! Writing in Portuguese is not a strong suit of mine yet, but ill write you a letter soon for some good practice!

Cassie thanks for the letter too! I hope you can get some energy back... I sent a picture for you on how I get energy on my mission ;) Very healthy snacks! you should try it! (last picture)

Mom and Dad thanks a ton for your letter as well! I alwys love hearing about all of the amazing things that you two are doing together! Still going on dates and being the awesome parents you are. You guys are an awesome example and I love how happy you always are in all the letters!

So Kristopher Braggster came over to visit! I miss that guy so much! Bragg you are the man! He brought over fish? was this raw fish that he caught!? There is a missionary that I live with that loves to fly fish and reminds me a lot of Kris. Thanks a ton for giving me his address, I will definitely write home this week!!!!!!!!

I love Everyone so much!!! and HAPPY BIRTHDAY UNCLE MIKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Elder Heath

1; not enough water in baptismal font... using all the sinks in the building to get water to fill the font in time haha
2; waiting for the bus... fighting bulls
3; My energy source on the mish... oreos and peanut butter!

P.S. I vote for the BRAZILLIAN HOUSE! not bias at all ;)

Monday, January 2, 2012

Feliz Ano Novo!

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I loved seeing the pictures of the whole family together at leavenworth! All bundled up together having a great time! That is so awesome! You found more shops in Leavenworth? I didnt know there existed more shops in that little town! That is awesome! In 2 christmas´ you can show me where they are :) You all are looking great in the picture! So how was christmas this year everyone! What did people get? How was christmas day? How was opening presents! How was new years? The party? lots of apple cider? And most importantly how was the ginger bread contest?!!!!! I need some pictures to see the craftsmanship of these houses! haha

I was to thank everyone for the cards that they sent here! It was so awesome hearing from the whole family! Seeing pictures of family, how everyone is doing! It really made my christmas a good one recieving cards from loved ones! It was awesome! Thanks a ton, and I will work on writing back!

There was one question i forgot to answer about thanksgiving... People here dont celebrate it but we taught the brazillians all about thanksgiving and we bought a ton of pizza and ate quite a bit! The brazillians liked it a lot and sadi that they would start theis tradition in Brazil too haha

So this week we had a new years party and we got to stay up till midnight together! IT was pretty awesome! We played Uno all night and ate a ton of food! It was an awesome party! And at about 11;30 is when brazil turned into a war zone! IT was crazy! haha I dont think I have ever heard so many firewors being lit off in my life! and at midnight we were getting nuked and mortered like crazy! It was an awesome day! NEw years is just a huge party for everyone in Brazil... so the missionary aspect was a little difficult becuase no one was home or everyoen was drinking but we worked hard and had some awesome lessons! I also learned how to make the best fudgecicles in the world! Ana MAria taught us the other day, and I will send the recipie home so you can try them! They are SOOOOOOO GOOD! But this week walking the streets of brazil we heard a ton of music from all the parties. It is funny when you start listnening to a song and dont recognize it becasue its in portugues but then your like wait... I know thins song! haha Danielle... There was some old brazillian man singing david artuleda ´´Im loving angels instead´´ in portugues on the street. It was hilarious!

But we are looking forward to startign this new year off with a bang and working workning working! I love you all and thank you so much for all the support that you give me on my mission!

Love Elder Heath

p.s. mom... do you like the picture of the motorcycle? :)