Monday, December 26, 2011

Here's Branden's letter from last week

Voces sau animado para NATAL!!!!

I cant believe that it is already Christmas time again! Ok, so really quick I will answer the phone call question. I think 3 o'clock your time and 7 o clock my time will be perfect! And we will call you, you don't have to worry about anything... I'll call ya :) when you talk with Elder Matos. I think I will have him call the home phone so more people can hear him and try to understand haha. He actually speaks really good English and we have been practicing so it should be fun:) He is pretty excited. I think he will call Christmas eve around 12 your time if we can plan on that that would be awesome :) If the home doesn't work we will call the cell.

IT will be awesome! Sounds like the family is having an awesome week before Christmas! Going to Leavenworth and watching Christmas lights and having a marry old time haha The Other day I was thinking about going to Leavenworth and you guys should take a pictures for me at Leavenworth and send it. I also want to see Trevor!!! You Passed Cassie!!!! That is crazy! You are seriously going to be taller than me when I get back! Then you and I will dominate sports together! OH YA!!!!

Well this week has been awesome and a lot of really cool things have happened that I was t to tell you about! First I have a short story for ya, on Wednesday we had a long hard day with all of our appointments falling through and no one wanting to talk to us. So we were kind of frustrated and we came home for dinner to make some food. I headed out to the bathroom which is outside... I went and started leaving when A cockroach landed on my neck! And this was not a small cockroach! haha I swiped it away and started kinda running haha It freaked me out! But after I couldn't help but to laugh :) I love it when things like that happen...
I also made my first contact on the street through guitar! I miss playing guitar and I always see people playing in the street. So I decided to start talking to someone who was playing and he let me play. So we jammed for about 5 min and then I asked him if he wanted to hear our message and he said yes! So we gave him a lesson and he came to church this last Sunday! First contact through music!!! :)
There is this new candy that I found that I will have to bring home in 2 years for you to try because it is soooo good! It is a peanut butter candy and it taste so good! I think it taste even better because I have not eaten peanut butter in 3 months! haha Here peanut butter is sacred! We had an elder receive a package with peanut butter and you should of seen the riot that started!!! haha There are good things and also some not so good things that we have eaten. I still don't know what this thing that we ate was... but it looked and tasted like a big ball of fat... that was rolled in sand. ha Or some kind of raw fish. It was NASTY!!!! It is times like that, when I am really grateful that dogs like to eat everything! Dogs are definitely a mans best friend!
This week I also had the opportunity to go on exchanges with Elder Cornwell that lives in Richland! We both have 6 weeks here in Fortaleza and it was awesome! He came to my area and so I had the chance to lead our pack and it was awesome! Together we understood everything that was said to us and we had 8 new investigators that day! I loved the feeling of being in charge and leading us around! Elder Cornwell is a stud too! He has so many good examples and is so chill when he teaches! it was awesome!
Dad you are still a stud running! I have not had the chance to go on a run in the field here yet. Elder MAtos doesn't really like to and no one else wants to in the morning. I want to go running but it might have to wait for a different comp...

Cassie I am super proud of you and for finishing school!!! That is so awesome! That just sounds like a huge weight just got lifted off your back! haha But I am really proud of you and your the best!!!

Feliz natal family! And I will talk to you on Sunday around 3 your time and 7 my time!!!

With all the love in meu coraçao Elder Heath

P.S. Danielle thanks for the recipe!!!! Your the best! I think we might have a problem... I don't think cream cheese exists aqui. haha

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Baby It's Cold Outside... not. :)

Here's a few pictures from Branden... he's looking pretty tan! I'm a little bit jealous...

OI! Meu Familia!

Man, I have to start out by saying we have a good looking family! Everyone is looking so good at home! The whole family together for thanksgiving having a good time! Cam is representing the cougars, and you guys look ready for some food in the picture :)

Congradulations to Danielle and Mom for dominating the competition that you were in! first and second place! That is so awesome! haha And in the pictures that you sent you girls are looking good!

Well dad, you guessed it, ha it is about 97 degrees today and I am sweating writing this letter! ha It is funny how I could definitelyl go for some cold weather and you want some warm hot weather :) And ya, I see dogs all over the place here in Brazil! They are mostly little dogs that just like to bark a lot which I dont like. Elder matos and I like to talk about those commercials of football players saving small dogs from burning buildings..... then punting them ha. My portuguese has really taken a leap this week. We had a mission fast and it really blessed my life! This week I went on several exchanges where other missionaries came to my area, and I was the senior comp. Leading and doing mostly all of the talking. After doing that I felt really good. IT was scarey at first not having my Brazillian Comp there to answer the questions I didnt understand... but I received a lot of help from God during those days. Understanding people is getting better.... but many times it is still difficult. But then I ask Elder Matos what they said... and he cant understand them either... haha so some peple are just impossible to understand. Its all about picking up key words :) Dad, that is so awesome that you still pray in portuguese! KEEP IT UP! I have heard so many stories of missionaries that served in brazil and after they totally forgot the language! I love Bragging about my dad to everyone here, and how you still remember you spansih! I want to be just like you and always remember portuguese! I havent had time for culture shock here ha Everyday is work work work! But honestly it didnt effect me really, I love the new Brazillian culture here and a lot of things are differnt but I love it! MY health has been PERFECT! It i s a miraclel! Becasue everyone that arrived the same time I did has gotten montazumas revenge... but I havent. I like to bragg about it haha I get lots of bug bites but that is about it... Favorite Braziilian food here is lazagna! There are some pretty creative types here. Of couse there is a layer of beans and rice, and meat... it is really good! But honeslty the desserts here are my favorite! Desserts made out of fruit are so good! Yesterday we had some funky coconut babyfood wtih chunks in it that was...different... haha but it was good! I love all the meat that is cooked here... brazillians really know how to cook meat!

Prezident Souza is not really that strict... we definitely have a lot of rules but they are for our good. I really like Prez Souza, he Emails me almost weekly asking personally about our progress and what I think about a lot of things! It is really cool getting to know him. One thing that ihe is doing for christmas is.... for setting up the call time My comp gets to call you on christmas eve and talk to you and tell you wht time to call me. haha Good luck! ha I have actually been teaching him a lot of English and we are preacticing phone calls haha It will be aweomse! Elder Matos is a stud! For this christmas we can call whatever time during the day that we want. And so if you give me a time frame... like during the morning, afternoon, night I can make a time :)

Danielle... if you remember could I get the ingrediants for your oreo little ball things? That you are pro at making?

So some things that have happened this week... Our laundry machine broke and so I have been learning how to wash clothes by hand! It is pretty interesting... but it is working so that is a plus. Im not really sure what I am doing, but scrubbing my clothes with soap has been working so that is good :) I learned how to make juice from passion fruit which was really good! Members love giving us mangos and passionfruit and so we do lots of things with fruit! I love being a missionary and everyday is a new challenge and we have new opportunities!

Love Elder Heath!!!

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

This weeks update.

Opa familia!

Sounds like another week the Heath family is doing great in kennewick! There were a couple of questions that Ill start off by answereing. So, on P-day we like to play ultimate frisbee a lot, but im not a huge fan. So I talked the elders into playing some volleyball this week! It seems like soccer and volleyball are the main sports here in brazil. Did I tell you about how we cant play soccer? It's kinda dumb and there is a soccer fiesld on every corner here but we kinda found out why this week. We were just walking past a soccer field this week and something happened, I think a player was trying to slide tackle and missed the ball and took out the other player. Then that started a fight on the field. These Brazilians are HARD CORE when it comes to soccer! They are soooooo good, and I want to play with them, but rules are for our safety :)

Danielle and Trevor you two want to go snowboarding! That is so SWEET! Snowboarding tis the best place on earth! If you two want to use my stuff, go for it! Danielle my green pants would look pretty sweet on you :) haha That is one thing I think I would really miss about living in brazil... all the things that you can do with snow! Snowboarding, snow cones, snow fights.... So, enjoy the snow while you have it :) And mom, dad, its never too late to strap those skiis back on :)

So this week was a week of hard work! We had a lot of poeple that we taught that loved talking to us, but dont really want to act on anything we say. It is really sad when that happenes. All the people here a re so nice and I hate seeing all of the blessings that they could have if they would try for themselves to come closer to christ. WE had an awesome lesson with a less active family that has not been to church in a little over a year. And they said they would come back to church and they said that that day was the first time in a year that they have felt the love of God in their home. It really shows the power behind the message that we share. They came to church and wanted us to come back as soon as possible, and so they invited us over for lunch! It is awesome to see them all together at church with smiles on their faces!

One of my favorite things to do in the streets as we are walking is to jump into little soccer juggling games haha Every street there are kids playing and they love the missionaries! I am nothing compared to them, but it is fun to join and play a little soccer in the streets with the kids! I love talking to them in portuguese and convincing them that I am a Brazillian haha A lot of the time they actually believe me, which boosts my day haha And there are also the kids that run up to us and say Fala ingles! (speak english) and it is all good most of the time, I like teaching them words in english... but when we are in the middle of talking to someone, making a contact and a group of 8 kids run up saying speak inglish is kida frustrating sometimes. haha but, I love the kids here! So awesome!

Mom, you were talking about how the missionaries used the example of the gosple of Jesus Christ is like a piece of plywood, and the 2 nails are the Book of Mormon and the Bible! Haha that is so funny... That is one of my favorite object lessons! I use that almost everytime explaining about the Book of Mormon! haha I like that and another one, where you and your investigator makes a fist. Your fist represents God and theirs represents them. You then move your hand and have them follow your hand which is easy when they can see your hand(God) But we cant see god so you have them close their eyes and try to follow your fist and it is really impossible. But then you take a pen which represents Prophets, and put the pen in your fist and their fist and we can follow God through prophets. BEcause prophets speak face to face with God (Exodus 33:11) and through them we can follow God with exactness. I love object lessons!

Well everything here in Brazl is awesome! I love meetong all of the members in our ward and meeting everyone else too! I still cant understand everyone and have to knodd my head sometimes but Im starting to really pick up on how to listen for key words and not focusing on everyword. It is helping a lot :) Sometimes I answer questions taht they didnt ask...ha but hey, knowing answers to more questions isnt a bad thing :)

I love you all, and I am sending a christmas letter this week, so I hope that it gets to you in time! I love you all tons!

Elder Heath

P.S. here are some pictures of my area, sitse sau juao! :) Are you getting all my pictures? Hope you like them!

Some of these pictures are from last week's e-mail... but I wasn't able to get them added until this week. Enjoy!

Monday, November 28, 2011

We love letters :)

How is it going FAMILY!!!! :)

It is always so awesome to hear from my family every week. And thank you so much grandma for the family letter! I just got the other day! All of the elders really like all of the awesome pictures that you put in the letter. I love showing my family to everyone! You guys are the best! IT is really nice to have pictures of family when we are out tracting too. People always ask about family, and want to see pictures! I like showing off my family :) Grandma, The other day I was talking about Elvis Presley with a member in our ward, and how you love Elvis Presley. The sister said that you should look up ´`Roberto Carros`´. Because he sounds like Elvis. ha just if you want to :)

So I have some BIG NEWS! Elder Maltos and I had our First Baptism in our area! Cite sau juan! We have been teaching Lucas for 2 weeks and he was baptized yesterday after sacrament meeting! IT was so awesome! HE asked me to baptize him too, which was a huge honor! The Baptismal font was outside and the water was cold but the sun was hot, so it was perfect. We have a really awesome ward and pretty much the whole ward was there watching the baptism. We got in the water and I asked his full name. He said Lucas Veras Gama de Araujo, and he said it so fast, I was like what?! Once I got his name right It seemed like I forgot all of my Portuguese. ha slowly but surely I said the prayer and it was awesome!! I felt better than I have ever felt! It was amazing! But it was such an amazing blessing to help Lucas be baptized. He has a ton of friends in our ward which is awesome too! IT was an awesome day! 1st baptism with many more to come :)

So you want to know a little more about my companion? haha things are going great with him! I think he has the Bible memorized, and he knows every scripture! I like teaching with him a lot, and he is a pretty big jokester so we have a lot of fun together. He doesnt know much English, but I'm helping him learn. The most English he knows is through songs. He likes a lot of rock and roll. So he learned English through rock haha He is awesome! He is 26 and has 1 year left.

Things in Brazil are a lot different! I tried to send a picture of what our area looks like. We have one paved road in our city. Dirt and rock roads everywhere. The houses are made from brick and are really open to let wind in. The houses are really small probably about the size of my room and Danielle's room together. In my area we have no big buildings. We are about 1 hour from the big city of Fortaleza For about a family of 6. It makes me really appreciate all of the things that we have. The kids don't have hardly anything, and so I like doing simple little magic tricks to give them some candy or something. It is fun to see their faces light up when candy or a couple centavos come out of their ear, or appear from nowhere :) ha

But the people here are so nice! It is amazing to see how satisfied they are with what they have, and how important family is to everyone! Family is everything in their lives! And the people are so willing to give up so much for us as missionaries. A lot of times for our lunch appointments, it is only us eating with a couple kids, because they don't have enough food for everyone. The people here are amazing.

Mom, I love the shoes you made me buy! I wear them everyday and they are so comfortable! thank you so much for getting them for me! I am doing great with clothes too! Learning how to sew a lot too :)

I hope I answered all of your questions, sounds like you are doing amazing as usual! WE also had the opportunity to hear from president Costa, President of the 70 this last week! IT was awesome! Thank you for all the you do for me! I love you all so much!

Elder Heath

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

In the Mission Field!!

MY FAMILY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Oi, tudo bom? (Hi, is everything going well?) It feels like forever sense I have written you! Our schedule this week has been really messed up. We had p day on Wednesday this week because we had the opportunity to hear from Elder Bednar on Tuesday! It was so awesome! We were only a couple feet away from him, and man he has power when he speaks! IT was really cool because he had no lesson plan, and just answered questions that we had and from that he gave an amazing talk. WE heard from him and ELder evans tambem and we took pictures with them so I hope I can get a hold of those pictures to send to you somehow.

Here's a picture of all the missionaries with Elder Bednar.

Well it sounds like everything at home is wonderful! Thanks so much for the emails. I like hearing what is going on back in the U.S. haha It is a completely different world in Brazil but it is awesome! Dad, Sorry I wasnt there to help with the Christmas lights. Im glad you didnt slip or anything. WE upgraded to LED ehhhh? sounds scheeky (slick, cool) ha I think I could go for some hailing weather right now. It is about 94 degrees mid-day....everyday. And it feels like 120 ha. I like it though, it is a good quick way to get a sweet looking farmers tan.

This letter is probably going to be really scattered because there are so many things that I want to tell you that has happened. I guess ill start at day one...

WE arrived at the mission home and spent all day relaxing and resting in the mission home. We ate lunch with President Souza and it was so good! Right across the street there is a McDonald's and a Burger king! We didnt try it because it is about 14 bucks for a meal. Then I meet my trainer/first companion in the field. People were receiving comps and most of them were Americans so I was thinking I would definitely get an American... That is what I thought. MY Companion is Elder Matos! Born and raised in Sao Paulo. He is awesome! He knows lots of Portuguese but hardly any English. It is a little interesting at times but he is really patient with my language. As we walk down the street I ask about everything we see and he is more than glad to tell me once...twice... three times haha. We have had a lot of success! WE are opening a new area in Fortaleza! Called citz sao juao! It is about an hour from the beach, but other than that, i not really sure where haha.

So when we arrived our first night we got locked out. And we had no keys. So it took about an hour to get into our place and that was a lot of fun... waking people up to ask questions haha But we got right to work. ELder Matos has been in the fiesld for about a year and he knows the Bible better than anyone I have ever meet! He is 26, and loves heavy metal music. haha he plays drums, so everywhere we go we are always singing and playing beats. Dad, You will love this. One day I started singing Earth,wind and fire and Elder atos knew it! So we sing ..Do you remember?... all the time haha

We have been getting to know members here... there are not a lot...yet. But the members are so nice! I have gotten to play guitars in members houses that was really cool. Sing some songs to the kids. I have also learned some cool majic tricks with coins that the kids really like. Dad I know exactly what you meant when you said that the people you meet in Brazil hardly had anything, and you just want to give everything to them. Even though the people dont have much, they are the happiest people on the PLANET! Even the people who dont want to hear our message, and are really set in their lives invite us in to have dinner with their families. There is one member in our ward that I have to bragg a little about. Anna Maria. She is one of the Nicest ladies I have ever meet! We meet here the first day and she says that her and her house serve the Lord and so we are always welcome. Every time we walk by she gives us fudgecycles and talks. She likes singing hymns together too. So we sing hymns as loud as we can when we go to her house. She is really patient with my Portuguese and is always teaching me when we visit.

So first day in church was pretty fun. It is definitely different. WE dont have a building or anything just some benches with a covering over top but that good feeling is definitely still there. All of our members are really nice and really friendly. It is cool because a lot of the kids in school learn English and so the kids were coming up to me saying random words in English. I like it a lot. But we got called in right after sacrament and we were asked to give the gospel doctrines class... I thought I was scared to do that at home in English... haha It went surprisingly really well. We were definitely Blessed, and giving the lesson in Portuguese was awesome! I felt so good after. And when I was teaching people were nodding their heads like they understand so that is a good thing haha

Well I am just about out of time, but I just want to let you know that I am in great hands here. And I am loving everyday! IT is hard work but it is good work! Tell Aimee that I miss her too and give here a hug for me. Ill send pictures next week! AS far as Portuguese... the first couple of days were pretty scary because everyone has such a heavy accent here and talks SOOOOOOOOOOOO FAST! But I am starting to really pick up on what people say. Keep praying for me. I love you all and I miss you! You are the best! And DANIELLE, Thanks so much for the letter! I dont have time right now to write back but next week I will! I love you all so much and I Know that this church is true. I have already seen conversion this week and how this gospel changes lives for the better! We had 3 people come to church with us this week! I love being a missionary! And I love my family and friends!

Elder Heath

Thursday, November 10, 2011

First letter from Fortaleza!


Hey we just arrived here in Fortaleza and it is BEAUTIFUL! We just had our first meals here with President and Sister Souza! They are so nice and dont speak any english. Good thing we are fluent haha. We were welcomed at the airport by a bunch of missionaries and we are going to meet our trainers tonight and off to work tomorrow. My P day is monday so I will write you then more. I am safe and loving Fortaleza! It is SOOOOO QUENTE (HOT) I love it though.
Elder Heath

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Letter 2 from the Brazil MTC

Here's a picture of Branden and his district with the President of the CTM. Doesn't it look beautiful there?
O man! I must of gotten here at the perfect time! Haha I am going to have to figure out this e mail thing. I have emails from about 5 missionaries and only 30 min. Sorry if this is a little short today!

Oi meu familia! (Hello family!)

So this week has been crazy! I am starting the last full week of my mtc time! And it started with a BANG! On monday we had our first opportunity to roam the streets of Sau Paulo and go Proselyting! It was probably one of the coolest things I have ever done in my life! We were just walking up and down streets, and that first person we stopped and talked to was the hardest! I remember reading somewhere that someone said you just have to get the first one over with... So Elder Cornwell and I just walked up to the first person we saw, right across the street of the CTM and started talking to him. It was pretty clear that he didn't want to listen to what we had to say, so he shut us down pretty fast. But after that it got a lot easier! It was amazing! WE were walking around and we walked past this shop and there was a lady working in there, and Once we walked past I had this feeling that we needed to go back and so we did. She said that she has been wanting to talk to the missionaries and she was glad we came back! That was the first book of Mormon that we placed and man it was a good one! We gave three more out that day as well. I wish I could tell you about all of them but I'm running out of time. We had a BEST TWO YEARS moment as well. So the third guy that we talked to, we started our lesson in portuguese. And I had a mind blank in portuguese and right when I had my mind blank he said... do you speak english? in english haha And it took me a second to take in and comprehend what he said. Then I said I think so! haha It turns out that he has been studying english for 8 years! IT was good to talk in english haha

Well, Dad I wrote you a letter back in portuguese and sent it in the mail today so you should get it in about a week.

I love you all and cant wait to hear from you! I thought of one more thing for christmas... shoe things to make shoes smell better haha

I love you and I am headed to Fortaleza the 7th! I hear elder Bednar is going to be there too! Super cool!

Elder Heath

Sunday, October 30, 2011

First letter from Brazil!


Thanks so much for writing me back! I love hearing about things from home! So I have not been gone for ever mom... I know what a boo is on halloween! haha that made me laugh! It sounds like everyone is doing great at home and I just sent off some letters today for you guys so hopefully it will arrive in about 2 weeks is what I hear. haha the post office is kinda sketchy. You will really like your letter if it actually comes haha. I was told they would give us letters to put our notes in and so I go into the post office and this guy takes 2 pieces of paper and glues them together and puts the letter inside haha. I guess that is how they do things here is brazil! haha
Things that have been happening here, we as a district did a musical number on sunday in sacrament meeting. and we are doing another one for devotional tonight! woo hoo! We got about 150 more missionaries this week and so this place is filling up quite a bit! I like it! But everyweek people leave too, and it seems like all of the brazilians that were close friends are leaving haha. Good thing all Brazilians are awesome! So this week has been really awesome and I feel like my portuguese really toook a leap. Just talking to everyone I can in portuguese has helped so much.
That is awesome that you are having more family parties with other families! Keep it up! I wish I could be there with you, but I can just be there is spirit. haha
DANIELLE IS GETTING A JOB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHAT??????????? QUE ESSO!!!!!!!!!!!!!So this might be a dumb question but what is costa vida again? That is so awesome! I am so proud of you! I know you are getting the job, so you can send me letters on my mission! You're the best danielle!
Trev, that is awesome! Way to go in scouts! And Jazz band is a definatly good idea! Totally worth it! Jazz music is the best! your a stud!
Sorry I dont have like anymore time... the computers are really slow today, but as far as christmas... the only thing I can think of is a watch. Like a sports watch, with plastic. My watch is kida breaking down haha it is that and ties.
I'm out of time but I love you!!!!!!!!!!!!
Elder Heath

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Pictures from the MTC

The missionaries aren't able to upload any pictures while they are in the MTC... so we just got these from Branden.


Thursday, October 20, 2011

New Address!!

Now that Branden isn't in Provo anymore... if anyone wants to write him a letter here is his new address! You can still use DearElder to write him if you like that method... just use his new address information. :)

Elder Branden Jared Heath
Box #29 District #36-A Brazil MTC
Forteleza Brazil Mission
Rua Padre Antonio D'Angelo, 121
Casa Verde, Sao Paulo, SP
Brazil 02516-040

I know he would love to hear from all of you!!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Finally in Brazil!! :)

Mue FAMILIA!!!!!! Eu amo voces muito e esperanco estao fazer OTIMO!
This week has been so crazy but I absolutly love it here in Sao Paulo! So the plane ride was super long and I couldnt really sleeep but I meet a ton of people and did a lot of reading! We had a blast and man, ariving in an airport where you cant read anything is really different! Im so glad that I knew what little portuguese I learned in Provo. So I could ask where the baggage and stuff was. There were about 10 of us missionaries on the plane togetther, so we put all of our portugues together and made it will all of our belongings. Driving to the mtc could be compared to a roller coaster ride! Especially for us missionaries! haha Our seats for some reason were not locked in adn kida slid back and forth and they drive like crazy people here! We were waving in and out and dodging the motercycles that are even crazier! The city is huge and we have a really good view drom our window! But we were greeted by President and Sister Clark and the gave us hugs and it was really nice to personally get to know them. Hope you got the picture that they sent home last week, I think I put your right e mail on the list. But Here in the Sao Paulo MTC it is pretty empty compared to Provo. Going from about 2500 missionaries to about 175 missionaries is pretty crazy! And only about 45 americans here. But that is all good. We hear there is a big visa shipment going out and about 175 visas just got sent so we shouild be getting more people here.
The best thing about the MTC here is all of the Brazillians! I have learned so much by just talking to them and I have made a lot of really good friends here! They are so nice and so patient with our portuguese. You will not believe how many of them know so many movie quotes in english, and some have actually learned english through movies and through videogames. We have two brazillian missionaries in our room, Elder Melo and Elder Servio! They are really nice, kinda quiet and reserved but they are really nice and we have a good time trying to communicate. I have been getting really good at charades here haha
But other than that we get to go out on the streets and go to the temple today! We actually just got back from the temple and man it was BEAUTIFUL! It is so cool how everyone speaks portuguese and we can all still get things done. We could actually talk a lot more at teh temple becasue it was mostly all gosple talk which we are pros at!
The food here is amazing. We saw a red hornet today.... and ran haha. I learned really quick that when you feel a little rain coming RUN FOR COVER! Becuase it never just rains here, it pours! haha But I love it here and cant wait to hear from you guys again! The mail system here is on strike I guess so I am not sure how much mail will get through but we e mail every week! Love you Tem um bom dia, e boa sorte!
Elder Heath!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Last Day in the Provo MTC

Today Branden left the Provo MTC and will be arriving in Brazil sometime in the next 24 hours. He has a long lay-over in Atlanta and we don't know exactly when he will be arriving in Brazil.

On Monday night Dallin was able to have one last dinner with Branden at the MTC and snapped a few pictures afterward.

He also ran into Sister Montgomery.

I had to put up this picture of the two missionaries because they look so awkward! haha!!

Branden is so excited and can't wait to get to Brazil. Dallin said Branden's Portuguese has improved since the last dinner they had, and that he was throwing Portuguese randomly into their conversations.

We can't wait to hear from him and here how things are down there!!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

General Conference

Oi meu Familia!
Thank you so much for the express package that I received last week! Dad, thanks so much for running around and finding me the backpack! It is working perfectly! And the pictures that you sent me are so awesome! My desk looks complete now with a picture of my wonderful family! And dont worrie, I have already marked everything I own with that sharpe. Laundry is kinda of crazy, people are telling me stuff gets lost all of the time because everyone here has the exact same things! Thank you grandma too for sending the family letter! It was really nice reading up on how everyone is doing back home, and the pictures were awesome too!
So today we have another Elder leaving for Brazil! Elder lamb received his visa and is boarding the plane at 10:00 today! I am crossing my fingers everytime that we check the mail for that letter for me to go to the travel office:) It would be awesome going down to Brasil but Leaving everyone in my district here would be really sad. We have had so many awesome experiances together and are so close! I will definatly let you guys know when I receive my visa! I believe that I get another 5 min phone call if I receive my visa and head down to Brasil!
So General Conference was so awesome! You would not believe how early we were. I was remembering back at home when I would wake up 2 min before, and kind of stumble in and take a nap on the ground. This time we got up at 6:15, went and studied for an hour then headed to the auditorium to get good (comfy) seats. To our surprise the gym was already 1/4 full...2.5 hours before it started! haha pretty typical here though:) you are eather 1 hour early or you are late :) We had a really cool fireside after conference on sunday! You will never guess who came and talked to us! CHAD LEWIS!!!!!!!! He was an amazing TE for BYU and moved on the play for the Phili Eagles! IT was so awesome having him come and talk. He related sports to just about everything. He had some really awesome quotes that just made me want to jump up and get out and do missionary work :) After Elder sherrill and I went and shook his hand. He was a walk on at BYU and we asked him what it takes to make it, he said that you just need heart, and a want to work skill:) He talked about Donavan Mcnabb like they were old buddies haha Super awesome speaker. Then after that we had a musical number that was the most amazing thing I have ever heard. So there are about 2,000 missionaries in the auditorium and we sang called to serve. There was a special arrangement that was so awesome. The first half of the first verse we started sitting down, and singing as softly as we could. Even with 2,000 people it was like a whisper. Then the second half we got a little louder but still not very loud. Then the second verse we started singing normally, which with so many missionaries is loud. Then for the last part "We'll sing and we'll shout" We all stood up and sang as loud as possible and O MAN! It was so awesome! I had instant chills and it was so amazing! The walls of the building were shaking! I love being around so many missionaries that all have the same desire as we do and all are here to invite otehr to come unto Christ. It seems like I have meet hundereds of people, standing in line for food, walking in the halls, even here writing this letter I meet this Elder that is from Atlanta and just converted to our church 9 months ago! There are so many amazing people here!
I know that this church is true and that Jesus Christ came to the Americas and Healed the sick and raised the dead. He is our loving Beloved brother and because of him we can all return to live with our families forever in heaven! That is God's plan of happiness, and through our faithfulness here on earth we can receive all of those blessings.
I love you so much!
Elder Heath
P.S. I just printed off some pictures I will be sending home soon :) Love you all!!!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011


Oi familia! Como vai! Eu dormo muito bom Ultimo noite, e tem animados por que eu tem um nove componhero ojhe!!! (not sure how to spell that :)
So this past week we had one Elder in our group receive his VISA! Elder Baldwin is heading down to Brasil today. Because he is heading down, I am going to take over with his companion because we were in a three some. So My new companion is Elder Sherrill, he is from california. But for most of his life he lived on Kawai at Lihue, so just a little ways away from Betsy! He is such a good hard working Elder and it's going to be a blast!
So this last week some pretty awesome things have happened... I ran into some friends, or more of cassies friends :) I found out that Jon Burrup works here, and I sat in on one of his workshops that he taught! It is always really nice to see a familiar face! When we were talking, I had just got done with teaching a lesson in portuguese, and so portuguese was running atraves my head and he asked me a question, but I seriously could not think of the words to say in english to respond. It was really weird, but at the same time really awesome! The Language is coming really fast, and I am learning about 20 new words a day. It is really fun to go up to the guys that have only been here one or two days and just go off in portuguese. One of the cool things is walking around campus and just listening in all of the rooms to all the different languages that are being spoken here. We have a lot of japanese speaking Elders across the hall... and man I have it so easy with portuguese compared to them.
Dad, the other day I meet one of my buddies from college here, and he speaks spanish. So we tried having a spanish/portuguese conversation, and we could understand eachother pretty well! So we are going to have to see how much we can understand eachother one of these days!
I Also saw Danika's older sister here at dinner last night(sister Montgomery). I dont know if I have ever really talked to her, but it was nice chatting for a little bit:)
So our First investigator (silvana) is preparing for baptism this saturday and we are so excited! She had been having problems with the word of wisdom and didnt want to give up her coffee. So last friday I went into the cafateria and grabbed a bunch of hot coca packets as another drink instead of coffee, and on friday told silvana that hot cocoa is so much better than coffee. So when we meet with her this week she said that she had been drinking the hot cocoa and no coffee! We were so happy, and she said that she felt so good inside, and that she feels more awake and and more happy everyday! It was so awesome! So after that we had a little testimony meeting and there was such a strong good feeling in the room. After Silvana bore her testimony nos tem muito ANIMADOS!!!!!!! It is honsetly the best feeling I have ever felt. When you know that you have helped someone change their life for the better, and you can see how happy they are with teh teachings of the gosple in their lives! I love it!
So on another note... we are building up a rep here at the mtc! We are undefeated in beachvolleyball! And we have our rivals, the Tongans! I never knew beach volleyball was so much fun! I wish I could of played with cam this last summer.... darn work.
I love you all so much and will talk to you soon!
Elder Heath
P.S. The bookstore just got moved, and so I will be printing off pictures and sending some home soon :)
P.S.S. I am not sure what the official rules are for my Dakine backpack. But my backpach already ripped. And when the lady sold it to me she said we could trade it in for a backpack of the same or less price. So if you can trade it in for a black/ smallish backpack and send it to me... that would be awesome! Thanks a ton! and preferably with the straps like my green one had :)

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Awesome Visitors...

Oi familia!
Como Vai! Man this week just seems like it flew by! I never really understood what Dakota and Kenton were talking about when they said that days feel like weeks and weeks feel like days. Man, I know what they mean now! I am having the time of my life here! The MTC is like no other place I have ever been. The spirit is here non stop, and with the guys in my district, the spirit is so strong! Thanks a ton for the package! Those I can't believe that you remembered that I wanted some crinkles! Those and all the other treats are so good, and keep me going on these long study days. I love all the letters I am getting from everyone! It sounds like everything is going great at home, and that there is still music ringing in the halls... maybe even shaking the walls with Trevor's sax playing! What are you playing these days bro? I cant wait to hear you play! Danielle!!!! Thanks for the letter! Keep them coming :) I'm glad that you received your patriartical blessing! How is tennis going? I miss tennis already! For gym time, I suggested that they put in some tennis courts :) Our District is dominating at volleyball, and basketball here is so much fun! I get to play with Elder Cashiotti all the time! He is learning to speak Portuguese as well, so we have fun talking to each other. Last week on friday our district tried to "Falamos Suas Lingua" where you go all day only speaking your language. Normally people don't do that till the last week, but we decided to try it. Man it was tough!!!!!!!!!!! We didn't really realize how about 95% of our vocab is gospel talking, which was great in class and went well. But our day started with gym at 6:30am basketball, and I had no idea how to ask for the ball, or how to communicate with my teammates. I just ran around saying, "Aqui!, Aqui!" haha it was fun though, and talking to people at lunch was interesting:) we basically bore our testimonies the whole time, and talked about the first couple of lessons, because that is all we know how to say :) It is coming really fast though! I have Joseph Smith's first vision memorized in Portuguese, and I'm working on the Purpose of the missionary. I Love Portuguese so much! So to answer some questions... the investigator that we have been teaching, isn's a real investigator in a sense. It is our RM teacher that acts like someone that she taught when she was on her mission on brazil. So she is doing the exact things that Silvana did to her. It is amazing how emotional we get with the lessons. We have been trying to get her to go to church, but she keeps saying she is busy. And even though we know that she is not a real investigator, it still makes us so sad. But we got her to finally go, and she is preparing for baptism this next week! We got so excited! All three of us love teaching and have a really good time with it. So we joined the Missionary choir here and wow! that is the only way to describe the way it sounds. Pretty much like 70% of the MTC is in the choir. I get chills everytime we sing! We had M. Russel Ballard come talk to us last Tuesday too! It was pretty cool to see him so close! He is a really powerful speaker! I have been taking lots of pictures... but we cant figure out how to e-mail them so I might just have to print some out and send some home. OH!!!!!!!!!!! I almost forgot! I had a visitor last week! As I was walking to dinner I looked up, and there was this man standing in the corner looking super sharp! It was DALLIN! We had dinner and it was so awesome to see him, and get to hear a little about the outside world. That was an awesome surprise! I have not heard anything about my visa yet... I was told we get called down to the travel office about a week before we leave, so we will see. I know one guy in my mission that just heard he is finishing up his MTC in Brazil! We all want to get sown there, but we all love it here so much too! I will definitely keep you posted on any changes.
I love you so much! And I know that this Church is true! I love waking up every morning at 6:20 because every day I learn so much and have a blast!
I'm out of time, but I love you and want to thank you for all of your support. I am so blessed to have such an awesome family, and such awesome friends...
P.S. have you heard from any of those letters? I have not received any letters back.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Letter #1!!!

Oi Familia!
So im not too sure what to say in these e-mails but I will just start with I LOVE THE MTC! Tuesdays are our P day and it is awesome! I got to sleep in an extra 30 min this morning and man, that felt like heaven! We had a good study session this morning, trying to get down some more Portuguese phrases to teach to our investigator. I have to bragg on my District a little too... They have voices like angels! We make musical harmony everywhere we go! We are not allowed to listen to music at the mtc but we are up there with Mo tab :) Just real quick my two companions are Elder Cornwell from Richland Wa, and Elder Swinney from Fresno Cali and all three of us are going to the wonderful land of Fortaleza! Then in our district we have Elder Nethercott and Elder Lamb (going to Rio), Elder Gallion and Elder Saben(Rio) and Elder Sherrel with Elder Baldwin! We have District prayers and just a good time hanging out! Some other people I have meet here is Elder Cashiotti(not sure how to spell that) from moses lake, and we have gym the same hour...and I kinda balled him up the other day :) Then Elder Flint has the same lunch hour so that is nice to talk to him, and I have seen a lot of guys from college that I recognize! It is so awesome here! And I just got back from lunch...Dallin...(cough, cough) haha Just kidding, i'm sure I will run into him sooner or later. Everytime I walk across the street to go play volleyball, or soccer on the fields I always look for people I know driving by the MTC... I thought I saw cassie the other day driving... but it was in a mini van... with a couple kids in the back... so either I missed something last time we saw you... or it was someone else :) But we were able to go to the Provo Temple today! It was so awesome being there with all of my brothers! And I think I might be sending my Temple Clothes home because we were told we didnt need them, and to just use the ones at the temple. I'll keep you updated on that. But We have an awesome Language teacher here! Irmao Perks. He is a BYU student and he is such a good teacher! He speaks nothing to us but portuguese so the first couple of days were kinda crazy, but even after a week, we have conversations back a forth! It is amazing how much the Holy Ghost is helping us with the Language! We have been teaching an investigator the full lessons all in portuguese and it is so cool how words and phrases just pop into your head that you never have even heard of... and our investigator(silvana) somehow knows what wee are saying and it is awesome! We also Placed our First Portuguese Book of Mormon last Friday! We didnt know how to say, "will you read this book of mormon?" so we handed it to her and said"Precente!!!" (present) and she was like "PRECENTE!!!" and got really excited! haha It has beem fun :) I miss everyone but I know that this is where I am supposed to be, and I have found so many new brothers here! I love you all! Eu sai que nos igreja esta verdadea, e nos profeta Thomas S Monson esta verdadeo.
I love you all... only 17 sec left on teh computer!
Elder Heath

Monday, September 12, 2011

A few more pics...

Mom and Dad just sent me a few more pictures of the family at the temple. Look at my beautiful siblings. And parents of course. :)

And here is Branden with President Meyer, I'm not sure whether this was before of after he was set apart as an elder.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Family Baptisms

Our little brother Trevor turned 12 on the 29th of August so he got his recommend and can do baptisms for the dead at the temple. On Tuesday night, the eve of Branden leaving for the MTC, the family was able to go to the Columbia River Temple and do baptisms together.

Branden was able to baptize Trev, which must have been awesome. Grandma Miskho was even able to make it over to watch.

Dallin and I wish we could have been there for such a wonderful experience.

Elder Heath has now been in the MTC for almost 24 hours, I'm sure he is loving it. We will definitely keep you posted!

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Just a few more days...

Branden will be flying to the Provo MTC on Wednesday September 7th from Kennewick, WA. He will be serving a 2 year mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints in Fortaleza Brazil.

We love you Branden, you are going to be a great missionary. We can't wait to hear all the wonderful stories you will have!