Monday, November 28, 2011

We love letters :)

How is it going FAMILY!!!! :)

It is always so awesome to hear from my family every week. And thank you so much grandma for the family letter! I just got the other day! All of the elders really like all of the awesome pictures that you put in the letter. I love showing my family to everyone! You guys are the best! IT is really nice to have pictures of family when we are out tracting too. People always ask about family, and want to see pictures! I like showing off my family :) Grandma, The other day I was talking about Elvis Presley with a member in our ward, and how you love Elvis Presley. The sister said that you should look up ´`Roberto Carros`´. Because he sounds like Elvis. ha just if you want to :)

So I have some BIG NEWS! Elder Maltos and I had our First Baptism in our area! Cite sau juan! We have been teaching Lucas for 2 weeks and he was baptized yesterday after sacrament meeting! IT was so awesome! HE asked me to baptize him too, which was a huge honor! The Baptismal font was outside and the water was cold but the sun was hot, so it was perfect. We have a really awesome ward and pretty much the whole ward was there watching the baptism. We got in the water and I asked his full name. He said Lucas Veras Gama de Araujo, and he said it so fast, I was like what?! Once I got his name right It seemed like I forgot all of my Portuguese. ha slowly but surely I said the prayer and it was awesome!! I felt better than I have ever felt! It was amazing! But it was such an amazing blessing to help Lucas be baptized. He has a ton of friends in our ward which is awesome too! IT was an awesome day! 1st baptism with many more to come :)

So you want to know a little more about my companion? haha things are going great with him! I think he has the Bible memorized, and he knows every scripture! I like teaching with him a lot, and he is a pretty big jokester so we have a lot of fun together. He doesnt know much English, but I'm helping him learn. The most English he knows is through songs. He likes a lot of rock and roll. So he learned English through rock haha He is awesome! He is 26 and has 1 year left.

Things in Brazil are a lot different! I tried to send a picture of what our area looks like. We have one paved road in our city. Dirt and rock roads everywhere. The houses are made from brick and are really open to let wind in. The houses are really small probably about the size of my room and Danielle's room together. In my area we have no big buildings. We are about 1 hour from the big city of Fortaleza For about a family of 6. It makes me really appreciate all of the things that we have. The kids don't have hardly anything, and so I like doing simple little magic tricks to give them some candy or something. It is fun to see their faces light up when candy or a couple centavos come out of their ear, or appear from nowhere :) ha

But the people here are so nice! It is amazing to see how satisfied they are with what they have, and how important family is to everyone! Family is everything in their lives! And the people are so willing to give up so much for us as missionaries. A lot of times for our lunch appointments, it is only us eating with a couple kids, because they don't have enough food for everyone. The people here are amazing.

Mom, I love the shoes you made me buy! I wear them everyday and they are so comfortable! thank you so much for getting them for me! I am doing great with clothes too! Learning how to sew a lot too :)

I hope I answered all of your questions, sounds like you are doing amazing as usual! WE also had the opportunity to hear from president Costa, President of the 70 this last week! IT was awesome! Thank you for all the you do for me! I love you all so much!

Elder Heath

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