Wednesday, November 16, 2011

In the Mission Field!!

MY FAMILY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Oi, tudo bom? (Hi, is everything going well?) It feels like forever sense I have written you! Our schedule this week has been really messed up. We had p day on Wednesday this week because we had the opportunity to hear from Elder Bednar on Tuesday! It was so awesome! We were only a couple feet away from him, and man he has power when he speaks! IT was really cool because he had no lesson plan, and just answered questions that we had and from that he gave an amazing talk. WE heard from him and ELder evans tambem and we took pictures with them so I hope I can get a hold of those pictures to send to you somehow.

Here's a picture of all the missionaries with Elder Bednar.

Well it sounds like everything at home is wonderful! Thanks so much for the emails. I like hearing what is going on back in the U.S. haha It is a completely different world in Brazil but it is awesome! Dad, Sorry I wasnt there to help with the Christmas lights. Im glad you didnt slip or anything. WE upgraded to LED ehhhh? sounds scheeky (slick, cool) ha I think I could go for some hailing weather right now. It is about 94 degrees mid-day....everyday. And it feels like 120 ha. I like it though, it is a good quick way to get a sweet looking farmers tan.

This letter is probably going to be really scattered because there are so many things that I want to tell you that has happened. I guess ill start at day one...

WE arrived at the mission home and spent all day relaxing and resting in the mission home. We ate lunch with President Souza and it was so good! Right across the street there is a McDonald's and a Burger king! We didnt try it because it is about 14 bucks for a meal. Then I meet my trainer/first companion in the field. People were receiving comps and most of them were Americans so I was thinking I would definitely get an American... That is what I thought. MY Companion is Elder Matos! Born and raised in Sao Paulo. He is awesome! He knows lots of Portuguese but hardly any English. It is a little interesting at times but he is really patient with my language. As we walk down the street I ask about everything we see and he is more than glad to tell me once...twice... three times haha. We have had a lot of success! WE are opening a new area in Fortaleza! Called citz sao juao! It is about an hour from the beach, but other than that, i not really sure where haha.

So when we arrived our first night we got locked out. And we had no keys. So it took about an hour to get into our place and that was a lot of fun... waking people up to ask questions haha But we got right to work. ELder Matos has been in the fiesld for about a year and he knows the Bible better than anyone I have ever meet! He is 26, and loves heavy metal music. haha he plays drums, so everywhere we go we are always singing and playing beats. Dad, You will love this. One day I started singing Earth,wind and fire and Elder atos knew it! So we sing ..Do you remember?... all the time haha

We have been getting to know members here... there are not a lot...yet. But the members are so nice! I have gotten to play guitars in members houses that was really cool. Sing some songs to the kids. I have also learned some cool majic tricks with coins that the kids really like. Dad I know exactly what you meant when you said that the people you meet in Brazil hardly had anything, and you just want to give everything to them. Even though the people dont have much, they are the happiest people on the PLANET! Even the people who dont want to hear our message, and are really set in their lives invite us in to have dinner with their families. There is one member in our ward that I have to bragg a little about. Anna Maria. She is one of the Nicest ladies I have ever meet! We meet here the first day and she says that her and her house serve the Lord and so we are always welcome. Every time we walk by she gives us fudgecycles and talks. She likes singing hymns together too. So we sing hymns as loud as we can when we go to her house. She is really patient with my Portuguese and is always teaching me when we visit.

So first day in church was pretty fun. It is definitely different. WE dont have a building or anything just some benches with a covering over top but that good feeling is definitely still there. All of our members are really nice and really friendly. It is cool because a lot of the kids in school learn English and so the kids were coming up to me saying random words in English. I like it a lot. But we got called in right after sacrament and we were asked to give the gospel doctrines class... I thought I was scared to do that at home in English... haha It went surprisingly really well. We were definitely Blessed, and giving the lesson in Portuguese was awesome! I felt so good after. And when I was teaching people were nodding their heads like they understand so that is a good thing haha

Well I am just about out of time, but I just want to let you know that I am in great hands here. And I am loving everyday! IT is hard work but it is good work! Tell Aimee that I miss her too and give here a hug for me. Ill send pictures next week! AS far as Portuguese... the first couple of days were pretty scary because everyone has such a heavy accent here and talks SOOOOOOOOOOOO FAST! But I am starting to really pick up on what people say. Keep praying for me. I love you all and I miss you! You are the best! And DANIELLE, Thanks so much for the letter! I dont have time right now to write back but next week I will! I love you all so much and I Know that this church is true. I have already seen conversion this week and how this gospel changes lives for the better! We had 3 people come to church with us this week! I love being a missionary! And I love my family and friends!

Elder Heath

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