Monday, February 18, 2013

Deported from Brazil??? Yikes!

FEBURARY 18, 2013


This week was great! I can't count how many blessings that we have received here. This last week I received a letter saying that I would be deported from Brazil because my visa was say overdue. We ran to the federal police and luckily everything was ok. I am good here in Brazil for another year.

Then this week we had a Zone Conference here in Juazeiro! We learned about the importance of companionship study, and our daily planning. These are two things that are so crucial in our work that it was great to have a reminder. I have so many things to learn from Elder Reynolds that Companionship study is awesome! Elder Reynolds is a great example to me. He is the most organized, clean, neat person I have ever meet. And living with him for 4 months has helped me a lot. Presidente Souza explained how he is surprised on how Juazeiro is growing! After the conference Presidente took us to where they make a soda called Cajuina. It was fun to see how soda is made and at the end we drank as much as we wanted! It was really good! I tasted a little and drank water. After the visit, we did a division with the assistants which was great! I love our assistants here in the mission! Elder Araujo, and Elder Santos da Silva! They are so inspired and make me want to be a better person.

I am running and exercising in the mornings, and I feel so good! it is incredibly hard to get up off my bed, but 6 30 arrives and exercises begin!!! We ran sprints at the church the other day and it is a good thing I am starting to work out now... haha I have lots of room to progress.

We had a nice rain on Sunday morning going to church. A light rain scared lots of members from going to church. It is really sad that rain keeps people from going to church. I just imagine missionaries in the US during the winter... it must be a challenge to get families at church. But we had a family of 6 visit the church yesterday. The dad (with one leg) took his family to church. They loved the visit. During the doctrine principles class we explained about Adam and Eve. The teacher drew Adam and Eve (without thinking) and drew Adam with one leg...... The dad of this family said, Its me and my beautiful wife!!! haha they felt really good at church.

Thank you so much for the weekly letters that are written, I can really feel your love through them. Dad, thanks a ton for that quote at the end... I will translate that and give it to all the missionaries at district meeting. P.s. were you a secretary on the mission? Elder Reynolds was a secretary and he was pretty jealous of the car you had. No missionary has a car here. What were your designations on the mission? We have a lot to talk about the mission! I want to swap stories sometime!

Thanks for the tidbits on Grandpa Miskho. I love him so much! It is awesome to hear the stories of his high school life and college victories.

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints is true. Joseph smith restored the gospel, translated the Book of Mormon and sealed his life with his testimony. The Holy Ghost testifies of the the truth, and is always near waiting to help. Families can be eternally sealed through the restored priesthood.

Elder Heath

P.S. We received a reference the other day of Steve Wonder!!!!!!!!!! It really is his name!!!! We are going to contact him this week!!!! haha

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

The crazy week of Carnival!


MOM, Will you be my Valentine?

Thanks a ton for the packages! You are right, almost all of the food is already gone, but it was sooooooooooooo good! I am eating raspberry jam everyday. I made some for some members and they loved it! We could totally make a business here making raspberry jam!!! None of the Brazilians had ever heard of such a thing! I loved the story about the drawing hearts in the sand! I know that Dad is quite the artist drawing temples in the sand! I love your romantic story at the Oregon coast! Some members here informed us about some pretty amazing beaches that we have to visit in Fortaleza! There is a beach with white sand surrounded by dunes, and there is hardly anyone there. When are we going to travel to Brazil? Bolivia too? :) I want to plan a sweet trip!

Congrats Danielle on getting in to BYU -Idaho!!! WOOO HOOOO that is awesome! Now we are just in the waiting stage!

This week here was carnival! I think carnival is one of the worst holidays that exists on the earth. It is four days of do what ever you want sinless. It is ridiculous that people actually believe that. The church has a very cool standard, every Carnival all the church and the leaders have a ward camp out. To get away form all the carnival that is happening. So all of our members are protected :) The fun thing when carnival happens is, because all the members are gone, we (missionaries) run sacrament meeting for all who couldn't go to the camping trip. SO I gave a talk, played piano, and passed the sacrament! We usually have 130 people at church and this week we just had 34.... it is a big difference but I still felt great. I am very thankful for the church and the sacrament that we take every week.

Here where I am serving in Juazeiro Carnival isn't that bad, mostly it is just kids that throw eggs and flour at each other. A kid ran up to me yesterday and almost threw flour at us but something made him decide not to. :)

This week we had a baptismal service for a man named Wendle. He has known the church for two weeks and you should of heard his testimony! He was baptized and after his baptism We asked him if he would like to bare his testimony. He said he would like to, and there it started! He said that the first time that he read the Book of Mormon he felt the truthfulness of the Book of Mormon. He said that he had never felt that way before, and because of that he knows that this is the true Church of Christ. I was a testimony builder for me to hear how strong his testimony was only after two weeks! He was confirmed at the ward camp out so he is safe too.
I love this church and all the miracles that happen here. I know that Heavenly Father is on my side every min of every day showing me where to go, picking me up when I'm down and carrying me through the hard times. I know this is the true church of the Savior, because I feel it every time I testify of His Church. I am very excited to do everything and more in the next six months to be Heavenly Fathers hands here in Brazil!

I love you all!!!

Happy Valentines Day!!!!!!!!!!

Elder Heath
P.S. some mission stats: at the end of 2012 we had 59,000 missionaries serving missions! With all the applications to serve, it is confirmed to have 70,000 missionaries in the field by July! Presidente Souza had already sent us looking for new houses for these missionaries!!!! And this week we had two of the first missionaries (sisters) arrive with 19 years. The very week that Presidente Monson changed the age, these sisters sent in their papers! It is incredible the change that will happen!!!

Also, I have been studying and practicing the piano with Elder Reynolds. I am starting to learn how to read notes!!!!!!! after all these years!!! And I learned how to play Faithfully by journey!!!!!!!!!!!! haha Elder Reynolds is a stud too! He helps me so much as a missionary and we have such a great time together!

This Wednesday we gave a three hour training to the missionaries which was sooooooo good! All about the Book of Mormon!! My testimony has strengthened so much because of the the book of mormon. We taught the missionaries how to only use the Book of Mormon to respond any question! And the awesome thing is, that The Book of Mormon really does have all the answers!!! We also picked up 8 new missionaries this week form the bus station, Wednesday at 3 in the morning! It was an adventure! We woke up and we didn't even think that the bus wouldn't be going at 2 am. So we walked alone on the streets of Juazeiro until we found a taxi to take us! haha it was really weird. We then arrived and found out the bus was late,, so we grabbed a bench slept for an hour at the bus station! haha But all the missionaries got here safely :)

Wednesday, February 6, 2013


FEBURARY 4, 2013

RASPBERRY JELLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PEANUT BUTTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I don't know if that explains but... I received my packages!!!!!!!!!!!!! woo hoo!!!!! I am so excited!!!!! I loved all of the ties! I had to defend them form the other missionaries when I was opening them. There is an amazingly beautiful blue striped tie that makes my eyes look really blue!!! haha I wore it on Sunday! Thank you so much for the package! I already made the raspberry jelly and ate a couple too :) It is perfect!!!!!! Turned out super delicious!!!!!!!!!! Thanks!

The transfer happened, and I am staying here in Juazeiro With Elder Reynolds! We must be doing something right here. I will complete six months here! I am on my record of six months in every area on my mission! It is crazy but I am very excited! We are receiving eight new missionaries which is great!

This last week some amazing things are happening. Presidente Souza pulled us aside this week in Fortaleza and thanked us for our examples and work in Juazeiro. he said First the zone Juazeiro was known as the zone where the least baptisms happen, because we only baptize men and families. But these last two months Juazeiro has been the zone to most baptize on the mission! and the percentage of men is the highest. He said that has never happened before. He got really excited about the stake that is being prepared. It was very nice to hear that Presidente Souza is happy with all of our work. We had a training in Fortaleza with all the zone leaders, and throughout the training he kept on saying things like, we need to follow Juazeiros example... things like that, that made me feel really good.

Yesterday our Branch president also bore his testimony. The first thing that he said was that he was grateful for the four missionaries in the branch. When we got here the branch president never spoke with us and was not fond of the missionaries. And to hear him thank us, and tell us how happy he was was an honor. All this hard work is paying off!

Thank you a ton for the application to BYU. I am praying everyday that the lords will, will take affect. Do you know the date when I will hear back? and when I will sign up for classes? I'm glad that you all enjoyed the Christmas card..... it was my favorite picture. Did you all enjoy the Brazilian treats too? Any favorites that someone would like more of?

That is sad about the 49ers... but at least they made it to the super bowl and put up a fight! There is always next year!

How is the tennis swing coming along? (Danielle and Dad) Remember we have a rival match against Elder Reynolds family after the mission! :)

I am enjoying the mission a ton and everyday I am learning something new! I am very grateful for your letters and encouraging words that keep me going week after week! You all are the best and I love all of you!!!!!!!!

Yours..... Elder Heath


JANUARY 28, 2013


Now I feel bad for what I said last week about the Christmas card. I was just messing around with you all. I know that I am loved, I feel it every week with the letters that you write me and tall the support that I have for my amazing family!

I love the goal that you made mom to go to the temple so often with family. I cant wait to step inside of the temple again and to feel the sweet spirit inside. We taught two families about temples this week, and it is amazing to testify to someone about how amazing the temple is. Every time we taught, Elder Reynolds and I came away just talking about the plans we are making to go to the Columbia River Temple after the mission.

Thank you so much for the Christmas pictures too!!!! My photo album is updated now with my new beautiful family!!!!! Still no one believes that you two are my parents. People guess that dad is in his 30's and mom late twenties. I love you all!!!!!!!!!!!! There was a little three year old girl that looked at the picture of the family, and said are your sisters princesses? I said yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! haha and trev your a tall stud!!!!!!!

Mom, congrats! a two min talk! That is impressive! I think I two min talk is much more difficult than a 30 min talk! Did you feel good talking? Were there some great missionary stories with the other moms? I was called to be the gospel principles teacher this week! SO I get to start teaching a little more! OH YA!!!!!!!!

This week teaching was interesting. I have good news and bad news..... which do you want first? Good? Alright, Naldo and his family all went to church and they brought other family members. They lent a book of mormon with other family members (without us knowing) invited them to church and they all came!!!!!! We had 17 people visiting the church!!!!!!! They are really really close to baptism.... we just need lots of prayers for the son Jackson. They whole family wants to be baptised but Jackson doesn't have a desire. And the family doesn't want to be baptised without him. But they are amazing!!! We found out that Auritenburg and his wife don't want to be baptised, and just want their two daughters to be baptized. We prayed a lot about it and we read Moroni 8:10 that was an answer to our prayers to wait until the parents want to be baptised to baptise them. So we are going to need extra prayers for Auritemburg and Teadora. There is also a woman that has been going to church for a couple weeks that asked to be baptized.... we couldn't say no..... so pray for Camila too please.

This next week we are going to Fortaleza on the bus, and I am super excited! I believe there are some packages waiting for mew there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! oh ya!!!!!!!!! This next week are transfers too!!!! I am praying that I will stay in Juazeiro, so I can see the baptisms of our families, but where ever the Lord calls me, I will go.

Thank you so much for all your examples and for the support that you all give me! I cant wait to give each and every one of you a HUGE HUG AND KISS!!!!!!

I know that his church is true and I know that the scriptures bring the spirit to our lives. I know that Jesus Christ is my best friend and teacher. I know that families can be eternally sealed through the power restored by Joseph Smith.

Elder Heath

Awesome Week in Brazil!

JANUARY 21, 2013

Oi Family!!!!!!!!!

This week was awesome! The two families that you have been praying for, went to church and they both stayed to watch the baptismal service after! It was amazing! During the service the mom of one of the families began to cry and they explained to us after that they never want to leave the church because they felt so good! This week we have been really blessed on finding these families in their houses and they are progressing a lot sense you have been praying for them! So please keep it up! We are going to prepare them for this Sunday for everyone to be baptised so we need a lot of help.

About my byu endorsement, Presidente Souza will finish it today and he will send it. I talked to him right now. :) Thanks a ton!

I received some Christmas cards this week!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I got lots of pictures and a wonderful card for grandma!!! I felt the Christmas love receiving those cards! I also received a Christmas card form the Heaths...... without Elder Heath......

Happy birthday Mike the 7th, Cameron TODAY!!!!!!! and Aubry on the 24th!

Time is up so fast! I love you all and please keep praying for us , because we are receiving lots of blessings!!!!!!!!!!!!

Elder Heath