Monday, February 18, 2013

Deported from Brazil??? Yikes!

FEBURARY 18, 2013


This week was great! I can't count how many blessings that we have received here. This last week I received a letter saying that I would be deported from Brazil because my visa was say overdue. We ran to the federal police and luckily everything was ok. I am good here in Brazil for another year.

Then this week we had a Zone Conference here in Juazeiro! We learned about the importance of companionship study, and our daily planning. These are two things that are so crucial in our work that it was great to have a reminder. I have so many things to learn from Elder Reynolds that Companionship study is awesome! Elder Reynolds is a great example to me. He is the most organized, clean, neat person I have ever meet. And living with him for 4 months has helped me a lot. Presidente Souza explained how he is surprised on how Juazeiro is growing! After the conference Presidente took us to where they make a soda called Cajuina. It was fun to see how soda is made and at the end we drank as much as we wanted! It was really good! I tasted a little and drank water. After the visit, we did a division with the assistants which was great! I love our assistants here in the mission! Elder Araujo, and Elder Santos da Silva! They are so inspired and make me want to be a better person.

I am running and exercising in the mornings, and I feel so good! it is incredibly hard to get up off my bed, but 6 30 arrives and exercises begin!!! We ran sprints at the church the other day and it is a good thing I am starting to work out now... haha I have lots of room to progress.

We had a nice rain on Sunday morning going to church. A light rain scared lots of members from going to church. It is really sad that rain keeps people from going to church. I just imagine missionaries in the US during the winter... it must be a challenge to get families at church. But we had a family of 6 visit the church yesterday. The dad (with one leg) took his family to church. They loved the visit. During the doctrine principles class we explained about Adam and Eve. The teacher drew Adam and Eve (without thinking) and drew Adam with one leg...... The dad of this family said, Its me and my beautiful wife!!! haha they felt really good at church.

Thank you so much for the weekly letters that are written, I can really feel your love through them. Dad, thanks a ton for that quote at the end... I will translate that and give it to all the missionaries at district meeting. P.s. were you a secretary on the mission? Elder Reynolds was a secretary and he was pretty jealous of the car you had. No missionary has a car here. What were your designations on the mission? We have a lot to talk about the mission! I want to swap stories sometime!

Thanks for the tidbits on Grandpa Miskho. I love him so much! It is awesome to hear the stories of his high school life and college victories.

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints is true. Joseph smith restored the gospel, translated the Book of Mormon and sealed his life with his testimony. The Holy Ghost testifies of the the truth, and is always near waiting to help. Families can be eternally sealed through the restored priesthood.

Elder Heath

P.S. We received a reference the other day of Steve Wonder!!!!!!!!!! It really is his name!!!! We are going to contact him this week!!!! haha

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