Monday, March 4, 2013

Fortaleza mission will be divided!

FEBRUARY 25, 2013

Oi Familia!!!

This week we have had some changes here in the mission and in the
mission work! As you said in the letter the mission field is
growing!!!!!!!!! And here in June our mission will be divided into
two. To explain a little more President called all the zone leaders
this week to Fortaleza to discuss what will happen. It is possible
that I will change missions for the last transfer of my mission. I
believe that the leaders will all be divided to help build the other
mission! But next week I will have more information!

This Tuesday Elder Reynolds and I received a call that completely
changed our missions!!! One of the assistants had to go home early
because of his college. So our mission was without an assistant. So
President Souza called Elder Reynolds to be the next assistant and he
left of a bus alone last night!!! And now I am in trio with Elder
Hodson and Elder Machado and we are taking care of the whole city of
Juazeiro now!!!!!!!! It is going to be very interesting!!!! But I am
excited! Elder Hodson is from California and I have lived with him for
8 months already! He is a good friend! (football star, that runs with
me) And Elder Machado is from Sao Paolo with 10 months on the mission.
He is a very dedicated missionary! I am very excited to serve with
them! I will miss Elder Reynolds though! We are going to have a family
reunion with his family and our after the mission!

I would like to share an experience that happened this week that
stands out to me. We are teaching a man named Stevie Wonder (you say
it exactly like Steve wonder the singer). We went to teach the
restoration to him and he was very interested in the message. Because
of that, the spirit was very strong and Elder Reynolds was teaching
about the great apostasy that happened after Jesus Christ was
rejected. I had the thought to ask again if the First vision truly
happened. I said a silent prayer and asked Heavenly Father to show me
that it was true. Elder Reynolds passed the lesson to me and from the
very first word until the last I felt the Spirit so Strongly I thought
my Heart was going to burst. `` I saw a pillar of light, exactly above
my head, above the brightness of the sun as it gradually descended
upon me. When the light rested upon me I saw two personages, which
brightness and glory defy all description, standing above me in the
air. One of them spoke unto me calling me by name and said, This is my
beloved Son, hear Him.`` I know that Joseph Smith restored the true
Gospel and I know that when we want to know the truth of something we
just need to ask and we are given. I know even though if we have
already received proof that we would ask again to strengthen our

Elder Heath

Danielle! You are going to REXBRUG!!!!!!! I am so excited! You are
going to love it so much! There are so many activities and clubs that
you will love!!! Don’t worry about the cold.... you learn how to avoid
the outside and walk through buildings with heaters to get to
class!!!! What classes are you going to take???? WOO HOO!!!!!!! Are
you excited!!!! You should be!!!!!

Did my acceptance come?

About the package...... put something in there that I would never
think of! SUPRISE!!!! haha I don’t know.... I love Oreos and peanut butter!!! haha

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