Monday, March 4, 2013

Referrals are the Best!

MARCH 4, 2013

Bom Dia!

Congratulations Tony and Cindy!!! I have been praying for your
endowment to go great all week and it seemd like it was a marvelous
day. I hope that someone took pictures so I can see all of the
beautiful faces at the Temple!!!

I am also very excited that BYU accepted me this next fall. I read the
letter and felt really good about the decision. I just thought... and
now what do I do.... so if there are some steps or something I need to
do for housing or classes that would be awesome to know. My buddies
here on the mission already signed up for classes and housing so I
think maybe I will need to do that. And also see what credits that can
be transferred. I’m sorry that I am just full of work. If it would be
easier I can ask President Souza permission next week and do the work.
Thanks for all the help.

As shown in the pictures this week we invited a less active member to
come and give a capueira class at the church. It was awesome! It is a
lot like Karate but more of a dance. It has a very cool story how it
began too. The Slaves here in Brasil wanting to train and learn to
fight back, in secret made up this dance. They would dance and dance
but secretly they were learning to fight and training. It was a lot of
fun to learn a thing or two.

This week was a little crazy in trio. We are covering the two areas
now and they are not very close. It is from about our house to
Kennewick high. I am learning a lesson on how important planning is,
and being organized with the day.

This week we have a crazy schedule, Elder Hodson and I are going to
travel to Fortaleza for a meeting, and then we come back and we have
Elder Jno an area seventy will talk to us here! I am very excited for
all the things that I am going to learn this week!

This week we had a very cool experience happen that I would like to
share. We have been teaching a family and they have stopped
progressing and don’t want to go to church anymore. So we went there
and asked if they knew any family that would like to hear our message,
or that needed help. We received a referral and went to contact them.
There is a mom and a dad and three children. The parents explained to
us how their kids are never in the house and are beginning to do
things of the world. And that the dad is addicted in alcohol and that
is destroying the family. They said all this and we felt that the word
of wisdom was the right lesson for them. We taught them and while we
were introducing ourselves they were not paying very much attention...
but when we began to teach this commandment they were so alert and
interested! It was incredible, how they changed! We returned the next
day and they were all waiting for us, dressed, and together as a
family to hear one more message! It was awesome to see that through
the gospel people can change!

I love this gospel and the teaching that help me in my life! I am
trying to be more charitable in my every day schedule. This week we
painted a house. And while we were running back and forth in our
areas, we helped several people lift some things into their houses. I
felt so good after!

This weekend we have transfers again so next week it is possible that
I am in another area! Who knows? I have been messing around with Elder
Reynolds because being assistant he does the transfers...because he
knows..... haha

I love being a missionary and I love each and every one of you!!! Dad,
Mom, Cassie, Danielle, Trevor, Dallin, Kylie!!! and the rest of the
family too!!!

Elder Heath

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