Monday, March 11, 2013

Transfer Back to Fortaleza!

MARCH 11, 2013


Today we had transfers and I left JUAZEIRO! It was very hard to get on the bus and leave. It was incredible, we arrived at the bus station and all the members from the ward were there waiting! We hall took pictures and we gave our last words. We then all got in a circle and everyone began to bare their testimonies, and we ended with a song. The spirit between the members there in Juazeiro is different. I thought a lot about the movie, “The Other Side of Heaven``, it was a lot like that. There was a little problem with my passage, and I had to buy another one but that is all good. A sat on the bus next to a Pastor of another Church, and we spoke about religion for about two hours! I was ready to go to sleep but he just kept on talking. ha It was interesting to hear about another church and their Beliefs. George (the pastor) was very interested in our modern day Prophet and promised he would visit the church. 

I left Juazeiro and now I am here in Fortaleza again! My new Companion is from SAO PAULO!!!! Elder LOPES!!!! He is a great friend of mine during the whole mission. He served in the same zone as I when I was in Cecilia. He served in the military before the mission and is a SARGET!!!!! Military Missionary! He is very spiritual and very focused on the work which is great!!! We will be serving in the zone BOM SUCESSO (good success) I like the sound of that!!!! It is literally the neighbor area to Celcilia!!! Our church in on the same road as my old chapel!!!! 

I received a letter too that just made the tears run!!! There is a family (Farias) that Elder Mauricio and I baptized. They sent me a letter and said that The dad (Franciso) has a calling in the Church History Center, the Mom(Vera) is secretary in the relief society, and the son is passing the sacrament every week!!! They told me that they are all in preparation to go to the temple!!!! I will show you the letter after the mission.... the mom bore her testimony and said... ``I know that baptism is a promise between Heavenly Father and us, It’s a long Journey. Elder Heath you gave us a message that we will keep with us forever.`` It was incredible to receive that letter and hear the testimony of this family. I feel very blessed to have meet each one of them.

About BYU, I don’t have any plans to live with anyone right now. I was thinking when you sent the e mail.... if Caleb is not married maybe I could live with him? Could you ask him if there will be room? I would like a place that is not very far from campus, and I would like the house to be organized and neat, and a kitchen. Maybe a hot tub? haha I have heard that Y view is not that expensive and is neat. But maybe Cassie and Dallin will know a little better where I can live. I’m not too worried right now with who I will live. I have learned to adapt here on the mission :) Maybe  ask sister Anderson too if Dakota was accepted or not... I know he was wanting to change schools too.

I love you all so much and I am the happiest man on the EARTH!!!!!!

Elder Heath

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