Monday, July 22, 2013

Elder Godoy to Visit the Mission

July 22, 2013


Those slurpies look delicious!!! And Dad, you are TAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You are already ready for the Bahamas!!! I am very excited for this trip! Mexico was a blast, and now we are all older and can do more things!!! Just imagine how much fun it will be! Grandma miskho always has the best ideas!!!

When you said that you took Kylie to church and she was flipping through the hymn book that reminded me a lot of my Sunday too. We had a family visiting the church and they have two little daughters (2 and 5 years old) The cutest little things ever! And I was trying to help the parents have the best experience at church and so I was taking care of the kids. It is a rule that we cannot pick up children, so I was doing all that I could inside the rules. haha the hymn book was a life saver. We sang hymns quietly and that occupied them for a while. haha

This week we only had one division. We focused more on our area to get lots of families to teach, so our area would be the example for the other missionaries. This week Presidente Fusco gave me an assignment to find the next assistant, so this week I will be going on divisions to see who will be the next assistant. I love assignments!!! There are many excellent missionaries in our mission, so I will be praying a lot to feel who should be my replacement ;)

I think that my companion is more trunky than I am. I avoid talking about home, or thinking about going home. But the other day my companion left the message at lunch about ``me going home``. haha He shared some scriptures about the end is coming, and we sang the song ``o fim se aproxima`` ( The end is arriving). But don’t worry about me, I am staying focused ;)

We had a baptism this week of a lady named Conceição. We reactivated her daughter, and she was really excited to be baptized. We saw the doctrine of Jesus Christ work in her life. She lives a very rough life and has had lots of deceptions happen to her. But when we taught her that all these feelings and everything that she has done wrong would be clean, she was asking to be baptized. She stopped drinking coffee the same day and was doing everything to be baptized. Presidente Fusco came to watch her baptism too!!! We are working with her son to be baptized this week, to complete the family!!!

We also went and started a marriage process this week. We have a couple that will be baptized on the 16th, and baptized on the 17th, confirmed on the 18th, and I will grab the plane on the 19th!!! We are going to mark one more wedding on Wednesday too and try to mark the same days!!! Woo Hoo!!!! BAPTISM!!!!!!!!!!

We will have a special visitor, Elder Godoy who is a member of the seventy on Wednesday! I am very excited to meet him, and hear his words! I am also excited because this will excite all of the missionaries and we will all progress together!!! Elder Godoy is Presidente Fusco´s brother in law! I think we will receive several of his visits here on the mission!!!

I love being a missionary and I love being able to serve others!!!

I was thinking about my Portuguese class this week. What is the advantage of taking Portuguese class at college? Because I already speak Portuguese. I am thinking about taking Spanish instead. I know that dad uses it at work and it would help me communicate with the people from Mexico so I would be able to work in more places. It would make my resume better too speaking three languages. I have heard my whole mission that it is easy to learn because I already know Portuguese. I am thinking about switching my Portuguese class for Spanish. What do you think mom and dad?

I love you all so much!!!

Elder Heath

p.s. I have been trying to send a letter for three weeks but we don’t have time enough to send... if I send it now it will arrive together with me haha I will have get home ;)some hand written letters for you all when I get home:)

Monday, July 15, 2013

New Address!!

Branden's new Address:

Our new mission address is
Missão Brasil Fortaleza Leste
Rua República da Armênia, 765
Agua Fria, Fortaleza, CE 60821-760

The Secret is Out!

July 15, 2013

BAHAMAS CRUISE AT THANKSGIVING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHAT?!?!?!?!?!?!?

I was so confused with that hint..... I couldn’t remember what I asked last week. I began to write the letters Bahamas..... wait...... WOOOOHOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That is going to be so much fun!!!! Is the whole Miskho family going? You two are very sneaky!!! haha That is the best birthday present ever!!!

Thank you so much for the gift too, to know that my family was playing tennis and drinking 7-11 slurpies makes my day!!! I have not been able to go play tennis here yet. It is a little expensive, here is Brasil tennis is the rich person sport. We are going to contact the owner, and teach him and after he is baptized I am planning on playing tennis ;) The $100 was perfect too! I have learned where and how to buy things cheap here!!! Give the money to my Brasillian companion, tell him what I want and when he asks the price it usually is $20 cheaper haha

I am feeling very good as a 21 year old!!! I am very happy that I am able to share everything that I have learned over these past two years with the other missionaries too. There are many missionaries that are on fire too! I feed off their fire!!! And those missionaries that don’t have so much fire and energy, I am putting all that I have in them during these last couple of weeks!

This week our marathon of divisions was awesome! Elder Sampaio and I were able to train and help many Zone leaders on how to encourage and inspire their missionaries. Together we are going to lift this mission up! I had a really neat experience too! I did a division in an area that I have never been to called Jose Walter. While I was there we went and taught a family. We walked in and I recognized everyone in the house. The mom looked at me and said, Elder Heath??? She ran to give me a hug, and I put my hand out just in the nick of time. ha This was a family that Elder Matos and I began to teach in my first area. They were waiting on a divorce to get married and baptized. But because of some complications they had to move and I lost contact. I found out that the divorce is finally coming through after 2 years!!! And they will finally be baptized! They have been going to church ever since we taught them, just waiting on the divorce!!! I had to hold back the tears. It is incredible to think, how many people that we don’t even know have been changed or have been baptized because of our work. That just makes me even more excited to teach everyone I see!!!

We have been praying a lot and asking for lots of help in our work and in our success. We have little time in our area, but we need to be the examples with the best numbers, and baptisms every week. We have a testimony of miracles this week. We made a contact of a woman that has already been prepared for baptism, and she just moved to our area!!! And we met a couple that is already married, and they went to church and loved it! We are going to hold their baptism this next week! They are such an adorable couple too! They are very humble people but they love each other very much!!! We also met another couple that has been passing some problems. They went to church, and they didn’t fight the whole week! We invited them to get married legally, and they are going with us this Thursday to start the marriage process!!! I can only be grateful for all of the blessings that we are receiving! Faith+ Work= Miracles! We are working the hardest ever, praying for help, and the only thing that we are seeing are miracles!!!

The mission is changing a lot with Presidente Fusco. He expects a lot more of us and is pushing everyone to their limits. I am really grateful for that, I don’t even have time to think about home, it is just WORK WORK WORK!!!! And I LOVE IT! I hope that you all have a great rest of the week! Let’s start working on our tans for the Bahamas!!! I already got from the neck up, and the elbows down, just need a little more! haha

Our new mission address is
Missão Brasil Fortaleza Leste
Rua República da Armênia, 765
Agua Fria, Fortaleza, CE 60821-760

P.S. Do they sell turkey in the Bahamas? haha

Elder Heath

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Living with the President

July 9, 2013

Heath Family,

This week we had a very busy week! I would like to say sorry for the short letter last week. While we were here in the mission office President Fusco came running in and asked our help with the transfers. He has been very strong this week. President Fusco has had to learn so many things and has so much responsibility. We are doing everything that we can to help assist him, and take that weight off his shoulders. So this week we had to abandon our area and we actually lived with Presidente Fusco and his family. We were able to get to know Sister Fusco, Elizabeth (23 anos), Carlos (21 anos), Wilma(14 anos), Teadora(12 anos). They have such a wonderful family. And being with them so much this week, I felt like I was part of the family. We were showing the family where the markets are, eating dinner together, we even flew in a plane together.

So the week began with meetings with President all day! He had lots and lots of questions about the mission. It helps a lot that he is a returned missionary. When he was a missionary, he was the assistant when the mission presidents were changed, so that helps a lot. I found out that President Fusco works creating businesses. He worked and studied in the United States, and brought his business here to Brasil. He has seen lots of success with this. He works with medical businesses and has given me a lot of advice in the physical therapy field. Dad, we will have to talk a lot when I get home. We planned a meeting Wednesday for all of the missionaries here in Fortaleza to meet President Fusco and his family! The missionaries accepted him really fast and I feel that the transition will be very smooth. We were able to give training to the whole mission too! Our traininig was on INVITES! It was full of ROLL PLAY and applying everything that we learn. That day we got in the car and we headed to the airport together with the Fusco Family. I was so excited to get on the plane and FLY!!! I felt like I was going home. We arrived there in Juazeiro to have the conference to meet President there in Juazeiro. We arrived, and we went to a steak house together, and president surprised us and rented a hotel for us (with a hot shower!!!!!) I felt like a rock star! I was able to see some of the members in Juazeiro again. I found out that one of the people that I baptized, Natalie 22 years old, went to the temple to do baptisms for the dead two months ago!!!! I was so excited to hear that! We then got back on the plane and before I knew it we were back in Fortaleza again! By this time it was already Saturday! Being our first day back, we planned the transfers during the morning and at the afternoon we got to WORK!!! We taught lots of new investigators and we ran around to follow up our investigators!

On Sunday we saw a miracle happen. Knowing that this would be a very difficult week, we fasted Monday to ask for help and guidance in our area. Because as assistants if we don’t baptize the mission doesn’t baptize. If we don’t dedicate everything that we have, and a little more the mission won’t either. So we fasted to have a baptism this week. It seemed practically impossible because of the little number of hours that we had during the week to work. But that is when the Lord came in and helped. We called and taught over the phone, sent messages, and did everything that we could. And Sunday we had a baptism! I know that the Lord is carrying us on his shoulders, and I am very grateful for His help. We had a group of missionaries that were going to their houses Sunday. So they had interviews and the last dinner. Our church is in the evening too! So we were not even there to watch the baptism happen, But I know that the Lord is pressing forward his work and He is willing to help and bless all who will do their part a build His kingdom on this earth.

But this week we are super busy too! We have planned a MARATHON of DIVISIONS! We are implementing new ideas and new methods to teach and baptize. So we are going to divide with each of the Zone leaders this week and the next week (16 zone leaders) to train and help them in their areas! WOO HOO!!! We also have another training to prepare for the Zone Leaders on the mission for this Thursday! We are going strong!

Dad, I found a clay court this week in my area! I am trying to persuade my companion to play with me!!! 

About the classes, I concord with you Dad, the AM class would be better for me!

Thank you a lot for the 100$ in the account!!! I have lots of things that I would like to buy here in Brasil! That is exactly what I wanted for my birthday! THANKS!!!!!

P.S. Danielle, I am SOOOOOO Excited to visit you at work!!! I will be there a lot with you ;)

I love you all and thank you so much for the birthday wishes! I am so happy to know that I have such a loving and wonderful family!!!

Elder Heath

Monday, July 1, 2013

Surprise Late Night Visitor

July 1, 2013


Really quick, Danielle if you want to make lots of money, you can put a banner BRAZILLIAN desserts! and Make Mousse!!! People will go crazy! It is really cheap too, condensed milk, milk cream, and a packet of juice!!! You put it in the freezer and It is SOOOOOOOOO GOOOOOOOOOOD Especially in the hot weather!

This week has been a blast! We were only able to work 2 out of the 7 days because we were preparing and putting the final touches on everything. We arrived at our new mission office that is VERY NICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I feel very important entering this building! We had to set everything up and clean the place, put the missionaries on the transfer wall. We have transfers this nest Monday, so we are going to meet with Presidente Fusco a lot. We picked him and his family up Saturday and they are such a beautiful and TALL family! Presidente Fusco is about 6´5 and So is his wife! They will live here with their three daughters and oldest son that served in New York one month ago!!! He brought a surf board to hit the Fortaleza waves! We talked very quickly and went to Presidente Souza´s house to eat. It was great. We went home then the Presidente had 3 hours to talk about mission stuff. We were at home in bed and President Fusco called us, and said... how do I get to your house? ha We got up and he wanted to see our house and if it was clean, and he wanted to meet the other two missionaries that live with us. He walked in and said he was impressed with our house (did you like that mom?) haha The other two missionaries were sleeping, and Presidente Fusco went and gave them a surprise wake up call. NEW PRESIDENT!!! President Fusco is a very fast paced man. He is from Sau Paulo and he has a very successful record. He is very direct as well.

We are planning to meet all of the missionaries this week. We are planning to do a meeting with 7 stakes on Wednesday. Then we are planning to go to Juazeiro on Saturday. And all of the other days we are together with President Fusco. He told us that we are going to spend lots of time together doing transfers and responding questions. We now have 8 stakes and 180 missionaries! And we have a group of 10 missionaries arriving this next week!!! ITS CRAZY! And Presidente Fusco just entered to talk to us.... sorry my e mail is a little short but I have to go. If the meeting ends soon I will tell you all the rest!!! But this week is going to be GREAT! P.S. Presidente Fusco gave me some tips with Physical Therapy.... that I should specialize in spine and knee therapy. Because 70% of people that have surgeries don’t actually need it. They just need the right therapy. I am living the mission, and hopefully I will be able to send a little more info later today.

I love you all so much!!!!

Elder Heath