Monday, July 22, 2013

Elder Godoy to Visit the Mission

July 22, 2013


Those slurpies look delicious!!! And Dad, you are TAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You are already ready for the Bahamas!!! I am very excited for this trip! Mexico was a blast, and now we are all older and can do more things!!! Just imagine how much fun it will be! Grandma miskho always has the best ideas!!!

When you said that you took Kylie to church and she was flipping through the hymn book that reminded me a lot of my Sunday too. We had a family visiting the church and they have two little daughters (2 and 5 years old) The cutest little things ever! And I was trying to help the parents have the best experience at church and so I was taking care of the kids. It is a rule that we cannot pick up children, so I was doing all that I could inside the rules. haha the hymn book was a life saver. We sang hymns quietly and that occupied them for a while. haha

This week we only had one division. We focused more on our area to get lots of families to teach, so our area would be the example for the other missionaries. This week Presidente Fusco gave me an assignment to find the next assistant, so this week I will be going on divisions to see who will be the next assistant. I love assignments!!! There are many excellent missionaries in our mission, so I will be praying a lot to feel who should be my replacement ;)

I think that my companion is more trunky than I am. I avoid talking about home, or thinking about going home. But the other day my companion left the message at lunch about ``me going home``. haha He shared some scriptures about the end is coming, and we sang the song ``o fim se aproxima`` ( The end is arriving). But don’t worry about me, I am staying focused ;)

We had a baptism this week of a lady named Conceição. We reactivated her daughter, and she was really excited to be baptized. We saw the doctrine of Jesus Christ work in her life. She lives a very rough life and has had lots of deceptions happen to her. But when we taught her that all these feelings and everything that she has done wrong would be clean, she was asking to be baptized. She stopped drinking coffee the same day and was doing everything to be baptized. Presidente Fusco came to watch her baptism too!!! We are working with her son to be baptized this week, to complete the family!!!

We also went and started a marriage process this week. We have a couple that will be baptized on the 16th, and baptized on the 17th, confirmed on the 18th, and I will grab the plane on the 19th!!! We are going to mark one more wedding on Wednesday too and try to mark the same days!!! Woo Hoo!!!! BAPTISM!!!!!!!!!!

We will have a special visitor, Elder Godoy who is a member of the seventy on Wednesday! I am very excited to meet him, and hear his words! I am also excited because this will excite all of the missionaries and we will all progress together!!! Elder Godoy is Presidente Fusco´s brother in law! I think we will receive several of his visits here on the mission!!!

I love being a missionary and I love being able to serve others!!!

I was thinking about my Portuguese class this week. What is the advantage of taking Portuguese class at college? Because I already speak Portuguese. I am thinking about taking Spanish instead. I know that dad uses it at work and it would help me communicate with the people from Mexico so I would be able to work in more places. It would make my resume better too speaking three languages. I have heard my whole mission that it is easy to learn because I already know Portuguese. I am thinking about switching my Portuguese class for Spanish. What do you think mom and dad?

I love you all so much!!!

Elder Heath

p.s. I have been trying to send a letter for three weeks but we don’t have time enough to send... if I send it now it will arrive together with me haha I will have get home ;)some hand written letters for you all when I get home:)

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