Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Living with the President

July 9, 2013

Heath Family,

This week we had a very busy week! I would like to say sorry for the short letter last week. While we were here in the mission office President Fusco came running in and asked our help with the transfers. He has been very strong this week. President Fusco has had to learn so many things and has so much responsibility. We are doing everything that we can to help assist him, and take that weight off his shoulders. So this week we had to abandon our area and we actually lived with Presidente Fusco and his family. We were able to get to know Sister Fusco, Elizabeth (23 anos), Carlos (21 anos), Wilma(14 anos), Teadora(12 anos). They have such a wonderful family. And being with them so much this week, I felt like I was part of the family. We were showing the family where the markets are, eating dinner together, we even flew in a plane together.

So the week began with meetings with President all day! He had lots and lots of questions about the mission. It helps a lot that he is a returned missionary. When he was a missionary, he was the assistant when the mission presidents were changed, so that helps a lot. I found out that President Fusco works creating businesses. He worked and studied in the United States, and brought his business here to Brasil. He has seen lots of success with this. He works with medical businesses and has given me a lot of advice in the physical therapy field. Dad, we will have to talk a lot when I get home. We planned a meeting Wednesday for all of the missionaries here in Fortaleza to meet President Fusco and his family! The missionaries accepted him really fast and I feel that the transition will be very smooth. We were able to give training to the whole mission too! Our traininig was on INVITES! It was full of ROLL PLAY and applying everything that we learn. That day we got in the car and we headed to the airport together with the Fusco Family. I was so excited to get on the plane and FLY!!! I felt like I was going home. We arrived there in Juazeiro to have the conference to meet President there in Juazeiro. We arrived, and we went to a steak house together, and president surprised us and rented a hotel for us (with a hot shower!!!!!) I felt like a rock star! I was able to see some of the members in Juazeiro again. I found out that one of the people that I baptized, Natalie 22 years old, went to the temple to do baptisms for the dead two months ago!!!! I was so excited to hear that! We then got back on the plane and before I knew it we were back in Fortaleza again! By this time it was already Saturday! Being our first day back, we planned the transfers during the morning and at the afternoon we got to WORK!!! We taught lots of new investigators and we ran around to follow up our investigators!

On Sunday we saw a miracle happen. Knowing that this would be a very difficult week, we fasted Monday to ask for help and guidance in our area. Because as assistants if we don’t baptize the mission doesn’t baptize. If we don’t dedicate everything that we have, and a little more the mission won’t either. So we fasted to have a baptism this week. It seemed practically impossible because of the little number of hours that we had during the week to work. But that is when the Lord came in and helped. We called and taught over the phone, sent messages, and did everything that we could. And Sunday we had a baptism! I know that the Lord is carrying us on his shoulders, and I am very grateful for His help. We had a group of missionaries that were going to their houses Sunday. So they had interviews and the last dinner. Our church is in the evening too! So we were not even there to watch the baptism happen, But I know that the Lord is pressing forward his work and He is willing to help and bless all who will do their part a build His kingdom on this earth.

But this week we are super busy too! We have planned a MARATHON of DIVISIONS! We are implementing new ideas and new methods to teach and baptize. So we are going to divide with each of the Zone leaders this week and the next week (16 zone leaders) to train and help them in their areas! WOO HOO!!! We also have another training to prepare for the Zone Leaders on the mission for this Thursday! We are going strong!

Dad, I found a clay court this week in my area! I am trying to persuade my companion to play with me!!! 

About the classes, I concord with you Dad, the AM class would be better for me!

Thank you a lot for the 100$ in the account!!! I have lots of things that I would like to buy here in Brasil! That is exactly what I wanted for my birthday! THANKS!!!!!

P.S. Danielle, I am SOOOOOO Excited to visit you at work!!! I will be there a lot with you ;)

I love you all and thank you so much for the birthday wishes! I am so happy to know that I have such a loving and wonderful family!!!

Elder Heath

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