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JANUARY 28, 2013


Now I feel bad for what I said last week about the Christmas card. I was just messing around with you all. I know that I am loved, I feel it every week with the letters that you write me and tall the support that I have for my amazing family!

I love the goal that you made mom to go to the temple so often with family. I cant wait to step inside of the temple again and to feel the sweet spirit inside. We taught two families about temples this week, and it is amazing to testify to someone about how amazing the temple is. Every time we taught, Elder Reynolds and I came away just talking about the plans we are making to go to the Columbia River Temple after the mission.

Thank you so much for the Christmas pictures too!!!! My photo album is updated now with my new beautiful family!!!!! Still no one believes that you two are my parents. People guess that dad is in his 30's and mom late twenties. I love you all!!!!!!!!!!!! There was a little three year old girl that looked at the picture of the family, and said are your sisters princesses? I said yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! haha and trev your a tall stud!!!!!!!

Mom, congrats! a two min talk! That is impressive! I think I two min talk is much more difficult than a 30 min talk! Did you feel good talking? Were there some great missionary stories with the other moms? I was called to be the gospel principles teacher this week! SO I get to start teaching a little more! OH YA!!!!!!!!

This week teaching was interesting. I have good news and bad news..... which do you want first? Good? Alright, Naldo and his family all went to church and they brought other family members. They lent a book of mormon with other family members (without us knowing) invited them to church and they all came!!!!!! We had 17 people visiting the church!!!!!!! They are really really close to baptism.... we just need lots of prayers for the son Jackson. They whole family wants to be baptised but Jackson doesn't have a desire. And the family doesn't want to be baptised without him. But they are amazing!!! We found out that Auritenburg and his wife don't want to be baptised, and just want their two daughters to be baptized. We prayed a lot about it and we read Moroni 8:10 that was an answer to our prayers to wait until the parents want to be baptised to baptise them. So we are going to need extra prayers for Auritemburg and Teadora. There is also a woman that has been going to church for a couple weeks that asked to be baptized.... we couldn't say no..... so pray for Camila too please.

This next week we are going to Fortaleza on the bus, and I am super excited! I believe there are some packages waiting for mew there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! oh ya!!!!!!!!! This next week are transfers too!!!! I am praying that I will stay in Juazeiro, so I can see the baptisms of our families, but where ever the Lord calls me, I will go.

Thank you so much for all your examples and for the support that you all give me! I cant wait to give each and every one of you a HUGE HUG AND KISS!!!!!!

I know that his church is true and I know that the scriptures bring the spirit to our lives. I know that Jesus Christ is my best friend and teacher. I know that families can be eternally sealed through the power restored by Joseph Smith.

Elder Heath

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