Wednesday, February 13, 2013

The crazy week of Carnival!


MOM, Will you be my Valentine?

Thanks a ton for the packages! You are right, almost all of the food is already gone, but it was sooooooooooooo good! I am eating raspberry jam everyday. I made some for some members and they loved it! We could totally make a business here making raspberry jam!!! None of the Brazilians had ever heard of such a thing! I loved the story about the drawing hearts in the sand! I know that Dad is quite the artist drawing temples in the sand! I love your romantic story at the Oregon coast! Some members here informed us about some pretty amazing beaches that we have to visit in Fortaleza! There is a beach with white sand surrounded by dunes, and there is hardly anyone there. When are we going to travel to Brazil? Bolivia too? :) I want to plan a sweet trip!

Congrats Danielle on getting in to BYU -Idaho!!! WOOO HOOOO that is awesome! Now we are just in the waiting stage!

This week here was carnival! I think carnival is one of the worst holidays that exists on the earth. It is four days of do what ever you want sinless. It is ridiculous that people actually believe that. The church has a very cool standard, every Carnival all the church and the leaders have a ward camp out. To get away form all the carnival that is happening. So all of our members are protected :) The fun thing when carnival happens is, because all the members are gone, we (missionaries) run sacrament meeting for all who couldn't go to the camping trip. SO I gave a talk, played piano, and passed the sacrament! We usually have 130 people at church and this week we just had 34.... it is a big difference but I still felt great. I am very thankful for the church and the sacrament that we take every week.

Here where I am serving in Juazeiro Carnival isn't that bad, mostly it is just kids that throw eggs and flour at each other. A kid ran up to me yesterday and almost threw flour at us but something made him decide not to. :)

This week we had a baptismal service for a man named Wendle. He has known the church for two weeks and you should of heard his testimony! He was baptized and after his baptism We asked him if he would like to bare his testimony. He said he would like to, and there it started! He said that the first time that he read the Book of Mormon he felt the truthfulness of the Book of Mormon. He said that he had never felt that way before, and because of that he knows that this is the true Church of Christ. I was a testimony builder for me to hear how strong his testimony was only after two weeks! He was confirmed at the ward camp out so he is safe too.
I love this church and all the miracles that happen here. I know that Heavenly Father is on my side every min of every day showing me where to go, picking me up when I'm down and carrying me through the hard times. I know this is the true church of the Savior, because I feel it every time I testify of His Church. I am very excited to do everything and more in the next six months to be Heavenly Fathers hands here in Brazil!

I love you all!!!

Happy Valentines Day!!!!!!!!!!

Elder Heath
P.S. some mission stats: at the end of 2012 we had 59,000 missionaries serving missions! With all the applications to serve, it is confirmed to have 70,000 missionaries in the field by July! Presidente Souza had already sent us looking for new houses for these missionaries!!!! And this week we had two of the first missionaries (sisters) arrive with 19 years. The very week that Presidente Monson changed the age, these sisters sent in their papers! It is incredible the change that will happen!!!

Also, I have been studying and practicing the piano with Elder Reynolds. I am starting to learn how to read notes!!!!!!! after all these years!!! And I learned how to play Faithfully by journey!!!!!!!!!!!! haha Elder Reynolds is a stud too! He helps me so much as a missionary and we have such a great time together!

This Wednesday we gave a three hour training to the missionaries which was sooooooo good! All about the Book of Mormon!! My testimony has strengthened so much because of the the book of mormon. We taught the missionaries how to only use the Book of Mormon to respond any question! And the awesome thing is, that The Book of Mormon really does have all the answers!!! We also picked up 8 new missionaries this week form the bus station, Wednesday at 3 in the morning! It was an adventure! We woke up and we didn't even think that the bus wouldn't be going at 2 am. So we walked alone on the streets of Juazeiro until we found a taxi to take us! haha it was really weird. We then arrived and found out the bus was late,, so we grabbed a bench slept for an hour at the bus station! haha But all the missionaries got here safely :)

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