Wednesday, February 6, 2013


FEBURARY 4, 2013

RASPBERRY JELLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PEANUT BUTTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I don't know if that explains but... I received my packages!!!!!!!!!!!!! woo hoo!!!!! I am so excited!!!!! I loved all of the ties! I had to defend them form the other missionaries when I was opening them. There is an amazingly beautiful blue striped tie that makes my eyes look really blue!!! haha I wore it on Sunday! Thank you so much for the package! I already made the raspberry jelly and ate a couple too :) It is perfect!!!!!! Turned out super delicious!!!!!!!!!! Thanks!

The transfer happened, and I am staying here in Juazeiro With Elder Reynolds! We must be doing something right here. I will complete six months here! I am on my record of six months in every area on my mission! It is crazy but I am very excited! We are receiving eight new missionaries which is great!

This last week some amazing things are happening. Presidente Souza pulled us aside this week in Fortaleza and thanked us for our examples and work in Juazeiro. he said First the zone Juazeiro was known as the zone where the least baptisms happen, because we only baptize men and families. But these last two months Juazeiro has been the zone to most baptize on the mission! and the percentage of men is the highest. He said that has never happened before. He got really excited about the stake that is being prepared. It was very nice to hear that Presidente Souza is happy with all of our work. We had a training in Fortaleza with all the zone leaders, and throughout the training he kept on saying things like, we need to follow Juazeiros example... things like that, that made me feel really good.

Yesterday our Branch president also bore his testimony. The first thing that he said was that he was grateful for the four missionaries in the branch. When we got here the branch president never spoke with us and was not fond of the missionaries. And to hear him thank us, and tell us how happy he was was an honor. All this hard work is paying off!

Thank you a ton for the application to BYU. I am praying everyday that the lords will, will take affect. Do you know the date when I will hear back? and when I will sign up for classes? I'm glad that you all enjoyed the Christmas card..... it was my favorite picture. Did you all enjoy the Brazilian treats too? Any favorites that someone would like more of?

That is sad about the 49ers... but at least they made it to the super bowl and put up a fight! There is always next year!

How is the tennis swing coming along? (Danielle and Dad) Remember we have a rival match against Elder Reynolds family after the mission! :)

I am enjoying the mission a ton and everyday I am learning something new! I am very grateful for your letters and encouraging words that keep me going week after week! You all are the best and I love all of you!!!!!!!!

Yours..... Elder Heath

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