Monday, December 26, 2011

Here's Branden's letter from last week

Voces sau animado para NATAL!!!!

I cant believe that it is already Christmas time again! Ok, so really quick I will answer the phone call question. I think 3 o'clock your time and 7 o clock my time will be perfect! And we will call you, you don't have to worry about anything... I'll call ya :) when you talk with Elder Matos. I think I will have him call the home phone so more people can hear him and try to understand haha. He actually speaks really good English and we have been practicing so it should be fun:) He is pretty excited. I think he will call Christmas eve around 12 your time if we can plan on that that would be awesome :) If the home doesn't work we will call the cell.

IT will be awesome! Sounds like the family is having an awesome week before Christmas! Going to Leavenworth and watching Christmas lights and having a marry old time haha The Other day I was thinking about going to Leavenworth and you guys should take a pictures for me at Leavenworth and send it. I also want to see Trevor!!! You Passed Cassie!!!! That is crazy! You are seriously going to be taller than me when I get back! Then you and I will dominate sports together! OH YA!!!!

Well this week has been awesome and a lot of really cool things have happened that I was t to tell you about! First I have a short story for ya, on Wednesday we had a long hard day with all of our appointments falling through and no one wanting to talk to us. So we were kind of frustrated and we came home for dinner to make some food. I headed out to the bathroom which is outside... I went and started leaving when A cockroach landed on my neck! And this was not a small cockroach! haha I swiped it away and started kinda running haha It freaked me out! But after I couldn't help but to laugh :) I love it when things like that happen...
I also made my first contact on the street through guitar! I miss playing guitar and I always see people playing in the street. So I decided to start talking to someone who was playing and he let me play. So we jammed for about 5 min and then I asked him if he wanted to hear our message and he said yes! So we gave him a lesson and he came to church this last Sunday! First contact through music!!! :)
There is this new candy that I found that I will have to bring home in 2 years for you to try because it is soooo good! It is a peanut butter candy and it taste so good! I think it taste even better because I have not eaten peanut butter in 3 months! haha Here peanut butter is sacred! We had an elder receive a package with peanut butter and you should of seen the riot that started!!! haha There are good things and also some not so good things that we have eaten. I still don't know what this thing that we ate was... but it looked and tasted like a big ball of fat... that was rolled in sand. ha Or some kind of raw fish. It was NASTY!!!! It is times like that, when I am really grateful that dogs like to eat everything! Dogs are definitely a mans best friend!
This week I also had the opportunity to go on exchanges with Elder Cornwell that lives in Richland! We both have 6 weeks here in Fortaleza and it was awesome! He came to my area and so I had the chance to lead our pack and it was awesome! Together we understood everything that was said to us and we had 8 new investigators that day! I loved the feeling of being in charge and leading us around! Elder Cornwell is a stud too! He has so many good examples and is so chill when he teaches! it was awesome!
Dad you are still a stud running! I have not had the chance to go on a run in the field here yet. Elder MAtos doesn't really like to and no one else wants to in the morning. I want to go running but it might have to wait for a different comp...

Cassie I am super proud of you and for finishing school!!! That is so awesome! That just sounds like a huge weight just got lifted off your back! haha But I am really proud of you and your the best!!!

Feliz natal family! And I will talk to you on Sunday around 3 your time and 7 my time!!!

With all the love in meu coraçao Elder Heath

P.S. Danielle thanks for the recipe!!!! Your the best! I think we might have a problem... I don't think cream cheese exists aqui. haha

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