Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Baby It's Cold Outside... not. :)

Here's a few pictures from Branden... he's looking pretty tan! I'm a little bit jealous...

OI! Meu Familia!

Man, I have to start out by saying we have a good looking family! Everyone is looking so good at home! The whole family together for thanksgiving having a good time! Cam is representing the cougars, and you guys look ready for some food in the picture :)

Congradulations to Danielle and Mom for dominating the competition that you were in! first and second place! That is so awesome! haha And in the pictures that you sent you girls are looking good!

Well dad, you guessed it, ha it is about 97 degrees today and I am sweating writing this letter! ha It is funny how I could definitelyl go for some cold weather and you want some warm hot weather :) And ya, I see dogs all over the place here in Brazil! They are mostly little dogs that just like to bark a lot which I dont like. Elder matos and I like to talk about those commercials of football players saving small dogs from burning buildings..... then punting them ha. My portuguese has really taken a leap this week. We had a mission fast and it really blessed my life! This week I went on several exchanges where other missionaries came to my area, and I was the senior comp. Leading and doing mostly all of the talking. After doing that I felt really good. IT was scarey at first not having my Brazillian Comp there to answer the questions I didnt understand... but I received a lot of help from God during those days. Understanding people is getting better.... but many times it is still difficult. But then I ask Elder Matos what they said... and he cant understand them either... haha so some peple are just impossible to understand. Its all about picking up key words :) Dad, that is so awesome that you still pray in portuguese! KEEP IT UP! I have heard so many stories of missionaries that served in brazil and after they totally forgot the language! I love Bragging about my dad to everyone here, and how you still remember you spansih! I want to be just like you and always remember portuguese! I havent had time for culture shock here ha Everyday is work work work! But honestly it didnt effect me really, I love the new Brazillian culture here and a lot of things are differnt but I love it! MY health has been PERFECT! It i s a miraclel! Becasue everyone that arrived the same time I did has gotten montazumas revenge... but I havent. I like to bragg about it haha I get lots of bug bites but that is about it... Favorite Braziilian food here is lazagna! There are some pretty creative types here. Of couse there is a layer of beans and rice, and meat... it is really good! But honeslty the desserts here are my favorite! Desserts made out of fruit are so good! Yesterday we had some funky coconut babyfood wtih chunks in it that was...different... haha but it was good! I love all the meat that is cooked here... brazillians really know how to cook meat!

Prezident Souza is not really that strict... we definitely have a lot of rules but they are for our good. I really like Prez Souza, he Emails me almost weekly asking personally about our progress and what I think about a lot of things! It is really cool getting to know him. One thing that ihe is doing for christmas is.... for setting up the call time My comp gets to call you on christmas eve and talk to you and tell you wht time to call me. haha Good luck! ha I have actually been teaching him a lot of English and we are preacticing phone calls haha It will be aweomse! Elder Matos is a stud! For this christmas we can call whatever time during the day that we want. And so if you give me a time frame... like during the morning, afternoon, night I can make a time :)

Danielle... if you remember could I get the ingrediants for your oreo little ball things? That you are pro at making?

So some things that have happened this week... Our laundry machine broke and so I have been learning how to wash clothes by hand! It is pretty interesting... but it is working so that is a plus. Im not really sure what I am doing, but scrubbing my clothes with soap has been working so that is good :) I learned how to make juice from passion fruit which was really good! Members love giving us mangos and passionfruit and so we do lots of things with fruit! I love being a missionary and everyday is a new challenge and we have new opportunities!

Love Elder Heath!!!

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