Monday, January 2, 2012

Feliz Ano Novo!

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I loved seeing the pictures of the whole family together at leavenworth! All bundled up together having a great time! That is so awesome! You found more shops in Leavenworth? I didnt know there existed more shops in that little town! That is awesome! In 2 christmas´ you can show me where they are :) You all are looking great in the picture! So how was christmas this year everyone! What did people get? How was christmas day? How was opening presents! How was new years? The party? lots of apple cider? And most importantly how was the ginger bread contest?!!!!! I need some pictures to see the craftsmanship of these houses! haha

I was to thank everyone for the cards that they sent here! It was so awesome hearing from the whole family! Seeing pictures of family, how everyone is doing! It really made my christmas a good one recieving cards from loved ones! It was awesome! Thanks a ton, and I will work on writing back!

There was one question i forgot to answer about thanksgiving... People here dont celebrate it but we taught the brazillians all about thanksgiving and we bought a ton of pizza and ate quite a bit! The brazillians liked it a lot and sadi that they would start theis tradition in Brazil too haha

So this week we had a new years party and we got to stay up till midnight together! IT was pretty awesome! We played Uno all night and ate a ton of food! It was an awesome party! And at about 11;30 is when brazil turned into a war zone! IT was crazy! haha I dont think I have ever heard so many firewors being lit off in my life! and at midnight we were getting nuked and mortered like crazy! It was an awesome day! NEw years is just a huge party for everyone in Brazil... so the missionary aspect was a little difficult becuase no one was home or everyoen was drinking but we worked hard and had some awesome lessons! I also learned how to make the best fudgecicles in the world! Ana MAria taught us the other day, and I will send the recipie home so you can try them! They are SOOOOOOO GOOD! But this week walking the streets of brazil we heard a ton of music from all the parties. It is funny when you start listnening to a song and dont recognize it becasue its in portugues but then your like wait... I know thins song! haha Danielle... There was some old brazillian man singing david artuleda ´´Im loving angels instead´´ in portugues on the street. It was hilarious!

But we are looking forward to startign this new year off with a bang and working workning working! I love you all and thank you so much for all the support that you give me on my mission!

Love Elder Heath

p.s. mom... do you like the picture of the motorcycle? :)

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