Monday, January 30, 2012

And the transfer change is.....

So transfers just came the other day............... DRUM ROLL.............. I am IN OUR AREA WITH ELDER MATOS! :) ha Presidente Souza said that he was really happy with everything that we did together and that we are succeeding his standards and so he wants us to stay in out area one more trnsfer1 I am pretty excited because we are teaching some really good families and we are also working on a marriage of a family so then the whole family can be baptized! That is something I learned here on the mission. I never knew that we would be helping with marriage haha. Good practice for one day ehhhh? ha So we are staying and we are going to do work here! Today we went to transfers so we could say hi to some buddies and so we could get to know some other missionaries. It was really cool getting to see the missionaries that arrived here on the same day as me and swapping stories with them! It is really cool how we can talk about almost anything and we just spoke in portuguese not needing any english. I also ordered a mission bag today. With the money that Grandma sent me for Christmas! It is a cool little hip bag that almost everyone here has. It sounds kinda lame..... its not a fanny pack......... but it is super cool! I will take a picture and send it your way when I get it :)
Well this week in the wonderful area of sitio sau joao was a little slow. We had to cool it down a bit because Elder Matos wasn't feeling good this week. So for 2 days we went to central and he was getting checked on at the health clinic. So we had to cancel all of our appointments and staying in our house was driving me crazy! Studying is really good and all but I needed to get out. So we are starting to get back to work and staying out of the house! Elder Matos is feeling a ton better and so that is a good thing to hear! :) But this week we have been helping a young man in our ward get ready for his mission. Teaching him and shhowing him the ropes has been really fun! Oh and after several weeks of messing with a rubic cube I MASTERED THE CUBE! haha It is pretty fun and interesting how it works. Definitely a new challenge for anyone that wants a good challenge!
Sorry the letter that I sent was in portuguese. I'm glad that you were all excited to get a letter. I guess this means I need t start sending more letters! I sent one in english the other week that you should be getting soon! ha That is really cool that yuo were able to understand mais o menos of the card dad! We have a guy in our ward that speaks fluent spanish and so I have been talking with him and trying to get to where I can understand. BUt he has a really really thick accent that is difficult. But I'm getting better at it. You sent it to dallin to translate^? could he understand it? ha I need to practice writing more but hopefully he could understand it. :) AND TREVOR! You are learning portuguese on your i pod! Dude that is so awesome! We will totally talk in portuguese on mothers day! That is so awesome! That is a blessing of having an i pod touch! :) good job bro! How are you liking your i pod touch? Do you have the NBA JAMS app yet! haha so good! And your glasses broke bro? that's not good. how did they break? you should send a picture when you get your new glasses!
So I have a question... is that new Texas restaurant open yet? If it is, how is it? When you were talking about searching for a restaurant I started thinking about that place. ha random... but Dad that is awesome that you are training for the spokane marathon again! This is your chance to qualify for BOSTON! you got plenty of time and I will work extra hard here on the mish so ou can receive more blessings! :) We have 2 new elders, Elder Powers for WA, and Eler Baker e de CA, in our house. And it is only us 4! the other 4 got another house. But Elder Powers and I are going to start running in the mornings and getting back into shape! Im super stoked to start running again! So maybe can be worthy to run with you when I get back :) ha
oh and last week we had 8 investigators at church which was awesome! so we are looking at a good next week!
Mom, you are doing great helping the people in our ward! I know that it means a ton to the missionaries in our ward! It is amazing how much of a relief it is to have members that actually visit people and help the missionary work! Keep it up, you are doing great!
CONGRATS MICHELLE AND JOSH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That is awesome that you have another baby girl in the family! You should send some pictures my way if you get the time! I was to see me new cousin! that is so awesome!!
Well my time is ticking down... but thanks a ton for the letter! I love hearing every week how amazing my family is! You all are the best! thanks!
Abraço, (hug)
Elder Heath!
p.s. keep me updated if I need to do anything with the taxes. :) thanks!

also the pictures are of my district, and just other places close to t o our area! The cows in the middle of the street.... we are sharing the gospel with everyone here and everything! (he didn't actually attach the pictures this week... but it's fun to imagine them teaching cows.)

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