Wednesday, January 25, 2012


Hey Family
After this week I am super exhausted and ready for a good break on p day! haha We worked and we worked and we worked and we received blessings from our work! We had 26 new investigators this week with 26 dates, 2 baptisms, 7 investigators at church and I'm am exhausted! haha This is our second to last week of the transfer and so we kicked it up a gear :) It was really awesome! We got a reference from a member here and on Thursday we went to visit them and see if they wanted to hear our message. They said ya and so we went in to their house. There were 3 people sitting down and we asked if anyone else was there (which was the best question of the night!) so three more people came in, then two more then two more! So we started a lesson with 10 people and right before the opening prayer two more people came in! ha So a lesson with 12 new investigators! It was like a huge party! It was an awesome lesson and took a little longer than usual with so many people having questions... but it was so awesome! A little overwhelming at first teaching so many people but it was awesome! I felt like we were holding a mini church session and that we needed to stand on the chairs to teach haha. It was awesome! After that lesson Elder Matos and I got some pizza to celebrate! (picture with napkin) It was a great day of work!
Something cool happened this week too, we were listening to andrea bocelli in a members house and I started listening to him sing and i was starting to understand what he was singing about in italian and spanish! It was really cool! The way they pronounce words are different but a lot of words are really similar which made me pretty excited! ha
Also I dont know if I told you guys about the language of Portuguese in my area... but noone aaaactually knows how to speak correctly haha People use wrong conjugations and my comp and I have been noticing it more and more haha. And they also dont pronounce the last half of the words... like obrigado (thank you) hereis briga haha i am just trying not to take up on how the people speak Portuguese here haha
and I have a confession for mom..... I LOVE TOMATOES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have no idea what I was thinking at home never eating tomatoes but here I eat them every meal! And the little cherry tomatoes and sooooooooo good! I think of you every time and I tell everyone how proud you will be when you hear that II like tomatoes haha
That is so awreome that you guys received more snow this week! Sounds like the snow didnt do too much good for everyone though. Car wrecks and people not showing up for therapy. That is pretty funny though... people that are injured getting injured by going to therapy haha I never thought of it that way haha This is your opportunity to head to the mountains for a little snowboarding while you have snow! o ya! haha
You like our collection of animals we have? haha it is pretty crazy and we have a lot more that I have not had the chance to take pictures of. Sometime I feel like I'm in a zoo. We have cows and horses always roaming the streets and goats and chickens everywhere. and also we have a shower that is outside and during the night there are usually one or two frogs jumping around while we are taking a shower haha
I will definitely send a picture of my jersey and maybe a picture of my tan... but I am white as paper right now hhaha With time missionaries get a tie tan too just because it is darker than just the shirt haha crazy!
And for memorizing scriptures in seminary I memorized some... not all of them. I wish that I would of. But Im making up for that here. I have learned a lot of awesome scriptures and memorized them. Sometime I just want to site them and not get out the scriptures but then people think We re making up scriptures... so then we should them and its all good. But memorizing scriptures is a definite benefit.
I love you all and I might have a new comp and might be in a new area next e mail so we will see!
Love Elder HEATH!!!!!!!!

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