Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Life is a Zoo!

Hey Family of Heath!

So we just got back from an awesome P day! Sorry this e mail will be a little later than usual. We decide to head into downtown Fortaleza today and get out of the house! Downtown Fortaleza is Crazy! I don't even know how to describe how many people there were just walking around shopping. And on a Monday too! It was really cool. We went to a huge mall where there were 6 stories of just little shops that have pretty much anything you could imagine! It is so overwhelming all of the people shopping ad everyone is bartering and yelling across the place. It was definitely different than the tri cities mall! haha I didn't have much money with me and so I left it up to my bartering skills to pick something out. I had 15 R with is like 12 bucks and I really wanted a coritheans soccer jersey (they just won the national title a month ago) and so I was going into shops and looking around and I found some sweet jerseys.... that were about 27 R. haha So I had some fun talking with the lady and saying I will pay 15 for this shirt.... she kept saying how she couldn't sell it for less than20 R ... that is what she thought :) After about 5 min I got it for 15! ha it was really fun! I just want to go to stores and barter and see how cheap I can buy things for! But downtown Fortaleza has some really cool places. There was this huge catholic building that was bigger than the one in new york! It had some stain glass that was really cool! I think some people were wondering why we were walking in the catholic building... but it was really cool.

But this week We had interviews with the President and it was really fun! IT is really cool to see how much has changes in my language abilities in 3 months here. We had a conversation perfectly without any misunderstanding or anything! President Souza is a n awesome guy! he definitely has a lot of trust in me too. he said some things that really lifted my spirits, and how i have already been doing a great work here! I also receive a weekly personal e mail from Pres Souza and he said that he ``hopes to keep talking, because he has great things planned for me``. I was like.... like what?.... haha but this week was really good! we had some good hard work and we had 3 people visit church this week, and our previous baptisms are strong in the church!

So really quick Dallin! I just finished listening to one of the Brazilian cds that you made me.... and for the first time heard the Brazilian National anthem! I was like what is this! It was awesome! sure brought back some memories of the first time trying to sing that song! if anyone that is reading this has not listened to it, look it up! And try to sing along! haha

So some Brazilians know what snowboarding is, but usually I just say it is like surfing but you wear more clothes haha. I have been getting pretty tan, but I think I'm at my limit. From now I just get red and not tan. Its a miracle I have not burnt or pealed, just been red a lot. And I think I am maybe losing weight here. I eat a ton of food but I'm not getting bigger. I think its because of the 100 miles we walk everyday up and down mountains... backwards.... with rock in our backpacks.... carrying 20 Books of Mormon. haha I'm staying about the same size which is good. Ripped! I have been losing my English skills a lot. Sorry for people getting letters or reading this and for all of the words spelt wrong... and phrases are wrong. I made a goal not to write English anymore, so all my notes and journal entry's and in Portuguese. Trying to learn faster and ya English is pretty tough sometimes. I have to stop and think a while sometimes about words but that is good! haha

Dad thanks a ton for the update on the 49ers! It is awesome to hear that you are supporting while I'm gone. And that was a pretty epic game that you described! I'm just sad that I missed it. I talk about the 49ers here but no one knows anythings about football.i have been hearing that baseball is getting bit here is Brazil though. kinda interesting.

Trev thanks a ton for the pop up snow globe! That things is so sweet! It is on my desk reminding me or how cold it is there. haha It is cool how real the snow globe is! thanks a ton!

P.S. Mom and Dad there is a letter entering the mail tomorrow for you guys! Hand written already! :)

P.S.S. Tony and Cindy parabans na sua casamento! Me-enviara fotos!!!! (literal translation: congrats on the wedding, send me pictures. We think he meant engagement.)

1 Present in the shower
2 Present walking to an appointment
3 My comp!

I feel like the pictures this week were from the zoo haha. it was pretty crazy! I freaked out with the tarantula because it was dark and that think was huge! The size of a soccer ball! It helps that I love spiders too! The scorpion was found by Elder Hawks and was pretty small but still... Scorpion in the shower! Serious!

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