Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Happy New Year!

FELIZ Primero Semana do ano!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh boy! I feel like I need about 2 or 3 hours to be able to respond to all of the things that have been going on, the questions, and everything I wasn't to say! Thanks a ton for the letters and for the e-mails again! I love hearing about all of the crazy things my family is doing haha

SO I have to start with Grandma Miskho! ACCORDIAN SOLO!!!! WHAT??!! haha That is probably one of the coolest things that I have ever heard of! This is something that I definitely want to see! When I get back grandma is going to be skipping around the house playing the accordian! I loved this picture! IT looked like everyone was having a blast!

The Ginger bread houses were awesome too!!!!!! The girls house was awesome! All of the cookies on the roof looked so good! and the ice cream cone trees were awesome too! It is looking really professional! And the intricate design on the house with the frosting Danielle was really cool! Every year these houses are stepping it up! I'm going to need to start thinking now so I can catch up with the gang when I get back. And the MAN HOUSE!!!!! Man you have no idea how real that house is compared to the houses here! There are always little kids everywhere playing soccer, the broken glass on the top of all the fences, the fresh fruit markets on every corner, and the brightly colored houses with red bricks.... you guys nailed it spot on! Maybe I will find a house like that and send you a picture of the exact replica! haha There are a lot of really awesome ideas and whoever made the Brazilian flag was a pro! looks perfect! And also the cake that you mad Trev... SO GOOD!!!! Those roses look so awesome! I have no idea how you do it! WE have an awesomely creative family!

How has passing the sacrament been going little bro? Have you done all of the routes yet? Thanks a ton for the Christmas card! I just got it this week! The letter was so awesome! You are writing and using commas like a pro! I loved hearing from you! Ill write back soon!

Danielle thanks too for the letter that you wrote me! I was a little worried when you said that you didn't miss me at first haha you recovered with that you do now haha Thanks a ton for the picture too! IT is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO GOOD! I cant wait to see the original! If you sell it for $10,000 you should take a picture for me. It is my new Book of Mormon marker! SO awesome!

DAllin thanks a ton for the letter in Portuguese! It is crazy that I could understand every word! I tell everyone here that I have a brother that speaks Portuguese too and we will talk all the time after the mish! The Brazilians also read your letter and said it was perfect! Writing in Portuguese is not a strong suit of mine yet, but ill write you a letter soon for some good practice!

Cassie thanks for the letter too! I hope you can get some energy back... I sent a picture for you on how I get energy on my mission ;) Very healthy snacks! you should try it! (last picture)

Mom and Dad thanks a ton for your letter as well! I alwys love hearing about all of the amazing things that you two are doing together! Still going on dates and being the awesome parents you are. You guys are an awesome example and I love how happy you always are in all the letters!

So Kristopher Braggster came over to visit! I miss that guy so much! Bragg you are the man! He brought over fish? was this raw fish that he caught!? There is a missionary that I live with that loves to fly fish and reminds me a lot of Kris. Thanks a ton for giving me his address, I will definitely write home this week!!!!!!!!

I love Everyone so much!!! and HAPPY BIRTHDAY UNCLE MIKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Elder Heath

1; not enough water in baptismal font... using all the sinks in the building to get water to fill the font in time haha
2; waiting for the bus... fighting bulls
3; My energy source on the mish... oreos and peanut butter!

P.S. I vote for the BRAZILLIAN HOUSE! not bias at all ;)

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