Sunday, February 12, 2012

Updates from Brazil

Thanks a ton for the letter this week dad! I love hearing of all of the awesome things that are happening at home! I am also glad that you guys got my letters! I will be sending one tomorrow too for the request of mom :) I will start to try writing a letter every week here for you. So then you guys can know a little more that is going on here in Fortaleza. It is a little difficult for me summerizing everything that has happened in one e mail. And I like talking about what is happening at home. ut I will try to talk more about themish :) But real quick, that is awesome that you guys went and played tennis together! I cant wait to come ack to our tennis pro family! Danielle, sounds like you are going to be ruling the court this year! And if you are getting more power then you had when we played.... LOOK OUT! :) never e afraid to use that power... ut remember... with great power comes great responsability! :) ha And Dad you are starting up churchball again! That is super awesome! I have missed basketball a ton! I have not seen one basketball hoop in brasil yet! I heard there is a court aout 2 hours away in another area.... but thats it! Keep it up playing against those young guys that think they are good! Show them how the heaths play ball! ha And trev, keep it up with your scouting! Sounds like you are dominating! Scouts is a really good learning experience, and if you come to brazil it come in handy! We have to build huts to sleep in.... descend form mountains to get to lessons, catch fish and animals to eat! ha Those I pods are also sounding like a good investment! Dad learning angry birds and being ale to skype each other is pretty cool!

So here in Brasil! First off, the news on the temple is that in aout 2 years the temple will e uilt. (By the way, on this key board, the `B`` is stuck. Sorry if words dont have B´´s in them) But we have heard form members that the temple will be finished before my two years are up on the mission and also that it will e longer. So Im just hoping that it will be done before I leave! I think that would be really cool to be ale to visit the temple before I come home. I guess we will see!

Man, This week has been really interesting with the new transfer and everything. So im not sure if the whole country of brasil is like this but right around 12 in the afternoon until 3 EVERYONE DISAPPEARS!!! It didnt effect us really during training (first 2 transfers) because we were studying at that time. But now that we are out teaching at that time it is weird! It is seriously like a ghost town. We were walking around, and Resturants are closed...and markets are closed... at LUNCH TIME! Elder Matos says that it was like this in all of his areas too. Because lunch is the time when everyone is home together and when people have breaks form work. ut normally everyone is sleeping. We were contacting some references and almost all of the houses, we were waking people up. ha It is super different. And also the kids dont start school until after lunch. Talk aout sleeping in! And they only have school for 4 hours and 30 min! I was like what!! What happened in the USA? We have 6 hours and it starts at 7 in the morning? ha but it was good!

I had a really cool experience this week too! I got a little taste of training! There is an elder that just got into the field this last tuesday! And we did a division and so I got to help him study and we got to go out and do work together! It rought back a lot of memories that really were not that long ago. It was a really cool experience switching roles, and not being the one trained and training. I think Elder Matos is one of the best trainers in the field and it was such a blessing for me to have him as my first comp. Because I felt completely ready and while we were teaching we had some really awesome lessons. Elder Davis and I had an awesome day together and I cant wait until I can train someone on the mission! He said that he has family that lives in kennewick too.... Do you know any Davis``? he is from colorado. cool connection! But I know that I have received so much hep and that over these last three months I have been in the hands of our lord, and he has helped me every step of the way on my mission! I know that God lives and that he really does answer prayers.

I love you all,

Elder Heath
Also in a package I have a couple of things I could use. I wrote them down at home and forgot the list. One was a rubiks cube ha and some other things I will write next week :) Also some pictures ... of my baptism, with danielle and trev shooting guns, snowboarding, the trek, wakeboarding, and photos with the family. I think you can find most of them on my facebook but I will write more things next week :) thanks a ton! Love you guys!

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