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So about the package you are sending, we got a little info about how to send it. On the list of things that you write, don't write things that you can only buy in the US because we will have to pay to receive the package as well. So putting like candies... sheets.... toys would be ideal. Because its been happening a lot that missionaries are paying 100 reals to pick up a package which is kinda crazy. :) But anything else you want to put in there is awesome... food.... little toys anything is awesome maybe one of those head massager things that looks like a spider :) Thanks a ton for doing all of this! And I was thinking about Jesus the Christ but We should wait on that because I have some friends going home that might give me their Jesus the Christ :) YOUR THE BEST!

So this week I found out some pretty cool things! First of all I have this buddy Elder Jay that just went home last week and I was talking to some other missionaries about him and found out some interesting things. Did you know that Parents can pick missionaries up from their missions? They cant stay longer than their mission allows but parents can come and be with us for the last week of our mission! I was hearing about Elder Jay who is from Washington. His parents came for the last week and they actually did missionary work with him. He said that they went around and did some tracting and taught a couple lessons. His parents would talk and he would translate! ///they had a really cool experience where without the translation his parents understood what the investigator said. Prettty cool. But So they did a little missionary work and they were also allowed to go around and visit all of his previous areas with his parents. I think it was pretty awesome! I was just thinking about you meeting our baptisms and our members just in my first area would be so awesome! But just a little heads up.... I have no idea how mush it is to do all of that its gotta be pretty spendy but just letting you guys know, in case you might want to start learning Portuguese ;) ha

Also this week on Thursday we were going around to all of our appointments and it was sunny and hot. We got out of a house and it started pouring! And when people say that it rains in POURS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IT was ridiculous! We were lucky to be close to a snack shop. We camped out in there for a bit but it just started raining harder and harder!!! I tried to take some pictures of the rain but not too many because I didn't want to ruin my camera. But The streets were rivers in 15 min! and we were walking home and there was seriously white water in the streets from all of the rain! And our way to our house was FLOODED with water! So there is a picture, where the water was at one point was almost to our knees!!! IN THE STREET! It was crazy! I was really grateful that I bought covers for my scriptures because without them they would of been soaked! And I have some news about the waterproof socks we bought.... I think they should say water proof for rain in the U.S. haha I told my comp that my feet should be dry when we got home. I took my shoe off and my sock was soaked in and out! ha But we were wading through 2 feet of water so.... ya. It was a good day though. I love the rain and playing in the water! My companion also has this thing for killing frogs.... and he hit a new record of 6 frogs that night! ha It was crazy how many frogs came out! /but this week was an awesome week of work, and we will hopefully have two more baptisms this weekend! I am super excited for them! I love finding the people here that really want to change their lives and be members.

But it sounds like everything at home is going great! with all the valentines, and dancing and love in the air! And Danielle breaking it out on the dance floor! sounds pretty awesome! But I love you all and I cant wait to hear from you next week!

Love Elder Heath!!!

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