Thursday, March 1, 2012

Carnival anyone?


So first of all.... is Danielle wearing high heels or something because if you are not I think you are as tall as me!!! ha You look very beautiful in you prom dress and with your hair all done. I hope you are wearing glass slippers because you look just like Cinderella! Thanks a ton for the pictures! I love getting pictures! Sorry I am not going to be able to send pictures this week... I am having problems with virus´ and these internet cafes are full of virus´. If you guys have any ideas im open for how I can send pictures home without destroying my card...

Thanks a ton for the package and I will let you know right when I get it, we will see how much time it takes :) Im Excited!

So during carnival here is was pretty calm im my area. We had a lot of kids running around and throwing eggs everywhere and dumping flour on each other. This last week when we were coming back from district meeting we were on the bus and I was just gazing out the window just looking at everything. When I saw a group of kids around the next corner and they were packing! I made eye contact with one of the guys and he ran to his pile of eggs and he threw an almost perfect egg at us. The window was open and so I went to close the window and it was just in the nick of time.... because the egg hit my window. And there were kids throwing flour at the buses too. But that was pretty much our carnival. We heard that people knock on doors and when they open them everything starts throwing eggs in the house, so we bought a box of eggs to be prepared, but noone came so.... now we are enjoying scrambled eggs :) We got pretty lucky being in our little town, nothing bad happened so that is always good.

And the rain last week is continuing this week! Walking here to e mail was crazy! We were soaked when we got here and the guy kinda gave us a look like really? but its all good :) And there were lots of frogs in the brown water, maybe some paranas, some anacondas, you never know ;) We saw a dead rat floating down the river too ha.

This week has been really awesome and the Baptism did come through! Erison was baptized yesterday and he is such an awesome young man! He is 18 and he was prepared by the lord a ton before we meet him. His brother is a member and so he already knew everything about our church. And He is really into reading and philosophy and so he was already reading the book of mormon and keeping the commandments so we were pretty much there to answer his questions and help him receive an answer from our heavenly father about our church. For example When we were explaining the book of mormon I explained about Moroni putting the plates in the ground... Erison stopped me and said, and Moroni is the son of Mormon who had the responsibility of compiling all of the records of the prophets here in the Americas into one record which is the book of mormon? And I was in aw. ha Then Explaining more about Joseph Smith and how he received the plates, when Erison said, and Joseph Smith translated the plates with the power of God so we can read the words of the prophets? We hardly had to do anything. But he really wants to serve a mission like his brother is doing right now, Which is awesome! He might have the chance to leave on his mission before I leave my mission!

Those were some awesome stories that you shared with me! I love hearing stories that seem so impossible but they happen. It is so cool how we are really guided to meet people and that we are placed in certain places to help others in our path.

And about coming to Brasil that would be super cool. There are already a lot of people that want to meet you all and I think it would be really neat!

Im out of time but I love you all and have an awesome next week! Good luck with everything going on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Elder Heath

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