Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Don't be a febuca

hahaha I think dont be a fubeca was one of the first phrases that I learned in the Sao Paulo CTM. Ha When I open the e mail and read that I just read dont be a fubeca and my mind instantly thought it was from President Souza and I was thinking... wait I have not been a fubeca! Ha Kinda gave me a little scare for a second. But ya everyone that is a lazy missionary is a fubeca. That is really funny that Josh's bro served here in Fortaleza. You should ask him if he served in Palmeras, or Castelo or ward Fortaleza during his mission. Because If he did then he more than likely lived in the same house I am living in right now! This house has been owned by missionaries for over 20 years!

With the hand written letters, I have written a hand written letter three weeks in a a row and sent them to you. I hope this doesn't mean that they got lost in the mail, because that would be super sad. Hopefully you should be receiving them right about now, this week. And I have been including more about my mission for you guys :)

What Seth said about fans is completely correct! Fans have saved my life here, from the crazy heat and from the man eating mosquitoes! It was a pretty interesting experience my first couple of weeks here. I was getting quite a few bites but then it all stopped. Having that fan really does help keep the bugs away. But just the last couple of weeks I was waking up and I had like blood stains on my clothes and I wasn't bleeding and didn't have any bug bites and I was stumped on how that blood got there. I asked my comp and he said he had the same thing... it is from the mosquitoes at night. I guess I have been hunting mosquitoes at night and smooshing them on my clothes haha. he said it is normal.... not so sure normal for me yet but at least it was an explanation. :) ha But I put the fan on high power and I have not had any more sleep killing bugs or any problems so its all good now :)

Here there is no rule on what we can eat... The advised us never to eat from the people that make and sell food on the side of the street. But we can eat fish if we want. It is a little different in our area because we don't have any restaurants or things like that so we usually just go to the grocery store and buy and make food. I am learning how to make some mean noodles with fresh tomato sauce! It is sooooo good! I have gotten lucky and I have stayed healthy for most of the time here. There was one day where Montezuma's revenge came to get me... . but we don't need any details with that. ha Other than that I have been perfectly healthy. I have been jump roping and doing push ups, sit ups, pull ups, and walking 18 miles a day working. So I'm keeping fit too :) I'm still the arm wrestling champion in our house too ;)

With the flooding I think the only way to keep dry is stay inside. And we definitely can't do that so..... having wet shoes to teach the gospel is a sacrifice we make :) The Rain coat we bought is really good and keeps me completely dry... but it gets pretty darn hot after wearing that puppy all day. Elder Powers here brought 2 umbrellas and so I bought one from him cheap which has been helping too. But like Kenton said... It rains hard and that rain destroys umbrellas. But here umbrellas are like 4 bucks so its super cheap.

And Of course I want those pictures of Danielle and I!!!!!!!!!!!! I cant believe I forgot those!!!!!!!!!!!!! They would be awesome to have if it is possible! It is kinda interesting how much pictures mean here on the mission! But I would love to have them!

Thanks a ton for the letter and I hope that everything is going awesome! Sounds like everyone is having a great splendid time!

Love Elder Heath

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