Thursday, March 29, 2012

Still working hard

I feel like I just got done reading a book! :) It is so awesome that so many things are happening at home! Sounds like there was a fun vacation with mom and dad and I'm sure that there was a party happening at home with the two rascals at home. :)

DANIELLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Congrats on winning your first game with tori! That is weird to think that I played with tori way back when I was in High school! ha good times high school. But Congrats on playing singles as well! It is a whole different game and there are so many differences with singles matches. Way to stick it out and keep fighting! I loved playing singles but never got a ton of practice. Mainly just playing one on one with dad, and how dad would just play around making me run from left to right! haha Did you enjoy it Danielle? Are you all going to play together! Sounds like Trev is wanting to start playing as well. Trev is going to be 6 feet 6 inches so he is going to have quite the advantage :)

This week Elder Batista and I decided to go on a road trip. It is really nice to have a companion that likes to do other things than sleep all P-day! So we went on an adventure and we ended up in the central of the city! ha It is so cool to walk up and down the streets of Fortaleza! There are SOOOOOOOOO many people and there are so many things going on! There are tons of huge buildings and huge shopping centers! We as missionaries cant go into the shopping centers but they sure are huge! Also, water bottles are really out of style now in Brazil! The new cool thing is coconut water! and it is sooooooooo good! You walk down the streets and we they have refrigerators jammed full of coconuts! So for 50 cents you can buy coconut water! They take a knife and chop part of it off and you drink it straight out of the fruit! It is really tasty! And cheap as well.

Mom, I have been showing lots of people the pictures of our family and you have tons of compliments coming your way! We were at the house of our bishop and I was talking to his wife and showing her pictures of our family. Then She looked at our family pictures and said where is your mom? She said she saw three sisters, two brothers (including Dallin :) and my dad. She did not believe that you were my mom! She said that you looked incredibly young! Then I got to brag about you, how you are doing all of the tri-athalons, always exercising and how you are such an example for me! I told her how we trained together and they were in awwwww. They said that we have a really close family and that they can see it!

So here in the mission we have been working working working and we have seen a lot of good turn outs and we have helped tons of people better their lives. But here is our area we have the problem of marriages. We have been working with so many awesome families but no one has the desire to get married. This has been holding back the baptisms a lot. We have been trying to work with families more than just a child, because the chance that they will stay active is a lot higher in a family. But we were going around spreading the word talking to people on the streets and we meet a lady and she said we could come and teach her family! So we went to her house later that night and when we got there her husband answered the door and we shared a lesson with them... we then asked if they were married (half expecting a no) and they said yes! My jaw dropped! I think this is the second second entire family we have taught that the husband and wife are married!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And they loved the lesson and want to go to church this next week! So awesome!

We were bringing a family to church this last Sunday and it was a family with 3 girls. So we went to pick them up and of course no one was ready. So we waited a bit.... waited a bit more.... waited a bit more until we had about 15 min to make a 30 min walk to church. We headed to church and I was thinking how can we go faster... because all of our members with cars are at church. And the little girl( 9 years old) we were bringing was tiered after about 2 min and didn't want to go more. So I ran over to her and threw her on my shoulders and we put it into gear! It was really fun, and we also made it to church in 17 min! Only 2 min late! I was sweating pretty bad but its all good! They were able to partake of the sacrament. :)

Well you have another letter coming your way this week. I love you all and keep loving each other!

Elder Heath

P.S. you all look great in the pictures! PARABENS with your baby bump Cassie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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