Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Conference Report

I knew that I saw David Archuleta in the missionary conference! I was thinking to myself.... they should of had the missionaries sing in the last conference when I was in the MTC! ha There was also a missionary ``Brad Barber`` that is from Richland that sang in the choir. Watching conference in Portuguese was a blast with Elder Batista! I was really excited that I could understand what they were saying. There are some funny things that happened though. So we watched the transmission and when it got to the hymns everyone rose and they showed the words in English to sing. So we all started singing in English and it was super funny hearing a room full of Brazilians singing in English. ha There are certain letters that Brazilians cannot pronounce. the TH sound in heath is impossible. And when words start with R in Portuguese it sounds like an H. So the hymns were pretty funny. Richard G Scott also speaks Portuguese! SABIA! So before his talk he recorded him giving his talk in Portuguese. So while he was speaking, he was translating himself in Portuguese. He spoke really well.... he has a heavy American accent but it was cool.
So the other week you asked about African Voodoo churches! I forgot to comment on that! We have one that has church every Friday night that is along our was to our house! It is crazy! They have tons of people playing drums and doing weird chants all night long. They have church in this old beat up house.I was talking to my companion about it and he said that they do a lot of animal sacrifices and weird black magic.... And in front of this house for about 3 weeks were 2 goats chained up to the house where they have the church. And for 2 weeks now we have not seen those goats.... so I don't know what happened but My comp is persuaded that they sacrificed them... kinda weird. but we stay far away form this church.
I ALSO RECEIVED THE PACKAGE THIS TUESDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you so much for the package! The massive tub of peanut butter and oreos and the rubic cube, ( I can solve it in 2 min now :)), and the heath bars! Everyone is loving the Heath bars, I have enjoyed giving them all to our members and telling them our family is famous! ha And the pictures were awesome too! I have a funny story with the peanut butter.... we went to a sisters house to learn how to make truffles. ( well more to just eat them ha). So we brought the peanut butter along and put it inside the truffles and they were so good! At least that Is what I thought. :) We had a member try it and she took a mosquito bite and she said, oh ya its so good! But then didn't take another bite.... then other members tried it and no one liked peanut butter! I was in shock! ha oh well, we took home lots of truffles that day :)
There is also a tradition here in Brazil that when you greet someone you do the double kiss on the cheek. One side and then the other. I have seen tons of women do it, and it is normal to me now.( I have never done it, just seen it ;) ) But this week I saw two men do it too, and I asked a member and she said it was normal as well. I think it is kind of a strange tradition, but Brazilians do it.
This week has been great and we found Elder Batista's luggage at the airport! Someone took it there and left it during transfers! So now all that stress is gone! Elder Batista and I are working really well together. He just likes to sleep a ton, and doesn't like getting up on time. SO I have been trying to help him wake up at 6 30. I wrote a song on the guitar that I play to him at 6 30 that always make him laugh and he starts singing along too. So that is resolving that problem. ha He is an awesome guy, and he really loves the people which is a key aspect! I love life here and hope everyone is doing great there! I love the letters and keep them coming! You all are the Best!
Elder Heath!

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