Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Sweating, Baptisms and RAIN

Wow! I just got done reading all of those e mails and I realized that I am sweating! But then I remembered that I am always sweating here! haha This morning I was getting my work out in and doing some jump rope. I finished and went and took about a 10 min cold shower.... dried off went and sat on my bed and put a fan on me to write in my journal. And you know what.. .. I was still sweating! haha I have accepted that I will be sweating non stop for the next year and a half haha.

Anyways it was awesome hearing about all of the amazing things that are happeneing at home! Everyone is growing up and doing so many things! It is so crazy to hear all of the sucess and amazing things my family is doing! :)

Before I forget.... MOM, I am living with this awesome missionary from California named Elder Baker. He just got an e mail from his mom saying that she is wanting to start e mailing other moms that have missionaries. So you should e mail her if you want. haha

I don't know if I can respond to everything that was sent but I will try, and what I don't fit I will write in the letter. The package that I got was untouched! We were all admiring the pictures from the liahona! haha the letter that had pink on it... there is a little story behind that. I was writting you that letter sunday night and I was getting pretty tired so I set it on the ground to go to sleep (under my hammock). I went to sleep, woke up the next day and apparently we had a rain storm that night! Becuase I stepped out of my hammock and I stepped in a puddle of water. Our house was flooded with water! So everything on the floor got soaked and there was another letter I was reading form another person that was pink ontop of the letter I wrote to you guys, so it got stained pink. ha

This week we had an awesome baptism of Victora! It was really special because her brother was able to baptize her, and now they have two members of the church in their family! It was always really cool to help a family get strengthened in the church.

We had a really interesting time yessterday morning before the baptism bringing a family to church. We went to pick them up without a cloud in the sky and right when we arrived at their house and started walking to chruch. It rained and it poured! We all started running together to find shelter. We left the family under the shelter and we went running to a members house that has a car. It was only a 5 min run but we were soaked!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!haha we arrived there and Elder Batista and I could only laugh. We got the car and picked the family up and they loved church! Nothing will keep us from bringing families to church!!!!!!!!!! ha Then we ran into one more problem when our pia was filling up at half speed and there would not be enough time to fill up the font for the baptism. But we said a prayer and went to sacramemnt meeting. When we started the meeting it started POURING AGAIN! It was coming down!!!!!!!!!!!! at first we though t that the rain was a bad thing, until we went to look at our font (that is outside) And it was practically full!!!!!!!!!!! haha It was a miracle! This was another experiance that when we are doing what is right, and when we ask for help our heavenly father will help us.

I also was wondering if mom and dad could do something for me.... We have a couple in our ward that are thinking about a divorce. They are really young and they don't see what they are losing. Do you have any advice for what we can teach them to help them? We have watched together forever by the church. But I had an impression to ask advice from the pros in marriage, my parents. So anything to help strengthen a young married couple stay together would be awesome! :)

I love you all and I am so blessed to have such an amazing familiy!!!!!!!!!! YOU ALL ARE THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Your missionary Elder HEATH

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