Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Happy Easter!

Hey familia!!!!

I opened my e mail and I have an e mail from Cassie and Trev... so I hope that everything is all good with mom and dad :) I'm sure it is all good though. But this week I am risking some virus´ but I wanted to send some pictures home to show you all what is happening here is Brazil. I also have some videos that I want to show to you so I think I will have to send a dvd home sometime. But this week has been awesome here in Sitio sao Joao!

First of all this week is Easter week and I have seen some pretty strange traditions of the Brazilian people here. I found out that for the whole week no one eats meat. Which was really weird because there is always a mini BBQ going on at almost every corner and this week it was empty. So for lunch this week we ate fish every day of the week! The fish was really really good and it was a nice change up that eating chicken everyday. The way that the fish is prepared is a little different and when it is put on your plate it it looking you in the eyes. I asked a lot of people why they don't eat meat on Easter week and no one really knows why... they all just said, they never eat meat and it is just how it is. I thought that was a little fishy ;) There is one more tradition that I was shocked when I was it. I think it is a little cruel and I don't think that I will continue doing this tradition. But people make life sized dolls and put clothes on him and shoes and fill it full of stuffing. And this doll represents Judas. So what do people do with it? Everyone has a UFC match with this Judas doll and then at the end they burn the doll..... I saw a bunch of kids doing this and I couldn't tell that It was a doll at first and I was pretty freaked out. This is when having a Brazilian companion comes in handy ha And so those are some Brazilian tradition for Easter week that are pretty interesting. ha A little different but for people here it is normal.

I don't know if I wrote about this next tradition in one of my e mails but there is a tradition of when you meet someone you give them the two kisses on the cheek. One on one side and one on the other. Almost everyone does this and I am used t seeing it. But people usually leave the missionaries alone with this tradition.... usually.... At church we have this member that is like the dad of the ward. He is always helping everyone and I think he is the oldest man in our ward too. But this Sunday he came up to me gave me a hug and the Brazilian greeting. I knew that this tradition would get me sometime ha my companion laughed.
Also at church we are learning out of the book of George Albert Smith and I think it is really funny that every week we read in this book, every time a name of a person comes up in the reading everyone looks at me to say the name. ha It keeps me on my toes.

We also had a talent show this week that I think I will have to explain more about next week. But I played the guitar while two girls sang, and I also did a special Hawaiian drum talent. Who knew I knew how to do that? If you remember at the PCC there was that station where the Tongan would play something on the drums and someone would repeat what he played. So I did a rendition of that and it was a ton of fun! Ill explain more next week!

I love you all and I cant want to hear from you all!

Elder Heath

Sorry... Branden rarely explains his pictures... so you'll have to make up a story to go with them. :)

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