Tuesday, February 14, 2012

With love, from Fortaleza

Happy Valentines DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I think Valentines day isn't that big of a deal when you are a missionary ha We had an elder get a package from his girlfriend and she sent heart suckers and so that was our Valentine's day! YES!!!!!!!!! /

So I have a couple ideas before I start my week. MOM! That is so awesome that you are reaching out to the families that are not so active in our ward and trying to help them re activate! You are completely right! It is definitely not easy! But a way I have found out to get people excited for church is through activities. Doing joint family home evenings and doing things that they like gets people to realize that you can be a member and still have fun. The other week there was this lady Ana Maria that stopped going to church. And she makes popsicles for a living. So we spent our P day helping her make popsicles all day and conversing all day. We then left here with a scripture to read and pray about. And that helped her a lot, and she is going to church again! But it is not easy work. I always remember a devotional that we watched in the CTM about Jeffery R Holland and he was talking about tracting and trying to talk with families and when everything is falling through and nothing is going the way that you want it.......Stop go buy an ice cream cone.... the continue working! :) I apply this alot here :) But keep trying, you are doing awesome!
And Dad That is funny that you passed by that best western. And running by the bridge I don't remember seeing a wave as I was running. I think that is probably because I was dying along that path. ha Clinging on to the trees to keep on my feet. ha That is cool that you are in the same place I was just a couple of months ago. And yes, I heard yesterday that Whitney Housten died! We were at a members house and he showed us some pictures of here and man she looked like she was in bad shape! We did a tribute to whitney housten in one of my pictures that I sent. AND I......WILL ALWAYS LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!! haha

Trev! That is awesome that you gave a talk in priesthood! Man you are growing up so fast! How did it go? Im sure it was awesome! And you are going to your first dance!!! That is so exciting! So I have a little advice! My first dances I can remember like it was yesterday! I was scared out of my mind! I remember going to the dances and thinking to myself.....ok I will ask a girl to dance.... wait wait..... nothing ha and the reason that I was scared to dance is because I thought that the girls would say no.... So here is my advice for you. Girls will not say no if you ask them to dance. I know that for a fact! I have talked to many girls about it and they always say that they were waiting for someone to ask them to dance. So you just gotta ask the girls and know that they want to dance with you! Plus your a super stud so who doesn't want to dance with you! And there is also a trick that I used to do with girls. After every dance twirl the girl! If you do even something small like that, it is super fun and it makes the girls laugh! haha

Well I am sending a letter this week in the mail But I love all of you and until next week!

Elder Heath!

And in the package I would like a bed sheet with elastic for a twin. to wrap around the mattress, and also some heath candy bars :) That and the things from last week... the photos.

in the pictures we got a guitar this week and we caught 4 cockroaches in the pouches of my comp and the whitney housten tribute! haha

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