Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Finally in Brazil!! :)

Mue FAMILIA!!!!!! Eu amo voces muito e esperanco estao fazer OTIMO!
This week has been so crazy but I absolutly love it here in Sao Paulo! So the plane ride was super long and I couldnt really sleeep but I meet a ton of people and did a lot of reading! We had a blast and man, ariving in an airport where you cant read anything is really different! Im so glad that I knew what little portuguese I learned in Provo. So I could ask where the baggage and stuff was. There were about 10 of us missionaries on the plane togetther, so we put all of our portugues together and made it will all of our belongings. Driving to the mtc could be compared to a roller coaster ride! Especially for us missionaries! haha Our seats for some reason were not locked in adn kida slid back and forth and they drive like crazy people here! We were waving in and out and dodging the motercycles that are even crazier! The city is huge and we have a really good view drom our window! But we were greeted by President and Sister Clark and the gave us hugs and it was really nice to personally get to know them. Hope you got the picture that they sent home last week, I think I put your right e mail on the list. But Here in the Sao Paulo MTC it is pretty empty compared to Provo. Going from about 2500 missionaries to about 175 missionaries is pretty crazy! And only about 45 americans here. But that is all good. We hear there is a big visa shipment going out and about 175 visas just got sent so we shouild be getting more people here.
The best thing about the MTC here is all of the Brazillians! I have learned so much by just talking to them and I have made a lot of really good friends here! They are so nice and so patient with our portuguese. You will not believe how many of them know so many movie quotes in english, and some have actually learned english through movies and through videogames. We have two brazillian missionaries in our room, Elder Melo and Elder Servio! They are really nice, kinda quiet and reserved but they are really nice and we have a good time trying to communicate. I have been getting really good at charades here haha
But other than that we get to go out on the streets and go to the temple today! We actually just got back from the temple and man it was BEAUTIFUL! It is so cool how everyone speaks portuguese and we can all still get things done. We could actually talk a lot more at teh temple becasue it was mostly all gosple talk which we are pros at!
The food here is amazing. We saw a red hornet today.... and ran haha. I learned really quick that when you feel a little rain coming RUN FOR COVER! Becuase it never just rains here, it pours! haha But I love it here and cant wait to hear from you guys again! The mail system here is on strike I guess so I am not sure how much mail will get through but we e mail every week! Love you Tem um bom dia, e boa sorte!
Elder Heath!

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  1. This sounds a LOT like Taiwan and how I felt! The crazy traffic, the language, the people. Glad he is loving it :)