Wednesday, October 5, 2011

General Conference

Oi meu Familia!
Thank you so much for the express package that I received last week! Dad, thanks so much for running around and finding me the backpack! It is working perfectly! And the pictures that you sent me are so awesome! My desk looks complete now with a picture of my wonderful family! And dont worrie, I have already marked everything I own with that sharpe. Laundry is kinda of crazy, people are telling me stuff gets lost all of the time because everyone here has the exact same things! Thank you grandma too for sending the family letter! It was really nice reading up on how everyone is doing back home, and the pictures were awesome too!
So today we have another Elder leaving for Brazil! Elder lamb received his visa and is boarding the plane at 10:00 today! I am crossing my fingers everytime that we check the mail for that letter for me to go to the travel office:) It would be awesome going down to Brasil but Leaving everyone in my district here would be really sad. We have had so many awesome experiances together and are so close! I will definatly let you guys know when I receive my visa! I believe that I get another 5 min phone call if I receive my visa and head down to Brasil!
So General Conference was so awesome! You would not believe how early we were. I was remembering back at home when I would wake up 2 min before, and kind of stumble in and take a nap on the ground. This time we got up at 6:15, went and studied for an hour then headed to the auditorium to get good (comfy) seats. To our surprise the gym was already 1/4 full...2.5 hours before it started! haha pretty typical here though:) you are eather 1 hour early or you are late :) We had a really cool fireside after conference on sunday! You will never guess who came and talked to us! CHAD LEWIS!!!!!!!! He was an amazing TE for BYU and moved on the play for the Phili Eagles! IT was so awesome having him come and talk. He related sports to just about everything. He had some really awesome quotes that just made me want to jump up and get out and do missionary work :) After Elder sherrill and I went and shook his hand. He was a walk on at BYU and we asked him what it takes to make it, he said that you just need heart, and a want to work skill:) He talked about Donavan Mcnabb like they were old buddies haha Super awesome speaker. Then after that we had a musical number that was the most amazing thing I have ever heard. So there are about 2,000 missionaries in the auditorium and we sang called to serve. There was a special arrangement that was so awesome. The first half of the first verse we started sitting down, and singing as softly as we could. Even with 2,000 people it was like a whisper. Then the second half we got a little louder but still not very loud. Then the second verse we started singing normally, which with so many missionaries is loud. Then for the last part "We'll sing and we'll shout" We all stood up and sang as loud as possible and O MAN! It was so awesome! I had instant chills and it was so amazing! The walls of the building were shaking! I love being around so many missionaries that all have the same desire as we do and all are here to invite otehr to come unto Christ. It seems like I have meet hundereds of people, standing in line for food, walking in the halls, even here writing this letter I meet this Elder that is from Atlanta and just converted to our church 9 months ago! There are so many amazing people here!
I know that this church is true and that Jesus Christ came to the Americas and Healed the sick and raised the dead. He is our loving Beloved brother and because of him we can all return to live with our families forever in heaven! That is God's plan of happiness, and through our faithfulness here on earth we can receive all of those blessings.
I love you so much!
Elder Heath
P.S. I just printed off some pictures I will be sending home soon :) Love you all!!!

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