Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Letter #1!!!

Oi Familia!
So im not too sure what to say in these e-mails but I will just start with I LOVE THE MTC! Tuesdays are our P day and it is awesome! I got to sleep in an extra 30 min this morning and man, that felt like heaven! We had a good study session this morning, trying to get down some more Portuguese phrases to teach to our investigator. I have to bragg on my District a little too... They have voices like angels! We make musical harmony everywhere we go! We are not allowed to listen to music at the mtc but we are up there with Mo tab :) Just real quick my two companions are Elder Cornwell from Richland Wa, and Elder Swinney from Fresno Cali and all three of us are going to the wonderful land of Fortaleza! Then in our district we have Elder Nethercott and Elder Lamb (going to Rio), Elder Gallion and Elder Saben(Rio) and Elder Sherrel with Elder Baldwin! We have District prayers and just a good time hanging out! Some other people I have meet here is Elder Cashiotti(not sure how to spell that) from moses lake, and we have gym the same hour...and I kinda balled him up the other day :) Then Elder Flint has the same lunch hour so that is nice to talk to him, and I have seen a lot of guys from college that I recognize! It is so awesome here! And I just got back from lunch...Dallin...(cough, cough) haha Just kidding, i'm sure I will run into him sooner or later. Everytime I walk across the street to go play volleyball, or soccer on the fields I always look for people I know driving by the MTC... I thought I saw cassie the other day driving... but it was in a mini van... with a couple kids in the back... so either I missed something last time we saw you... or it was someone else :) But we were able to go to the Provo Temple today! It was so awesome being there with all of my brothers! And I think I might be sending my Temple Clothes home because we were told we didnt need them, and to just use the ones at the temple. I'll keep you updated on that. But We have an awesome Language teacher here! Irmao Perks. He is a BYU student and he is such a good teacher! He speaks nothing to us but portuguese so the first couple of days were kinda crazy, but even after a week, we have conversations back a forth! It is amazing how much the Holy Ghost is helping us with the Language! We have been teaching an investigator the full lessons all in portuguese and it is so cool how words and phrases just pop into your head that you never have even heard of... and our investigator(silvana) somehow knows what wee are saying and it is awesome! We also Placed our First Portuguese Book of Mormon last Friday! We didnt know how to say, "will you read this book of mormon?" so we handed it to her and said"Precente!!!" (present) and she was like "PRECENTE!!!" and got really excited! haha It has beem fun :) I miss everyone but I know that this is where I am supposed to be, and I have found so many new brothers here! I love you all! Eu sai que nos igreja esta verdadea, e nos profeta Thomas S Monson esta verdadeo.
I love you all... only 17 sec left on teh computer!
Elder Heath

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