Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Finally got his birthday package!!

Now it sounds like you all had a crazy week! Full of EFY Family visits, baby stories, scout camp, ward callings, taking care of cousins! I hope that you all took lots of pictures to send! I love getting the family letter every month and hearing form all the family, and to also see how old everyone is getting... (in a good way :) ) We have such a beautiful family!

This last week just flew by! Elder Young and I had to do some divisions this last week with our district to help some missionary situations, and we had interviews with President Souza and I also......... GOT MY PACKAGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THANKS YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Finally ehhh? But the swedish fish, brownies, cookies are all delicious! I have been sharing with some good member families and now everyone is asking for more! haha The process to get me package was pretty fun! We learned this last week that for us to grow and become missionaries/men better we need to ask for tests in our life and so we can use our faith and learn a lesson. ha So I did exactly that... and the very next day my prayer was answered! ha The day of the interviews I got a letter saying that my package was here! woo hoo!!! I looked at the date that the package got here in Brazil.. the 7th... and the date it was leaving... the 26th!!!!!!!!!!!!! the same day I got the list! So we went running to the post office to tell them to keep the package! Its a good this Elder young is a good sport! haha We got there and they said.... its a good thing you got here now, because your package was going home in aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa2 hours!!!! ha so I gave them the note and they said I would have to pay a little money to take the package. I asked how much and he said......180 reals!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! RIDICULOUS! (like 90 American dollars!) I obviously didn't have the money with me so I asked them to extend the date. they said ok.I went to the bank and took out money the next day... so I took 90 dollars out of my account if you can put more in please :) I got the money and went back to pick up the package. I got there, paid for it, they had the package in front of me.... then said oooops we need your CPF for you to take your package out............. !!!!!!!!!!!!!! (CPF is like social security number) But I'm obviously not Brazilian and so I don't have one. They said without the number I cant take the package. We conversed for a while until I was ready to just grab the package and head for the door! Elder Young and I were planning  haha All in all they gave me my package :) haha and now I am happy! When we were walking home Elder young looked at me and said... you asked for a trial last night right? haha we busted up laughing.  but thank you!

We also had a baptism that was really special last Saturday! A young man (27) that we have been teaching for a long while! It was really interesting to see the conversion of Giliarde. He was really excited and during the week he even asked us if we could move his baptism to Friday so he didn't have to wait any longer. There was a church dance Friday so he had to wait... ha But it was really special! I asked him how he was feeling after the baptism and he started crying, saying that he felt so different and so good. I couldn't help it and the tears came. It is so awesome knowing that all our work is really changing and helping others. There is not a better feeling in the world!

Eu sei que o autoridade de Deus fui resturado na terra quando Joseph Smith fui chamado um profeta. Eu sei que o Dom de linguas existe. Eu sei que o poder de um testimunho é um das coisas mais poderosas que temos. Tambem eu sei que Thomas Spencer Monson é nosso profeta que esta aqui para nos guiar e ajudar em nossa dia a dia.

Elder Heath

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