Monday, November 19, 2012

Bottom of the 9th...

November 12th, 2012
Hello family!
Thanks for all the updates and news back on the main land. I'm going to start off just responding questions to not forget :) This week I didn't have to travel... I just stayed put in juazeiro. It was the last week of my 9th transfer!!!!!! Today is starting my 10th! In our zone we have sixteen missionaries and five sister missionaries! Its a handful... but here in juazeiro we have the best of the best! We have former zone leaders, and trainers, just powerful missionaries! We got eight new missionaries this morning at 4! Presidente it really wanting to turn this place into a stake! As far as the heat... I sweat non stop.... but it doesn't bother me to tier me.... but it sure is hot!  My all time favorite drink right now......... is called a lime rickey! It is grape juice with limes in it! It is so delicious! You should all try it! ;) I love Guarana!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It is soooooo delicious!!!!!! I am cutting back the pop though. Just one glass per day. (Somedays I use bigger cups than other days ;0) I sent a picture of the zone shirt!!! It is a little hard to see... but has the baptism symbol on the front that says just o it! (nike) Then on the back has all our names and says eu faço ( I do it) An it has an addidas look. And ya, we do our own laundry on pay. But we have a machine, so its not too much trouble. Just scrub the shirt a bit then throw in oin the machine. I have been writing Dakota, but I haven't heard from Kenton in a while! Dakota is a zone leader because he is a stud!!! Yes, I got a package this week without paying for it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! woo hoo! it works! I am loving the pop tarts with oreos on top smothered in peanut butter!!!!!!! thanks!!!!!!!!!! Also, next week I will be at the computer here at 10 in the morning. And I talked to presidente souza, if you guys want to get on at the same time you can. Its a little early, but maybe I can respond a little clearer with a conversation ;)
This week we had a miracle happen!!!!!!!!!!! We have a mother and a daughter we are helping come back to the church right now. They have other sons that served missions, even one that is in Provo studying. But their dad has been inactive for a while! He already had stake callings but something happened for him to leave the church. We have been meeting with them and we planned their daughters baptism this last week, and her parents came!!! WE also called ( with permission) To her brother in Provo to record his testimony and send it to us. The baptismal meeting was awesome! we have a musical number ( I sang with the primary) and then the baptism. After we passed her brothers testimony which was very special. I looked up at her had and he was wiping away the tears. It was very spiritual. I know they felt the spirit, I couldn't deny it. Then the dad invited us to his house, and he will make lunch for us on Wednesday!!!!!!!!!!! This is a special family!
I love you all soooo much
Do you want anything special from Brazil???
P.S. sorry to naggg, but could you send details about how the miskho and heath side were converted. through the missionaries.... friends.... or how it happened. I'm really interested.

Congrats Tony and Cindy too for everything you are doing! I'm very happy to hear all the stories!!
Elder Heath

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