Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Food Cravings

Hola family!
Thanks for the wonderful letter! I love you all soooooo much!!!!!
And thanks for the bolded underlined question mom! haha My shirts are still white and my pants are all in tact!!!! Can you believe it? The wrinkle free didn't last too long but everything is great! There is one thing i am craving to eat!!!!!!!! MAPLE!!!!!!!!!! If you could send me a bottle of maple extract that would be awesome! I am wanting to make lots of pancakes! And one more thing. RASPBERRIES!!!! Canned, or fresh doesn't matter raspberries!!!! haha I could also use some more ties to trade with missionaries.
I'm going to let you all in on a secret too... When people say that we serve missions for two years.... they really mean one year,eleven months and two weeks! So I will be coming home a little earlier. I will be returning about august 20th! So i think 3rd of September will work out!
Thins last week was amazing. We traveled to Fortaleza again for another training... i drank almost a liter of passion fruit that makes you sleepy and I slept like a baby! With the new signs of the second coming (age of missionaries) Our misschanging too. Instead of sixteen new investigators a week, we are going to start twenty five a week. So we can spread our message with more people. We learned about how leaders need to know the limits of their missionaries. We need to learn what they are capable of achieving, and we need to push them to pass that limit. It was very interesting. So we are making goals individually with all of our missionaries now!!! This week we also made a t shirt of the zone! It has a sweet Adidas look to it! Ill sen a picture next week!
I had a special experience this week at church. We were welcoming everyone at the doors of the church an all the sudden people I have never seen came in. About fifteen. We welcomed them and started to converse. They all live in the interior, about four hours away. And here in Juazeiro is the closest church to them. One lady already is a member and she found that we had church here. She didn't have enough money to come alone on the trip, and so she turned into a missionary! She started sharing with her friends about he church and got everyone excited to do a visit! She got 14 others and was able to make it to church. To hear her testimony was very powerful! The sacrifice that she made was incredible. But she said that it was all worth it, and she will be here next week too!!!
I know this church is the Church of Jesus Christ. I know this is a church of sacrifice to test our faith. I know that when we make sacrifices in our lives we stand shoulder to shoulder with Jesus Christ.
Elder Heath
If you could send me the story of how our ancestors became members that would be awesome!!!

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