Monday, October 29, 2012

A few weeks of updates

October 15th, 2012
Hey hey hey!
Thanks about the glasses. I was worried that you would all laugh at me. :) I have to admit to mom... you were right. I should of got glasses before the mission! I am loving them! And because I moved areas, everyone here thinks that I have worn glasses my entire life, and people think I look weird without them haha.
But yes I am very ready to start college life and hit the books after the mission. I have really learned the importance to study and how to study effectively. The only thing I am worried about is my spelling and grammar in English. as you all have seen there are lots of misspelled words...  I am actually forgetting English. But I am sure that the Lord will bless me to remember English after the mission.
So the bus experience almost killed me last week and we are doing it again this week! Last week we were on high class buses that pretty much turned into beds (in one of the pictures) But this week we are on school buses for 6 hours heading there and 6 hours coming back! We are going to visit some missionaries in our zone that live in a place called Trinidade. We are traveling outside of Ceara! We are headed there Wednesday and we are going to teach and help them for a day, and then we are going to head back at 4 in the morning Thursday! I'm super excited! The missionaries said that we will see lots of armadillos and vultures! In my area now... we have lots of vultures that fly in circles! They are huge! Their wing span is bigger than mine! These birds are enormous! The take dogs, cats, chickens. I will try to snap a picture close to one this week.
In our zone our challenge is to baptize men. We are not allowed to baptise women without men, or children without their fathers! Because here the missionaries have baptised so many that we have members sufficient to make several wards. But we don't have enough priesthood holders. So that is our focal! We are getting testimonies from all the missionaries that have baptised men and we are doing a little news paper of our zone and posting these stories to get everyone excited!
This week we had a miracle happen. We went to a house that we found in our area book and what happened.... the house doesn't even exist! so we kept on going and we felt that we needed to talk with a man in the street. we went to him and he turned around with a huge bottle of beer and we hesitated a little but followed the feeling. We talked to him and he invited us to his house to talk with him and his wife. We went and left a short message with them and invited the to go to church. They accepted and what do you know.... they showed up to church before us! They came thirty min early on Sunday and they loved the meeting. The wife cried the whole time and told us she had never felt so good in her entire life. And we had two babies blessed, and the husband loved that. They told us that there was nothing stopping them from coming back next week! It was very special, to see the power of an invite. It is so simple but can change lives.
We had two other men at church too, and one will be baptised this next Sunday!
I am loving Juazeiro, and I am loving being able to serve others! It is incredible, this week we spent 3 of our 6 work days in other areas helping other missionaries. And working just three days we had seven investigators and we have baptisms set up for next week! The lord is really helping us with all we need!
The Church is True
Elder Heath
P.S. Here in Juazeiro we only get packages and letters at transfers.... so I hope here in 4 weeks the package gets here. I will let you know ;)

October 23rd, 2012
Hey familia!

My testimony is a burning bonfire!!! and everyday that passes wood gets added to the fire!
I am loving this new area! This week was a traveling week for me too! I traveled to three different cities to do divisions! Crato, Barbalha, and Pirija. It was pretty crazy! I got to interview some amazing people and see some amazing stories. It is incredible the miricals that happen every day! There is a father of a family that drank everyday without stopping and he was smoking tons! He prayed and the urge to drink and smoke went away! We also had a mirical happen in our area. We were preparing Bruno for baptism yesterday and then we had two emergency divisions where we had to leave our area. So we had only taught the restoration and the book of mormon to him and we saw him saturday night!!!!!! We got there thinking we would have to move his baptism back a week for him to learn and apply the commandments. We taught the commandments and he was already living all of them!!! He was not even drinking coffee!!! IT is crazy! We were truly blessed in our area. I am learning a lot about sacrifice. When we sacrifice ourselves for others the Lord will always take care of us in any situation.

So we had an amazing baptism and the spirit was so strong! I love so much seeing the conversion of someone that really has changed. We had 9 men reactivated or baptized in our zone this week! These missionaries are awesome!!!!!!!!

So a little more about Zuazeiro.... I thought Fortaleza was hot.... no way!!!! Here is 120, 125 degrees easy!!!! And there is absolutely no wind!!! When we are walking to appointments after lunch we have vultures flying about us, just waiting for one of us to faint. ha There is lots of jungle, and that means spiders! Also on the telephone wires there are monkeys!!! Little foot tall monkeys! The city of Juaeiro worships a man called Padre Cicero. He is everywhere! There are lots of exotic fruits like ATA and Jaka here! Basically I love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is one of my favorite areas to serve!

I love you all and I can't explain how much all of you mean to me! Thanks for everything!

Elder Heath!!!

p.s. Ask Trev bout the fish eye we ate!!! haha the last picture shows our trip.. Fortaleza to Juazeiro!!! 

October 29th, 2012
This week we had a special visit form President Souza! He traveled all the way to Juazeiro to talk with all of us! IT was really cool! I felt very special because Elder Queiroz and I were his tour guides here. So we got to spend the whole weekend with President and Sister Souza. I really got to know them and see a different less serious side :) We went to lunch together and President Souza was cracking jokes and everyone was laughing, It was awesome! He also shared some information with us about the growth of missionaries! One month ago, there were about six hundred missionaries applying for missions every week, and now this last month has grown to seven thousand per week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The mission field is growing!!!!!!!!!!
Thank you so much dad for the research that you did! My priorities are BYU and then BYU-Idaho and BYU Hawaii too. Maybe hit up some waves in between classes :) Here we are only allowed one hour a week on the computer, and so I think it would be better for you to send the questions to me and I will write them on paper. Because I don't want to miss a week of your e mails! ;) I would die! I have been practicing with Elder Queiroz, English, and so hopefully I will start picking it up faster. I have difficulties talking fast, everything is in slow mo. Thanks for the English lesson on how to spell miracle! I'm needing it!
I think I would like to live on campus at Provo. Where Cassie lived was on campus right? I just know I want to be close to campus and I want a kitchen!  I think that is on campus. Are the new Heritage halls nice?
I was thinking this week. That usually there are tons and tons of people applying for BYU Provo but with the number of people applying for missions, maybe this is the right time for me to apply! :) Don't worry... if you want to eat beans and rice everyday, I have mastered how to make delicious BEANS AND RICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You will want to eat beans and rice every day!!!!!!!! ;)
But I will definitely work while I an going to School, and so don't worry too much about beans and rice.
You all are looking so young in these pictures!!!!!!!!!!!! The pictures you sent and in the family letter, everyone is beautiful!!!!!!!!!!! Mom, you are the youngest looking grandma in the world! I looked at that picture you sent, and you are BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Kylie is too ;) And dad, you looking awesome! You are motivating me to start push ups, because your arms are three times the size of mine! Trevor is going to be taller than me here in no time, and he looks faster than wind! And Danielle, when did you start modeling? Because your senior pictures are AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I want to see the rest! You are sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I showed your picture to my president and he didn't believe me that you are not modeling! and if you are, I wouldn't be surprised! Cassie too! You had a baby two months ago??? You are so fit, and so beautiful! I love seeing pictures with Cassie and Kylie, you two are sooooo adorable! I think you two should get some matching clothes or something! And Dallin.... are..... Ò cara! Eu estou muito feliz ver sua familia Hague. Voce è forte, amoroso, e meu Irmao! È ótimo que nos podemos falar portugues e ninguem entende!!!!!!
I love you all!!!!
Yours, Elder Heath
P.S. Could you tell me the story about how we became members of the church? Who was out first ancestor to be baptised? How? When?

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