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September 24, 2012

Hola familia! 
Thank you so much for the wonderful updates and the wonderful news! Dad, Thank you as well for the research that you did for me. I am thinking a lot about college and my future work. I'm am not one hundred percent with anything, just looking at the options. I would love to continue at one of the byu schools. If you could fill out the requirements and send to me what I need to do, the essays, that would be awesome! I really feel like I should go to Byu. To major in what field is another question. I was thinking about Anatomy this week, because I really enjoyed anatomy in highschool. I am hoping that being a returned missionary will help me get in, I will also get a recommendation from President Souza to help :) I think the special forces might be the correct route for me.... I could live a little in hawaii ;) But I just need to find a branch where I will not be forced to stay in the special forces for years and years. Keep me updated on what I can do to get into BYU :)

That is awesome that you marked the Book of Mormon and gave it to your patient. I am very proud of you! That is awesome! Now remember to follow up here this week. With her questions and how she felt! I'm sure you probably have already done that. But that is awesome that you are getting that missionary fire in your bones!

This week we had a really really amazing thing happen. We have been searching for members of the church that have fallen away from the church a little. We found a familia that has not been to church for fourteen years! Some had been a couple times but never created the routine going to church. We had a family home evening with them and we taught them the lessons again, including the son that had never been baptized. We prepared him for baptism and he was baptised and confirmed this last weeked! We were able to reactivate his entire family as well! I will send a picture of him and his family!!! Our sacrament meeting was a little more full this week! ;)

This is the last week of the transfers and I think that I will be transferred because I have six months here in this area. But I don't want to leave, I have my family here and I don't want to leave Elder Young. But we will see... maybe next e mail I will be in a different area! 

I love you all so much! And I know that the church is true. I know that Joseph Smith was the prophet of the restoration and that the book of mormon is one of the most treasurable gifts that we have. 
Elder Heath

I also went and had an eye test this week and my vision has gotten a little worse because of the sun here! The doctor explained that the sun rays  are so strong that, walking in the sun all day I need something... So I might be getting glasses.... :) And I will send my new vision to maybe get some new contacts. :) 

I also took the x rays for Bishop Packard. They are simple x rays but I will be sending them next week.

October 1st, 2012

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!WOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!HOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I cant believe that your birthday has already come around the corner! How was the party? I was a little nervous when I heard that you passed out on the floor...... But I loved the part that you wrote to me. I actually understood about the renovations at the temple! I was thinking here, I have never entered the Boise temple. That is definitely on my to do list! What did everyone do for the birthday party? Was there chocolate? Send pictures if you can!
Danielle, how was the dance? You are the most beautiful young woman on this planet!!! Your dress looks exactly like a princess dress! Did you have fun? What was the theme of the dance?
How did the follow up with the book of mormon go dad? We had a training this last week about what to do when an investigator doesn't read what they said they would. You have to make a sad face, and show them that they are really missing out. (Preach my Gospel) But I'm sure she read it. You are always such an example to me, keep it up!
So I have some news....... I am no longer in Fortaleza..... I jumped on a bus last night at seven o'clock and I arrived in my new area at six this morning!!!! I am at the very bottom of Ceará now. A place called Juazeiro. We took a pretty sweet bus to Juazeiro that reclines and It is sooooooooooo different here! I am in the middle of nowhere! It is just desert here, and jungle! My new area is a branch, because the church here is just starting! The church here has the same time as I do on the mission! I am very excited to be here, to help the church grow!
Also I arrived at the bus stop and i meet my new companheiro.... Elder Queroz! But I meet him.. then I thought..... last time that I saw Elder Queroz he was a zone leader.... And now he is my companion.... Then he gave me the surprise that I am now a zone leader! t is his fourth transfer as a zone leader here and will be my first! Elder Queroz is from Sau Paulo and he has been here one more transfer than me. He is a surfer and he plays guitar too! We are going to have a blast! In our zone we have twenty missionaries and a couple areas that are out of the state! We will have to travel 4 more hours to get to them! I am very very excited to be a zone leader and to serve the missionaries here in Juazeiro. I have heard that the Catholic religion is super strong here, and there is a saint (padre cicero) that everyone here adores. We entered the market and we saw him, the bank, there was  a statue, a restaurant there he was, in a members house here he was again! Missionary work will be very different here but I am ready for a god challenge.
This week I also bought glasses! I decided I didn't want to have my eyes get worse and worse so I got glasses! You should see all the things that I can see now!!!! haha They also turn dark in the sun so my eyes will be protected. Sorry if you don't believe it but I actually like glasses ;) Ill send a picture next week!

Elder Heath

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