Monday, September 17, 2012

What a wonderful Missionary

September 17th, 2012

Hello everyone!

Thanks you so much for the letter!!!! It is the best thing in the world reading your letters! Some weeks that is what keeps me going, Knowing that I have a family letter coming, and e mail, and family letters from siblings and the whole family! Thank you so much!

Danielle, what are you going to do to answer your homecoming date? That is going to be so much fun! what is the homecoming theme?

This week was amazing! I have been studying the introduction of the Book of Mormon and the very beginning of Preach my Gospel and I read over and over and over about meditating about what we learn, and to stop and think about what we read. I had a really interesting experience. I read about this and I started thinking about my mission. Way at the start, and I was thinking of all the blessings that President Meyer gave me when I was set apart. There is one blessing that I always think about, which is that I will not overlook anyone.... And I was thinking... have I been completing that? And I realized that many of the people that I have helped with baptism were because of that. Many times it took two or three weeks for the people go to church and the baptisms were a little slow but...without even noticing I stuck with them and every single person that took time like that to become a member is firm in the Church. It was a really rewarding feeling. Another testimony that when we do our part... when we work as hard as we can the Lord will always help us with what we need to do. I was thinking about a man that was baptized about four months ago. He didn't want to go to church... didn't want to read the pamphlets, didn't want a Book of Mormon, and always forgot to say his prayers. And now that I think about it.... why did we keep going back there when all this was happening? But one day a miracle happened and he turned everything around and was baptized. He has not missed a Sunday since. It is a huge comfort to me to know that we have the guidance of the Lord in our work.

I know this is the true church of Christ and I know that the scriptures are for us to read... and better our lives. We need to read and analyze them in our busy schedule, and never miss a day.

Elder Heath

P.S. I have been thinking a lot about College this week and I think I am wanting to apply to BYU Provo, Utah State... and I was wondering if someone could do some research for me on colleges that have a good physical therapy program. Do you know when I need to apply for them? If you could let me know that would be awesome.

I am also going to get an x ray this week of my chin. I will send a copy to you to give to Bishop Packard, to see if my tumor went away and healed up well.

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