Monday, September 10, 2012

Over Halfway!!!

September 10th, 2012

Thank you so much for the E mail! 

I love hearing about everyone every week! Sounds like you all had a blast going to Spokane and getting out of the house a bit. Was it the big shopping trip? How is Dad doing? I will definitely pray for him everyday to get better. You have to tell him to stay away from that kryptonite. It doesn't help with superman. :)

I got Danielle's letter this last week! I jumped for joy when I got the letter! Danielle has a talent writing letters! Every word that she writes, I can imagine her saying. I got it together with moms letter!

But this week was awesome! We had a couple changes here in our mission. We had some missionaries transferred out of an area and so now we are looking over two areas! This last Sunday was crazy!!! And it just so happens that the church meeting are at the same time! So our Sunday was full of running back and forth, directing people to their classes, getting everyone a member friend. But we were very surprised this week. We helped an old woman carry her sacks to her house on night and we shared a litte message with her. She listened and we said bye. We returned to talk with her more later in the week and invited her to go to church.(2 weeks ago) We waited Sunday... she didn't show. So we went to see what happened. We arrived and she came to us begging forgiveness.. but Saturday night she fell and broke her arm and was in the hospital Sunday. But we continued ti teach her this week and while we were walking to church on Sunday we found her on our way. All ready with the pamphlets that we gave to her. She had the biggest smile on her face! She loved the church and She reminds me a lot of Grandma Miskho. Because she is the happiest person alive. With her broken arm and all, she couldn't be happier. 

I know that the Church of Jesus Christ of latter day saints is the true church. I know that Joseph Smith and Emma Smith did so much to establish the church that we have today. I know that The Holy Ghost is Heavenly Fathers messenger to testify and teach us what we should do. I know that Faith can save lives, and make miracles.

Elder Heath

p.s. Danielle or Trevor can you get on my facebook and accept everyone?

September 3rd, 2012

Hello Everyone!

That is awesome that everyone got home safe and that dad took care of everyone! Even cooking!!! That is something I have been practicing a lot of. I see lots of husbands that pretty much starve to death here because they have to wait for their wives to make something. I think that is ridiculous! So Elder Young and I are learning to make lots of Brazilian food! I cant blame you mom.... just looking at the pictures of Kylie.... I wouldn't want to leave either! She is SO Adorable! The pictures you sent me of her smiling!!!!!! oh man!!! It is super Cute!!

Sounds like everyone is doing great! Danielle as the big Senior, taking fun classes, and Trevor running track. P.S. Danielle did you get my letter yet? I want to make sure it didn't get lost. :)

This week was very very special! We meet a woman named Fran three weeks ago. We have been teaching here and I don't think I have ever taught someone that has received so many answers to her prayers and so many dreams! We had been praying about when her baptism should be and we felt really good about the 1st of September. We asked her to pray to see if she should be baptised on the 1st of September and she went and prayed that night, and the next day she said.... My baptism will be on the 1st of September! It was a very spiritual meeting. I played a special musical number on the guitar, with one other member and another member sang as well. IT is a BEAUTIFUL SONG! Num Queto Bosque. You should look it up. But everyone was crying in the meeting and the spirit was very strong. Fran told us thanks for changing her life in just three weeks. She said she would never forget what we had done and how she felt. I love when things like that happen. The next day was fast Sunday and so we had testimony meeting as well! I leaned over to ask Elder Young when he wanted to bare his testimony..... we looked up and we saw Fran walking up to the pulpit!!!!!!!!! She went up just ten min after being confirmed a member of the church and gave her Testimony in front to everyone! It was very very special! A very pure testimony! Things like this make our work, and sacrifice worth it.

I know that this church is true and I know that Conversion really happens when we open our hearts and let the Hold Ghost into our hearts.

Also this week I grabbed a bunch of Conference talks from and I have been listening to them everyday, while getting ready and it has really lifted my week as well! I love the words of the prophet and his apostles.

Elder Heath 

August 27th, 2012

Ola minha familia!!!!!

It is awesome to hear how good everyone is doing! Sounds like Kylie is still the most beautiful thing on the earth and that she is getting lots of love! It is good that she is getting to hear dads Bolivian song too! I don't know if I ever said anything but one day I started singing that famous song that dad always sang for one of my companions. I don't know how many time you sang that to me day but 20 years later I still remember it! Vive me patria Bolivia!!!!!!!!! It is good I know that so I can sing it to my kids one day, because I think the national anthem of Brasil is more of a wake up song! haha

This week was very very special. We were able to see a miracle happen here in Brasil. Over the last couple of weeks I have been talking about a family that we have been working with. Where the parents were sealed in the temple but they fell away form the church fifteen years ago. This last Saturday we were able to see the father, who is now worthy, baptize his two children. They were then confirmed on Sunday by the father and we were able to participate in the confirmation. But we went to their house after and this is when the touching part happened. The Mother of this family (Sandra) she said the closing prayer and she Told our Heavenly Father how she was so grateful for the two angels that were sitting at her side. And that because of them her family is saved. I couldn't help but to cry. It is crazy what miracles happen here on the mission. She then told us that she would never ever forget Elder Young and Elder Heath ha It is such a blessing to be Our Heavenly Fathers hands here on earth and to have the opportunity to find all of the people that are lost, and bring them the fullness of the Gospel. 

I know that The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is the true church, e eu sei que Joseph Smith restarou a Igreja juntos com o Sacerdocio do Pai Celectial. I know that Families can be sealed for eternity, and that we will be together with Our Savior again. Eu sei que a obra do missionario é muito importante ajudar todos os Filhos do Pai Celectial.

Eu Amo voces muito!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Elder Heath

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