Wednesday, October 10, 2012


Hey hey hey!!!!!!

The weather is beautiful and I am surrounded by tons and tons of land! I am loving my new area where I am serving! When I imagined Brasil, where I am now is more like it!

That is awesome dad! You ran that FAST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That is crazy! I am glad that you had a good race! I think that it is a miracle how you can run solo far! I tell everyone here that my dad runs marathons! Now when I tell them your time they are going to be even more impressed! That is one of my goals when I get home from the mission. I will complete a marathon in the first year when I am home. I also want to complete an Iron man in the next couple years... we can train together! :)

But the 11 hour bus ride on Sunday was just the start this week! We gave training to our zone on Tuesday and then we went to work! I got to know my area a little bit.... We took a bus for an hour and we didn’t even cover half of our area! IT IS HUGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! While we were coming back.... our bus broke down..... We got back to our next appointment after 6! haha Then Wednesday night Elder Queiroz and I get on another bus to head back to Fortaleza! 11 hours again!!!!! We have a Zone meeting with Presidente Souza! We arrived at 7 in the morning had the meeting at 8. We had an awesome meeting and I learned a ton! Then that night we jumped on the 11 hour bus ride again! And we got here in our area and we were dead! But that didn’t phase us. We took a shower ate lunch and went to work! We had to do a division to help some other missionaries and so I jumped on a bus and for 2 hours to go to a city called Barbalha. Came home the next day and to my relief...... General Conference! I loved every word that was said at conference! It helped my relieve some stress too!  I loved the talks by Elder Eyring and Elder Holland! And Elder Bednar... and The Prophet... :) I am loving being a Zone leader, and having the opportunity to serve the other missionaries here. My vision has opened up a lot just this week!

Sorry, I am trying to send pictures of my glasses, companion, and new beautiful area but this dumb machine isn’t working... Oh well, maybe next week!

I love you all and I want you to know that I know this is the true Church of Jesus Christ. I know that he lives. I know that the Prophet Joseph Smith restored the keys to our salvation almost two hundred years ago. I know that the power of our Heavenly Father is here on the earth again.

Elder Heath

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