Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Happy Father's Day!

June 17, 2013

HAPPY FATHERS DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

WOO HOO!!!!!! I hope you had a wonderful day, and that you are able to see all the fruits of you being a father! There are lots!

It looks like Danielle, Mom and Dad are my color now! A little red. ha The pictures that Danielle sent are beautiful! Hawaii is such a beautiful place! I’m glad to hear that all the activities were a success! Dad, if you are still wanting to open a clinic there in several years... Hawaii is a great place to send your son! ;)

I am very excited to see Kylie and see all of the funny things that she does... Picking up batteries for an hour.... Kylie is just trying to work out, pump some weight! haha In the last family letter, I loved the picture of Dad and Kylie, where Dad is holding her in the kitchen! That picture is ADORABLE!

Go Dallin!!! Learn how to drive that boat, and get the tips from your dad on how to pop me up high in the air!!! I am very excited!!!

So this weeek was MADNESSSSSSS!!!! I am learning more and more about my responsibilities here in the mission. We had three missionaries that arrived from the US this week who needed trainers, and we also have three missionaries with knee problems, where two of them will have to do surgery. We had to do an emergency transfer with several missionaries. So Tuesday we sat down with Presidente Souza to look at everyone and decided who would go where. It was a very neat experience. Presidente Souza let it be up to us where, when, and how to do the transfer. We advised all the missionaries to pack their bags and to be here Wed. after lunch. We held a meeting and did the transfers. Right when they all left, these three missionaries arrived. We gave them a training to start their mission really motivated!!! It was all in English which was good practice! My Comp Elder Sampaio also used his English to speak to the missionaries. It was a very interesting feeling baring my testimony in English. We ended and it was about 8:30 at night just in time to grab the bus home!

We are preparing everyday to receive Presidente Fusco! I am very excited to meet him and his family. Elder Sampaio and I will get him at the airport and bring him to Presidente Souzas house. We are going to meet with Preidente Souza tomorrow to learn even more to help him.

This week we ran around to teach our recent converts and also to teach a young man that was baptized on Sunday. We had a miracle happen on Thursday night. We had found a couple on the street and marked to teach them. They were ready waiting for us which is a good sign. They listened and had a very spiritual lesson! It was great! They accepted to be baptized on the 30th thin month. They had been searching for the truth and found it. Sunday morning rolled around and where they live is a pretty dangerous place. Sunday morning there were some confusions close to their house that made lots of members stay inside their houses, but this couple arrived at the church. They said that they didn’t want to miss the church for anything. They said a prayer and used their faith! They have a little baby that is very cute! All the members (relief society) were right there to hold the baby.

We had a baptism of a young man named Alan which was very spiritual too! There was a man baptized last week that is in the army. He had to go to train Sunday morning and when his sargent said he needed to stay, he said no, that he needed to go to church and left! I was very happy to see his dedication to the church, I hope nothing bad happens.... I’m sure he will be blessed!

I received two packages this week!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you so much for the goodies! I miss American food a lot! I hope I don’t get too fat when I come home!!! haha

So I won a camelback backpack here on the mission, that isn’t new but in good shape. It is small (a daypack) will someone want it?

With lap tops, I was told today that mac books don’t have windows installed... I think I will need to buy windows to install too... is it true?

And is my cell phone still at home? Will I be able to use the same cell phone or should I buy a new one? I never thought that coming home would be so expensive!!! I think I will have to start donating plasma to pay for all of this haha

I love being a missionary!!!!

Good luck in the tennis tournament!!!!

Elder Heath

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