Monday, April 15, 2013

Obey with Exactness!

April 15, 2013

Hello family!!!

I opened my e-mail and I saw one of the most beautiful pictures that I have ever seen in my life!!! Cindy and Tony in front of the temple!!! O man! Thanks for sending the picture, now I can print it off and show off my Amazing aunt and uncle in front of the temple!!!

This week we saw many miracles happen. Elder Lopes has helped me so much to be obedient with exactness here on the mission! Elder Lopes really is a super hero missionary, and I am very grateful to be together with him!!! We were able to go with two complete families to the ``cartorio`,` I can’t remember the word in English to get married. The two families are related and it was very special to see them so excited to get married. It is really funny... you ask them why they are getting married, and they respond, so we can get baptized! ha Francisco is 21 and Sabrina is 16 and they are going to get married. They have been together for a while and Sabrina is waiting to have a child. When we began to teach them marriage is something that is helping them a lot to stay together. Then her aunt Leonia and Olav who are 35 are also going to get married. All of them on the 3rd this next month!!! We taught about family prayer this week... they have three little boys. And we all kneeled at the bedside and said a prayer. Olavo the dad taught his sons to all pray. They all took turns praying and I couldn’t hold the tears when this was happening. If you all could pray for them I would be very grateful, so the marriage and baptism will all work out. They have another sister too that was baptized with her son this Sunday (picture). And in this same family we are teaching the mom (who is a little more difficult) and also another two cousins! It is just a huge family!!! Haha

I had a great experience with my interview with President Souza this week. I learned a lot about my progress and my potential as a priesthood holder. I want all of you to meet President Souza a lot, He is one of my Idols.

Danielle!!!! Way to go at the tennis tournament! I love to hear that you are playing so well doubles! I am going to need a partner when I get back to get back into the groove of mixed doubles!!! The HEATHS!!! haha What are your plans sis, with your last summer in K town!!! Are you getting super excited to go to IDAHO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I know you are going to absolutely love every day of your life there!!! Especially the freshman dance before school starts!!!!! O my goodness!!!!!!!!!!!! It is sooooooo much fun!!! Could you write me an e mail??? I miss my sis.;)

I love you all and I wish you all a great week! Seek to be obedient inside of the house and outside. When we are obedient we receive blessings. When we are obedient with exactness we will see miracles. Thank you so much for your testimony, I love to hear the testimony of my true heroes! Mom, and Dad you two are Angels, and I Know that I was very blessed to be born in your family.

Elder Heath
One of my favorite couples in the ward! I think he looks like President Hinkley!:)


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