Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Talking To Branden on Christmas!


Christmas Eve:

On Christmas Eve, we all gathered around to Skype with Branden in Brazil.  We made him this sign (Feliz Natal) to wish him a Merry Christmas in Portuguese. The business that was going to let him Skype did not work.  We were disappointed that we did not get to see his handsome face.  However, we had fun singing Christmas carols, dancing around the room, chatting and playing with Kylie (Cassie's daughter).  We did get to say hi to Branden for a quick minute but just to find out we would get to talk to him on Christmas Day the following day!

Christmas Day:

Branden called in the early afternoon on Christmas Day!  He has a heavy Portuguese accent but sounds really good.  He is enjoying his missionary companion and were he is living right now.  He is in rural area close to the jungle.  They have lots of monkeys and other creatures close by.  It is still really hot...he says it feels like 120 degrees.  He sweats all the time.  

We got to listen to him talk Portuguese to Dallin (Cassie's husband).  They talked really fast and it was really wonderful to hear how fluent Branden has become with the Portuguese language.  Branden and a bunch of the Elders sang "O Holy Night" in Portuguese to end the call.  It sounded like a men's choir.  It was awesome!

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