Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Advice for Upcoming Missionaries...read on!

JANUARY 14TH, 2013

I really have the best family in the world. Thank you dad for all your hard work helping me with my application. I am going to work with President Souza this week to write his recommendation. (its a good thing we are keeping the rules and having success! ha ) I hope it will all work out me translating into English. I will work on these other essays too and send them next week. The essays were great! thanks a ton for the edits! I am thinking seriously about taking a writing class when I get back, I need it. I need to re learn English too haha. It was difficult to write those papers in all English! I will have the endorsement by next Monday. The earlier this application is sent the better!

Mom, I thought this week of what I would like to say to the young men in your talk.... "Study and Pray the First chapter of Preach my Gospel. Everyday, kneel in prayer and ask for spiritual experiences to test you, and learn to act. As a missionary if you don't teach by the spirit nothing will happen. Get used to the whispering of the Holy Ghost because he will put words in your mouth when you need it(D+C 84:85), The spirit will touch the hearts to convert your investigators (2 Nephi 33:1) A simple experience was about six months ago. We were not finding families to teach and we were out of ideas on how to find new people. My companion and I began to include in all our prayers to guide us to find a family ready to receive our message. The first day.... nothing happened , the same with the second. But the third we were walking on the street and My companion and I both felt very impressed to knock on a door . We went to the first door and we found an amazing man that was ready to receive the gospel. He was passing a trial and needed help. He was baptised three weeks later because of the simple prayers, actions, and following the whispering of the spirit." I hope this helps. You can use whatever part you want. :)

This week if you could all pray for these people I would be very grateful
Auritenburg, Teadora, Ìvina, Livia,....Naldo, Josefa, Jaquelini, Jackson, and Joice. They are two families that are very close to baptism that need a little extra help.

Thanks for everything! I love you all!!! Elder Heath!!!

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