Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Traveling out of State!

DECEMBER 18, 2012

Hello family!!!!!!!!!!!

Just one more week and I will hear all of your wonderful voices!!!!!!!!!!! I am so excited! We are searching in every possible place here in Juazeiro for Skype. Until now we have not found any place, but we will not stop the search. Next Sunday I will have my companion Elder Reynolds call you around three to four your time. He will set everything up! I will call first 521-6781 because I don't remember the house number.... haha that is pretty sad I think it is 374-1040 but we will see :) Dad, if you are not too busy... I would also like to apply for scholarships to BYU. If you could look up how I can do that, it would be awesome! I'm almost done with the four questions and I will probably send them to you next week!

This week Elder Reynolds and I had an amazing Experience. We traveled out of the state again to Trinidad. It is a Branch that is two years old, so basically everyone there is a recent convert and we are helping it grow. The missionaries there received a reference to a country city that is about forty min away from the church. So we went there to help them with these families. We started to walk, which would of been a two hour walk and a man picked up in his new Chevy truck! He told us to get in and air conditioning car.... so we didn't refuse ha. This man was going to church in Sao Paoulo and wanted to keep going to church but didn't know where to find the church. So that was the first miracle that happened. His whole family went to church yesterday!!! Then we arrived in the country city called IPUBI. And We meet some miracle families. There is one family that is very very very poor. A family of 6. But they are the nicest family in the world. They had the Book of Momon three days and were already past 2 Nephi! We invited them to be married, their responses were, if that is what we need to be baptized we will. Then we invited them to go to church, the mom responded I NEED TO GO TO CHURCH! Then we invited them to be baptized and this is what they said. Heavenly Father Already told us we need to be baptized in this church! It was incredible. I Really gained a testimony how Heavenly Father is always preparing Families to enter His church.

I love being a missionary!

One more week and we can talk!!!!!!!!!!

Elder Heath

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